Chapter 88 – Lost Car!

As he spoke, he prepared to stop a taxi but his words actually made Chen Jinpeng misunderstand. Chen Jinpeng blocked the redhead: “Boy, can you let me see the key in your hand? Did you take advantage of my thoughtlessness to slyly substitute my car key and wanted to steal my car?”

It actually wasn’t strange for Chen Jinpeng to misunderstand. This redhead had come in holding a Porsche car key, but there simply wasn’t another Porsche in the vicinity. Moreover, as soon as he left, he said that his friend drove it off, how could there be such a coincidental matter?

From what Chen Jinpeng could see, it was definitely this fellow wanting to steal his car, so he substituted the key. And when seeing that he, the genuine car owner, hadn’t left, the guy instantly made up a casual excuse to leave!

“You, who are you? Are you sick? What car have I stolen from you?” The redhead angrily glared and said: “Buddy, look at my clothes, do you not see ‘newly rich’ from head to toe? Look at these clothes all inlaid with gold leaf, look at this gold necklace, how long it is, it’s able to wrap around my neck five times! Look at this watch, Patek Philippe! Brother is rich, it’s you who has a fake key for acting cool and unable to open the car door. Don’t frame brother, beat it!”

“Screw off to the side.” Chen Jinpeng was still a Second Layer Inner Strength Martialist; after he snatched the car key from the redhead’s hand, he pushed him into a tumble.

“You……do you dare wait for me!” The redhead wasn’t a fool. Chen Jinpeng was obviously very strong, so he left behind a threat before immediately leaving quickly with the two prostitutes.

Chen Jinpeng held the redhead’s car key and carefully examined it, but it had only been two days since he bought his car and couldn’t remember the marks on his own car key. It was just Chen Jinpeng subconsciously believing that the redhead had slyly swapped his car key!

Moreover, when he saw the redhead dejectedly walk away, he even more felt that the redhead had a guilty conscience! Would a normal person be willing to let the matter go after someone snatched their car key?

Therefore, Chen Jinpeng was absolutely certain that the redhead had his key. He vigorously pressed down on the unlock button on the remote control and the result was……“bang!” and a flame burst out from within the remote control, suddenly burning Chen Jinpeng’s hair!

“****, what kind of toy is this!” Chen Jinpeng threw away the remote control in his hand and jumped up and down in place as if his life depended on it.

Psssh——”A bucket was thrown onto Chen Jinpeng’s head. It turned out to be Jin Beibei, who picked up the mopping bucket at the entrance and lifted it before covering Chen Jinpeng’s head with it. The sewage water inside the bucket flowed downwards past his shoulders……

“Who? Who?” Chen Jinpeng made threatening gestures as he cut a sorry figure while removing the bucket on his head and threw it on the ground; on his hair and face was pitch-black sewage.

“Lil’ Jinpeng, there’s no need to thank me, this is something I should do.” Jin Beibei said.

“You……” Chen Jinpeng didn’t couldn’t really say anything. Although Jin Beibei covered his head with sewage, it had helped him extinguish the fire in the end! At this moment, Chen Jinpeng finally understood what item that the redhead had been holding. It turned out to be a cigarette lighter that imitated a Porsche car key: “Deceptive toy, actually holding a lighter to deceive me!”

“Jinpeng, although you’ve already replaced your elder brother as clan successor, you don’t need to worry so much. Even if you don’t have a sports car now, you will definitely have one in the future. There’s no need to bring out a fake car key, it’s not good to do such.” Shen Jingxuan suddenly opened her mouth at this time, sincerely speaking to Chen Jinpeng: “I believe that you’ll definitely have one in the future!”

“I……” Chen Jinpeng wasn’t sure whether to laugh or cry after hearing Shen Jingxuan’s words. Clearly, Shen Jingxuan had misunderstood him to not have a car, but he still firmly insisted on acting cool: “This……really is my car!”

“En, I understand.” Shen Jingxuan’s faint smile was like a cleansing spring breeze.

“I……” Chen Jinpeng didn’t know which words would fix this situation, so he could only say: “Then I’ll send you back to your dorm.”

“En, okay.” Shen Jingxuan’s face still hung the smile: “Mengying, Beibei, Xiao Chen, I’ll be going ahead, see you next time.”

“Okay, (^_^)/~~1 baibai~.” Cheng Mengying waved.

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“See you again sister Jingxuan.” Jin Beibei also waved, then said to Xiao Chen: “Sister’s husband, let’s go.”

When the calm and steady Shen Jingxuan heard Jin Beibei’s latter sentence, her steps became a bit unsteady. First calling her “sister”, then calling Xiao Chen “sister’s husband”? What was with this relationship?

Chen Jinpeng didn’t think so much; he was still thinking that Jin Beibei was messing with Xiao Chen. He already lost a lot of face just a moment ago and didn’t want to lose face here, so his only thought was to quickly leave.

After waiting for Chen Jinpeng and Shen Jingxuan to leave, Jin Beibei pulled out a remote from her pocket and softly pressed it. Chen Jinpeng’s Porsche Panamera’s headlights flashed and Jin Beibei directly opened the car door to sit inside: “Yeah! Nouveau riche Jin Beibei ver. Porsche has arrived!”

“Beibei……you?” Cheng Mengying was startled, giving an astonished look to Jin Beibei.

“The car key was switched by her.” Xiao Chen shrugged. Xiao Chen had seen her petty maneuver when Jin Beibei dropped the car key onto the floor before, but Jin Beibei was someone on his side, so he naturally wouldn’t expose her.

“Beibei……isn’t this a bit bad?” Although Cheng Mengying was very proud, she was actually still a good person. She thought that this and a car thief was no different.

“Hmph, who let him snatch my car and still act cool in front of me, this is the bad luck he deserves!” Jin Beibei, this demoness, paid not the slightest bit of attention: “Besides, I saved his life a moment ago otherwise he would burn to death. A car for his life is very cost-effective, simply greatly cost-effective!”

“Hehe, I also think so.” Xiao Chen smiled. He discovered that he was as black-bellied as Jin Beibei the majority of the time.

“You……” Cheng Mengying didn’t expect for Xiao Chen to approve of Jin Beibei’s procedure: “Chen Jinpeng is Jingxuan’s fiancee in any case, I just feel that this isn’t too good.”

“Don’t worry, even brother-in-law is supporting me. Cousin, board quickly! I want to carefully enjoy this, I like the feeling of pursuing speed!” Jin Beibei spoke excitedly.

“What brother-in-law, can you not speak randomly? Don’t you know that speaking thoughtlessly in front of Chen Jinpeng could harm Xiao Chen?” If it wasn’t brought up, Cheng Mengying wouldn’t have thought of it, but once mentioned, she would become a bit annoyed: “And there’s also you, Xiao Chen! Are you not aware that you are attracting hatred by echoing Jin Beibei? You think Chen Jinpeng won’t bear a grudge in his heart?”

“Haha, don’t I look like a fool being duped by Jin Beibei?” Xiao Chen gave the young lady a faint smile.

Cheng Mengying obviously wasn’t stupid, so she spoke with surprise: “You mean to say that he’s disinclined to lower himself to your level?”

“More or less.” Xiao Chen shrugged and didn’t speak out his suspicions about Chen Jinpeng that was buried in his heart. These were all matters without evidence and Xiao Chen didn’t want the young lady to be worried. En, yes, I can see that the young lady is a rough, caring person: “I’ll drive Beibei’s Beetle back.”

Cheng Mengying had no solutions, so she could only get onto Jin Beibei’s Panamera and Xiao Chen followed them from behind.

On the road to deliver Shen Jingxuan back, Chen Jinpeng heard that Jin Beibei dropped his car key onto the floor. He scolded her in his heart, it can’t be that this ** girl dropped and broke my car key? Thinking of these matters, he prepared to go back to call a 4S shop to come tow his vehicle.

But when he finished returning Shen Jingxuan back to her place, he was stunned to discover that his car disappeared!

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“****, my car?” Chen Jinpeng went two times around the cafe and didn’t see his car, so he immediately became dumbstruck.

“Pengzi, what are you doing?” At this time, an Audi A8L stopped by Chen Jinpeng’s side and the driver’s window rolled down, exposing Cao Yuliang’s face. He quite liked this seemingly high-end, stylish class car and usually wasn’t fond of driving a sports car.

“Ah, it’s Brother Liang!” Chen Jinpeng was still very respectful to Cao Yuliang. Although he had recently become superior, his foundation in the circle of aristocratic clan juniors was unstable after all. If he wanted to smoothly blend into the upper class, he had to depend on Cao Yuliang: “I lost my car, the one I just bought!”

“Which? The Porsche?” Cao Yuliang stared blankly: “How did you lose it?”

“It was stopped right here, my key isn’t that effective, the matter goes like this……” As he spoke, Chen Jinpeng spoke the matter of drinking coffee together with Shen Jingxuan, Cheng Mengying, Jin Beibei, and Xiao Chen.

“Oh? You and Xiao Chen ate food together? You’re saying that when Cheng Mengying goes out, she brings Xiao Chen along?” A smear of coldness flashed through Cao Yuliang’s face.

“Brother Liang, you’ve misunderstood. There’s absolutely nothing between Cheng Mengying and Xiao Chen. The situation at the time was like this, Jin Beibei called him brother-in-law and Xiao Chen beamed with joy, then when he was speaking with me, he still used his previous acting-like-a-boss tone of voice. I estimate that he was unable to bear the shock and has mental problems now, living in his imaginary world, fantasizing that he’s still the previous young master Xiao!” When Chen Jinpeng saw Cao Yuliang’s expression become unwell, he knew that Cao Yuliang misunderstood, so he hastily explained: “Shouldn’t you already know what kind of person Jin Beibei is? She was definitely playing Xiao Chen and Xiao Chen unfortunately believed her words. Oh right, later Xiao Chen and Jin Beibei were gorging themselves and his image was destroyed, I feel that Jin Beibei was just looking for a fool to be her playmate.”

“Ahhh, going by your words, it truly is this matter!” Cao Yuliang let out a sigh of relief: “So you’re saying that Xiao Chen has a mental disorder?”

“It can’t be said to be a mental disorder, it’s not that serious, it’s just a slight bit of delusion disorder.” Chen Jinpeng said: “This sort of person simply isn’t your, Brother Liang’s, match. There’s no need to respond to him in the future, it’s impossible for him to be together with Cheng Mengying.”

“Yeah……” Cao Yuliang sunk into contemplation and said after a while: “Let’s return to school, you can make someone search for your car tomorrow, how could it be stolen by a little thief.”

“En, there’s nothing to fear about a poor LOSER.” Chen Jinpeng nodded as he boarded the car.


After returning home, Xiao Chen searched for some uneaten leftovers and brought it to the villa’s backyard to place it aside for the picked-up dirty dog.

It really didn’t need to be said that this puppy wasn’t noisy. It was so hungry that it couldn’t cry out, so Xiao Chen nearly forgot about its existence. If not for helping a wealthy lady search for her dog in the morning, Xiao Chen would have neglected it.


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