Chapter 29 – Guessing The Beginning, Not Guessing The Ending

“Okay, don’t get mad.” Xiao Chen patted Deng Xiaokun on the shoulder. Deng Xiaokun helping this far today had made Xiao Chen feel very grateful: “I agree to your condition. I’ll fight a round with ‘Horse ***’.”

“Good, you’re very good!” When Lou Zhenming heard Xiao Chen unexpectedly call Ma Gangmen “Horse ***”, he was happily enraged: “In a moment, I’ll see if you can say the words of ‘Horse ***’!”

“Keep in mind kid, you call me, Grandpa Ma, Ma Gangmen!” Ma Gangmen started moving his body, getting ready to fight. In his opinion, though Xiao Chen wasn’t admitting his mistakes right now, in a moment, he would be on his knees crying.

“Understood, Anus(gāngmén), Horse *******(pìyǎn er).” Xiao Chen nodded.

“Ma Gangmen, let’s start. It’s useless to argue with him!” Lou Zhenming waved, directly commanding Ma Gangmen.

“Heihei, okay!” Ma Gangmen coldly snickered twice, then walked towards Xiao Chen with his iron tower-like body. In his eyes, Xiao Chen had the physique of a small chicken, thus beating him up was going to be a breeze!

Deng Xiaokun was watching this with his eyes, feeling anxious in his heart. If Ma Gangmen really started, ten minutes was enough to make Xiao Chen paralyzed. At that time, everything would be too late! If Xiao Chen had any problems, how would he explain himself to Tang Tang ah! How would he be able to say that his guarantee was worth anything when the time came!

“Wait!” Deng Xiaokun clenched his teeth and made his decision. This decision was for Tang Tang! He could see that Tang Tang was very worried for Xiao Chen, therefore in order for him not to see Tang Tang sad: “I can kneel, but this kneel only represents me….”

Deng Xiaokun’s words made all the people present shocked. Lou Zhenming was shocked, the Young Lady was shocked, and even Xiao Chen himself was shocked!

Lou Zhenming really didn’t think that Deng Xiaokun would compromise for an outsider! Young Lady did not expect that Xiao Chen’s personal relations would be so good to this degree! Only Xiao Chen seemed to faintly understand. Although Deng Xiaokun had a sense of loyalty, however, it definitely wasn’t to the extent of sacrifice for a meal at noon! All of this was perhaps due to Tang Tang!

But whether or not it was, Xiao Chen was very grateful. He was very moved! Deng Xiaokun, Deng Family, he wrote it down in his heart! This favor would never be forgotten! In his most dire straits, when he became an ordinary person, Deng Xiaokun had helped himself.

“Too late! The fight has already started, whatever anyone says is useless now!” Lou Zhenming wasn’t stupid. Though Deng Xiaokun said that he would kneel, it only represented himself and did not have a relationship with Deng Family. This meant that his kneel was only worth a fart! Lou Zhenming naturally wouldn’t comply. But in order to avoid Cheng Mengying feel that he didn’t have any inconsistencies, he used the excuse that the fight had already started.

“Thank you!” Xiao Chen smiled at Deng Xiaokun and said: “In a moment, the one who kneels, begs for mercy and licks the other person’s shoes is uncertain….it’s just a pity that I’m wearing sneakers today. Licking this clean would be a little difficult!”

“Pu….” After Deng Xiaokun listened to Xiao Chen’s words, he could not help but laugh. He didn’t expect Xiao Chen to be so optimistic. However, he decided that if Xiao Chen was in a tight spot in a moment, he would forcefully take him out.

“Don’t say these useless words, quickly begin!” Lou Zhenming was looking forward to Xiao Chen’s bloody scene, thus, he could not help but impatiently shout.


Ma Gangmen’s eyes flashed with a bloodthirst! His fist maliciously punched out, ruthlessly pounding towards Xiao Chen. Ma Gangmen’s punch was done unflinchingly. As long as his punch connected, he would beat Xiao Chen to death! Daring to give him, Ma Gangmen, a nickname? Really didn’t want to live!


It was just that after Ma Gangmen swung his fist, he discovered that something was wrong. He didn’t feel the usual refreshing feeling of knocking someone down, but rather felt like he was hitting an iron sheet!

Ma Gangmen took a closer look at his own fist and saw that it was unexpectedly caught by Xiao Chen!

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‘****, this kid’s reaction speed is quite fast, he could unexpectedly catch my fist!’ Ma Gangmen had underestimated him in his heart. ‘This kid’s strength is pretty strong to use only a palm to block my fist.’

But Ma Gangmen didn’t care. Sometimes fighting required skill, not just brute force. ‘Xiao Chen probably prepared himself when I was previously getting myself ready, but there won’t be a next time!’

Thinking up to here, Ma Gangmen immediately retracted his fist. He wanted to once again attack Xiao Chen and batter him to the left and right, wanting to see if he could resist it!

Only, Ma Gangmen was a bit anxious in the next moment. This was because his fist was still held by Xiao Chen’s hand! Though he wanted to pull it out, he actually couldn’t pull it out!

“Release me!” Ma Gangmen suddenly increased the amount of force used to pull his hand, wanting to take back his fist. However, he found that his fist was still inside Xiao Chen’s hand, unexpectedly motionless!

Seeing that he couldn’t pull out his right hand, Ma Gangmen didn’t move. He was forced to use his left fist. In his opinion, if Xiao Chen guarded his left fist, he would relax his vigilance and he would take the opportunity to take his right fist out.

The idea was fine, but reality is cruel. When Ma Gangmen’s left hand punched out, it was also held by Xiao Chen. He found out that the idea had become the Titanic! With both hands caught, how would he be able to hit?

“Ma Gangmen, why are you playing around? You think this is an Inner Qi fight between families?” Lou Zhenming had not experienced it personally, so it was very hard for him to think that Ma Gangmen had fallen prey to Xiao Chen, therefore he frowned and said: “Quickly push him to the floor, stop playing around!”

Not far away, Deng Xiaokun’s lips curled up into a smile. ‘This Xiao Chen has hidden quite deeply….oh, I shouldn’t say ‘hidden too deeply’.’ This was because of what Deng Xiaokun saw. Although Xiao Chen was fiercer than Ma Gangmen, Xiao Chen definitely wasn’t a Fighter. He didn’t use Inner Qi, so that is to say, he wasn’t even a First Layer Inner Qi.

This meant that Xiao Chen probably had a physique such as Innate Supernatural Strength. If such a person practiced Inner Qi, then that person’s future would be limitless ah….

Ma Gangmen was going through an unspeakable bitter suffering. He wanted to say that he had been held by Xiao Chen, but wouldn’t it sound like a joke? He was Lou Zhenming’s dignified subordinate. If it was spread that he was held by a transfer student, then Ma Gangmen would not only lose face, but also Lou Zhenming’s face.


Just as Ma Gangmen was thinking of ways to turn this around, Xiao Chen started his elimination. To be exact, Xiao Chen used his foot and kicked at Ma Gangmen’s crotch, making Ma Gangmen shout “Ao!”. Ma Gangmen’s whole body felt the pain and he jumped up, then started sweating profusely on his forehead.

Although Xiao Chen was a First Layer Qi-Training cultivating true virtue, the method of teaching others when he was a dandy was retained; directly greeting the opponent’s weakest point! But during those times it was usually Chen Jinpeng beating the opponent up, then Xiao Chen striking once more.

After kicking Ma Gangmen’s lifeblood, Xiao Chen took the opportunity to let go. Ma Gangmen directly kneeled on the floor in pain with his hands over his crotch, suffering terrible pain!

This scene, except for Deng Xiaokun who already expected it, made Lou Zhenming, Shou Hou and Cheng Mengying all open their eyes wide. Lou Zhenming also didn’t think that the one kneeling on the floor would be Ma Gangmen, moreover so rapidly!

Cheng Mengying actually knew Xiao Chen’s method of giving others a hard time: kicking the little brother of the opponent. Formerly, Cheng Mengying felt that this was shameless. She felt that Xiao Chen was completely relying on Chen Jinpeng’s, thus allowing him to oppose his opponent. Not to mention kicking the little brother of the opponent, she estimated that he wouldn’t even be able to touch the enemy’s body!

But today completely subverted Cheng Mengying’s awareness! Xiao Chen unexpectedly forced Ma Gangmen to fall on the floor? ‘This guy is so formidable and fortunately has me to worry about him, thinking up ways to help him. If not for him, I and Lou Zhenming wouldn’t have talked so much nonsense! Made this young lady infuriated! Xiao Chen, wait for this young lady….this move, this young lady has learned, wait for this young lady to kick your little brother….’

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Just, after thinking up to here, Cheng Mengying’s face immediately turned red….

Although Lou Zhenming had been focusing on Ma Gangmen and Xiao Chen’s body the entire time, he had also been paying attention to Cheng Mengying from the corner of his eye. Seeing that Cheng Mengying’s face turned red after watching Ma Gangmen being knocked down, he thought that Cheng Mengying was excited to see the sight of a bloody scene!

‘Originally, Cheng Mengying really did like hot-blooded violence ah! But unfortunately, the one knocked down today is my, Lou Zhenming’s, subordinate. Thus, doesn’t this mean that my, Lou Zhenming’s, status will plummet in Cheng Mengying’s heart?’

Thinking up to here, Lou Zhenming had a fit of agitation for no reason. He cried loudly at Ma Gangmen: “Are you dead or alive?! If you’re alive, then get up for daddy and severely beat him!”

Actually, Lou Zhenming did not need to state it so clearly. Ma Gangmen already was raving mad! He had never suffered such hardship ah! He hated it ah!

‘How could it be? How could Xiao Chen be so powerful?’

Ma Gangmen bore the pain and put his hands on the ground. He prepared to get up, but didn’t expect that Xiao Chen had gone around to his back at an unknown time and used his foot to kick his *** crack!


This kick of Xiao Chen’s directly kicked Ma Gangmen’s anus with the tip of his shoe. Before Ma Gangmen had even tried to get up, he cried “Ao!” once more and his whole body flew forward, heavily skidding on the floor of the gym. His nose also started bleeding, flowing everywhere.

“Waaaah!” Ma Gangmen’s intestines were almost kicked out of his anus by Xiao Chen. As he painfully struggled on the floor, both his eyes turned red. He wanted to kill Xiao Chen, but he couldn’t even get up!


Another kick!

Just as Ma Gangmen was about to raise his head, Xiao Chen directly stepped on his head. Ma Gangmen directly had some intimate contact with the ground and this time, not only was Ma Gangmen’s nose bleeding, even his mouth was full of blood! His teeth knocked on his lips, not only scraping his lips, but also knocking out a couple of teeth!

“Brother ***, oh, no, Brother *******, how do you feel?” Xiao Chen’s shoe sole was rubbing back and forth on Ma Gangmen’s face, making Ma Gangmen unable to speak a word and only able to issue a “wu wu” sound.

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