Chapter 92 – Xiao Chen’s Younger Sister

Just as Qi Zhigao was about to teach Xiao Chen a lesson, he had no option but stop his hand upon seeing Yue Shaoqun. Inside school, Yue Shaoqun’s prestige was very high and Qi Zhigao was also his little brother, therefore he was one of the people that immediately knew that Yue Shaoqun and Tang Tang’s relationship was broken off right after it happened. Only then did he dare to humiliate Tang Tang, otherwise he wouldn’t dare mess around even if he was given the guts to do so.

“There are too many young thugs in this school, as a matter of fact, this young master Qi was just about to kill me; I have to learn how to run away quickly!” Xiao Chen said with a bitter face.

“Uh……” Yue Shaoqun stared blankly for a second, then turned to look at Qi Zhigao and was frightened. Why was blood flowing out of Qi Zhigao’s mouth? What happened?

“Zhigao, what’s going on? You’re……”

“Brot’r Qun, yu hab to gib me justice1……” Qi Zhigao croaked out; his cheek was hit swollen so his speaking wasn’t so clear.

“So what happened?” Yue Shaoqun turned to look at Xiao Xiao: “Xiao Xiao, how about you explain!”

A move like this made it seem like Yue Shaoqun wasn’t siding with Xiao Chen and was actually looking after his little brother Qi Zhigao’s face.

Xiao Xiao actually didn’t add any superfluous elements to her recounting, but rather told it as it was; speaking of how Qi Zhigao’s car almost crashed into Tang Tang, then how he scolded Tang Tang and Xiao Chen, afterwards speaking of how Xiao Chen smashed Qi Zhigao’s car and wrapping it all up with the slap.

Perhaps it was because Xiao Xiao knew that it wouldn’t be good to speak ill of Xiao Chen and Tang Tang in front of Yue Shaoqun that she just told the truth.

Hearing Xiao Xiao’s words, Yue Shaoqun instantly relaxed. If Xiao Chen was creating trouble for no reason, then it wouldn’t be good for him to stick his head into this matter today. But now, his complexion slightly sunk as he said to Qi Zhigao: “Zhigao, you are at fault in this matter, how can you be so unyielding after bumping into someone else? We aristocratic clan juniors must be honest, righteous, just, and shouldn’t take advantage of our position to bully others. Therefore, this matter shall be considered finished as both sides were hit! What do you think?”

These words coming out of Yue Shaoqun’s mouth didn’t appear sudden; Yue Shaoqun had always posed himself as an honorable gentleman and was the righteous leader of the aristocratic clan junior generation. Thus, even though Qi Zhigao was a bit unable to accept this, it wouldn’t be good for him to refute him: “Brother Qun, the matter before can be regarded as my wrong, but Xiao Chen hitting me and smashing my car, isn’t this matter a bit too excessive?”

“You bumped into Tang Tang, so him hitting you will be considered getting even.” Yue Shaoqun looked at Qi Zhigao’s ragged car and the corners of his mouth twitched as he said: “Since your car’s like this, I’ll buy you a new one! No matter what you say, Xiao Chen is my good brother, let the matter pass this way.”

“Eh?” Qi Zhigao stared blankly. There was nothing he wanted to say before, but now that Yue Shaoqun shielded Xiao Chen a bit and even took out some money to compensate him, he thought: What kind of train of thought is this? Can it be that Xiao Chen still has some big background that hasn’t been uncovered? Otherwise why would Yue Shaoqun go so far?

“Young master Xiao, Tang Tang, since there’s nothing else, you guys should go ahead first. It’s almost time to test, go prepare yourselves.” Yue Shaoqun planned to send away Xiao Chen and Tang Tang in order to speak with Qi Zhigao and Xiao Xiao.

“Oh, since young master Qun is going to be the guarantor, then I won’t schools. But if I have any difficulties, then young master Qun definitely has to help me settle it!” Xiao Chen said as he patted Yue Shaoqun’s shoulder.

“Ok……no problem.” Yue Shaoqun sucked in a deep breath and nodded while he was incomparably depressed in his heart. I threw off my fiancée, I am ******* FREE!

After Xiao Chen and Tang Tang left, Yue Shaoqun instantly lowered his voice to speak to Qi Zhigao: “Zhigao, sorry for making you suffer hardship!”

“Brother Qun, what tune are you singing?” Qi Zhigao was immensely confused.

“I’ve been studying a way to break my engagement in these past few days; the current Tang Tang has someone to rely on and it’s the perfect opportunity. If something troublesome happens to Xiao Chen, then Tang Tang will lose her person to rely on and if she wants to return to me, how will I still be able to break the engagement?” Yue Shaoqun bitterly smiled as he spoke: “Zhigao, you understand brother, right? I’ll buy a better car for you.”

“So it’s like this……” Qi Zhigao was feeling a bit unwell in his heart, but he didn’t show it on his face: “Since there’s a reason, then forget it. How can I let Brother Qun buy me a car, I can just fix this car.”

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“Alright, I’ve taken down this favor!” Yue Shaoqun was tricked out of a huge amount of money in meal expenses at Jade Sea Sky Palace so he didn’t have too much money on hand. Seeing Qi Zhigao not accept, he also pushed along the boat with a nod, then hurriedly turned around to leave because he also needed to take the exam.

Watching Yue Shaoqun’s departing back, Qi Zhigao’s eyes flashed as a smear of gloominess went past. For good or bad, he was a Third Layer Inner Strength Martialist, a well-known figure in the junior generation, when had he ever received this type of grievance?

If Yue Shaoqun had a different reason, then he would’ve let it pass. However, it was unexpectedly this kind of bullshit unlucky personal reason; how could such a person still claim himself to be an honorable gentleman? Unconsciously, Qi Zhigao didn’t have as much faith in Yue Shaoqun as he used to have.

What Yue Shaoqun didn’t know was that his way of handling things already gave rise to the discontentment of two little brothers. But even if he knew, what could he do about it? Would he just not cast off Tang Tang?

“I’m unable to swallow this attitude!” Qi Zhigao didn’t go to school, instead taking out his cellphone and prepared to give a 4S a call to tow his car.

“Zhigao, let it be, since Brother Qun opened his mouth, then just avoid my waste brother. Let him live a few more days and don’t spoil Brother Qun’s business.” Xiao Xiao lightly said: “You repair your car, I’ll go to school.”

“Ah……okay, Xiao Xiao, it’s been truly embarrassing to incur your ridicule. Ai, I’ll bring you to go for a spin another day……” Qi Zhigao promptly replied.

Xiao Xiao waved, then quickly walked towards Second High’s junior high school section.

Second High’s junior high school section’s teaching quality was better than First High’s junior high school section, but that wasn’t the case for the senior high school section; it was quite the strange phenomenon.

Xiao Chen and Tang Tang directly went to the classroom. Tang Tang had some soy milk on her and it was quite sticky, so she needed to go to the washroom to wash up.

“Xiao Chen, how could you be so impulsive? Don’t you know that you have enough enemies as it is? Lou Zhenming hasn’t left matters alone, yet you go provoke Qi Zhigao?” Tang Tang glared at Xiao Chen with a bit of rage.

“Isn’t this because he wanted to make you kneel and lick?” Xiao Chen smiled: “Relax, I saw that Yue Shaoqun’s car was coming, that’s why I annoyed him.”

“Oh……that’s fine, but you’ve still offended him like this.” Tang Tang let out a sigh of relief: “Yue Shaoqun misunderstood us being together and had no other choice but to help you for his despicable goal, but have you not thought of what to do once he successfully breaks the engagement?”

“Isn’t it fine to take things one step at a time.” Xiao Chen indifferently smiled. When he becomes a Fourth Layer Qi-Training Truth Cultivator, he would definitely possess a certain amount of authority to speak at that time. Although he couldn’t proclaim that he could dominate the aristocratic clans, the aristocratic clans wouldn’t dare to despise him at the very least.

Tang Tang took off her school uniform in preparation to go wash it, but taking it off in such a matter caused something to ‘pa!’ onto the floor.

“Your thing fell.” Xiao Chen said as he bent over to help Tang Tang pick up and hand over the thing. It was an bank card.

“Huh? This isn’t mine!” Tang Tang took the bank card in surprise; her card wasn’t even from this bank.

“It fell out from your pocket so I shouldn’t be wrong.” Xiao Chen was also somewhat baffled. He took back the bankcard to take a look and actually discovered a tag on the backside of the bankcard. On it was 6 numbers, evidently the pin of the card.

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“Who placed the card over here, even giving the password?” Tang Tang was instantly perplexed. If one wanted to say that someone lost it in her pocket, then that was impossible. It was definitely meticulously placed into her clothes pocket and had the pin on it, so it was obviously given to her.

“Who knows? Maybe it’s from the morning market street?” Xiao Chen was also unable to make heads or tails of this situation, who’d be able to give Tang Tang a present?

“Hold on a second, there’s a slip of paper in my pocket!” Because a card dropped out of her pocket, Tang Tang felt the insides of her pocket and actually found a soaked slip of paper.

The writing on the slip of paper was already starting to become somewhat fuzzy because Tang Tang had just soaked her clothes in the wash basin, but after looking at it carefully, she could still make out some words——“give to Xiao Chen”.

“It’s for me?” Xiao Chen had a weird expression as Tang Tang handed over the slip of paper. After meticulously looking it over, Xiao Chen didn’t know who placed it into Tang Tang’s pocket because it was already fading away. But even if it was clear, he probably wouldn’t have recognized the handwriting.

“Seems so.” Tang Tang nodded.

“It can’t be that it’s that kid, Yue Shaoqun, giving capital to me for chasing you2?” Xiao Chen pondered and couldn’t think of any other person who would give him money. The only suspicious person was Yue Shaoqun since this kid wanted him and Tang Tang to get together, so giving him activity funds was within reason.

“Capital to pursue me?” Tang Tang stared blankly for a second before immediately blushing a bit: “Seems like Yue Shaoqun is really willing to bleed in order to cast me aside!”

“Don’t worry about him, since it’s for me, I’ll go check how much is inside after we finish the exam.” Since it was free money, Xiao Chen naturally receive it in stride.

“No need to go through all that trouble, I have a mini mobile card reader with me, you just need to swipe.” As Tang Tang was speaking, she took out the mobile card reader and inserted it into the headphone jack, then handed it over to Xiao Chen.

“****, so advanced?” When Xiao Chen swiped the card and discovered that there was only 20,000 RMB, he instantly became disappointed: “Yue Shaoqun really is a little miser, only giving me 20,000, aren’t you worth a bit too little?”

“It’s fine, 20,000 is already pretty good.” Tang Tang actually didn’t think too much into it: “We would need to sell quite a bit of deep-fried breadsticks to earn this, so I think it’s a lot.”

“Okay!” Xiao Chen gave the card to Tang Tang: “I haven’t given back the money I borrowed from you last time, so I’ll give you this. The extra 10,000 RMB can be considered me pursuing you.”

“Pff……” Tang Tang laughed: “Such a way of pursuing girls? What a tyrant, straightforwardly smashing money down!”

“Haha, it’s just a joke, take it.” Xiao Chen chuckled immediately afterwards.

“Aren’t you short on cash? What’s the point of giving it to me? I don’t have a use for it, it’s better if you keep it.” Tang Tang waved and handed back the card to Xiao Chen: “Go, let’s take the exam.”


  1. TLN: “Brother Qun, you have to give me justice……” in case you truly cannot read that line. 
  2. TLN: The original phrase is ‘chasing girls capital’, but I changed it to fit more into the situation since there’s obviously only 1 person that YSQ wants XC to pursue. 

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