Chapter 18 – Cool Neighbor

At that very moment, the car door opened. Cheng Zhongming waved to Xiao Chen, saying to him: “Xiao Chen, come on board!”

Xiao Chen opened the rear door, boarded the car, and sat right next to Cheng Mengying.

This action immediately made Young Lady Cheng frown. Sure, she sympathized with Xiao Chen, but one couldn’t push one’s luck!

“Xiao Chen, you sit in the front!” Eldest Young Lady Cheng shifted her body to the side. Although Xiao Chen was her ex-fiance, previously they didn’t have any intimate contact. This was due to Young Master Xiao being busy chasing commoner school flowers and school flower goddess Shen Jingxuan, so where did he have the time to care about his own fiancee?

She was afraid that Young Master Xiao’s would think, ‘sooner or later he would be her person, so he doesn’t need to take any trouble to pursue right?’ Although Cheng Mengying didn’t care about Xiao Chen’s pursuit, every time she thought about this, she was full of gas; why don’t you ever chase me? Now you will have to curry favor with this young lady!

Want to take advantage of this young lady? No way! If you have that ability go look for Lin Ke’er and Shen Jingxuan!

“Okay, Mengying!” Cheng Zhongming slightly frowned. Right now, he thought he was being unfair to Xiao Feng and Xiao Chen. If Cheng Mengying and Xiao Chen don’t make up due to this little trifle, he didn’t have the heart to be cruel.

“No problem, I’ll sit in the front then.” Xiao Chen was actually indifferent. He was used to sitting there, so he didn’t think too much. The only thought he had was that holding clothing while sitting in the front was a little inconvenient, thus he put the clothes in the back seat, and got off to get in the co-pilot seat.

It is estimated that ‘Xiao Chen was told to get out by Eldest Young Lady Cheng’ will be transmitted mouth to mouth by gossipers. This was the aim that Xiao Chen wanted to achieve; to make himself look worse, thus making certain people more happier.

The school Xiao Chen and Cheng Mengying were being transferred to was Songning City’s Second High. The previous school was First High, and these two schools were Songning City’s joint schools, ranked among the best schools.

Even if he was transferring them, Cheng Zhongming couldn’t randomly select a school. Of course, the purpose of transferrin was actually very obvious. Shaming Xiao Chen was just a deception; letting Xiao Chen change environments was the true purpose. Although Xiao Chen was famous, that was only in First High, whereas in Second High, the number of people who have heard that ‘Young Master Xiao is a dandy’ was fewer, and the people who had even heard of Xiao Chen’s name was even fewer.

There was a lot of Aristocratic Family juniors, so who had the time to remember all of them? Usually it was Young Master Chen or Second Young Master Chen, while the usage of the name Chen Jinpeng instead of Second Young Master Chen was less.

One would have to say Cheng Zhongming subordinate’s efficiency is very high. There was no need for Cheng Zhongming to come forward; before his vehicle had even arrived at Songning City’s Second High, the transfer procedures were already complete, and housing was also rented!

This is a villa where the homeowner was aboard, but since the villa was near the school district, it was hard to get rid of. Even if one were rich, there were rarely people buying luxury villas, or renting one until one finished schooling. Who would want to live here year round?

Therefore this villa initially wasn’t sold, and instead, it was leased. Cheng Zhongming wanted to find co-renters and the villa filled the criteria. This house already had a tenant and also had four vacated rooms, thus Cheng Zhongming’s men only had to pay the remaining rent.

In Cheng Zhongming’s opinion, ‘there can be tenants’ and ‘the more the noisier’. Moreover, the most important thing is that the tenant is a woman tenant, in order to make Cheng Mengying feel satisfied! If the villa had two men, she wouldn’t feel safe.

Cheng Zhongming drove up to the villa’s gate and stopped. A girl wearing black leather clothing was squatting inside the courtyard garden playing some unknown game and seeing that the car stopped, she looked up. Looking slightly surprised, she wondered ‘could this be the new tenant?’

One has to know that renting this villa wasn’t low, even one-fifth of the price was already a very high price. Around this price, a good two-bedroom one livingroom could be rented nearby, therefore few people would choose to rent with others.

What was the deal with the villa? Again, about renting the luxury villa, yes, it was comfortable enough that one might as well live alone. However, the many students who rented apartments nearby just didn’t like a noisy dormitory. What was the difference between living in a villa and living in a large dormitory?

Therefore, Ye Xiaoye felt that it was a little weird. Moreover, looking at the car, it should be a Jaguar, a relatively low-luxury car. People who drive this kind of car also came to rent the place? Could it be the driver?

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While Ye Xiaoye was checking out Cheng Zhongming’s car, Xiao Chen and Cheng Mengying were also observed Ye Xiaoye.

Ye Xiaoye’s dress up was very stylish, with black leather tights. Her exquisite body highlighted the dress, but what Xiao Chen couldn’t imagine was that such a cool little girl would be interested in flowers!

Watching her hold the sprinkler, apparently watering the flowers, it made Xiao Chen feel that it was amazing, that this little girl is really special.

“You guys are….new tenants?” Ye Xiaoye put down the watering can in her hand and stood up, sizing up Xiao Chen and the others who got out of the car.

“Yes, I’m called Cheng Mengying, do you live here?” Young Lady Cheng wanted to see Ye Xiaoye’s character, but it was very difficult due to the way this little girl dressed and the way she acted were completely different.

Ye Xiaoye nodded, saying: “Ye Xiaoye, I have lived here for two weeks. The room to the left upstairs is mine. Any of the other rooms you can pick, and also, you guys shouldn’t move the things inside the flower garden.”

Ye Xiaoye’s voice was cold without the slightest emotion. Hearing this sound would make one feel that the person was cold. Thus, this made Young Lady Cheng feel a little uncomfortable. ‘Anyhow we’re going to live together later, so what is with this attitude? Who cares ah, this little miss is not a gardener!’

However, with Young Lady Cheng’s unyielding attitude, she opened her mouth to say: “The room doesn’t matter. Since you were here first, we naturally don’t have any scruples, but this flower garden is public property, so why is it considered yours? Xiao Chen, tomorrow this young lady wants to plant some flowers, therefore you’ll also become a gardener!”

“Oh….” Xiao Chen wiped the perspiration off his forehead. He didn’t think that Young Lady Cheng was this narrow-minded. It seems like his future will be hard and this little girl wouldn’t pull all kinds of revenge on himself right?

“You——” Ye Xiaoye met Cheng Mengying’s words with anger, but couldn’t refute the words said. Young Lady Cheng wasn’t wrong, since they are tenants of the villa, this flower garden was naturally public, thus it couldn’t be occupied by just her right?

However….people who really rented this place, how many would want to tinker with plants and flowers? The reason Ye Xiaoye didn’t rent an apartment but instead a villa was because there was private flower garden that apartments didn’t have.

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