Chapter 53 – Brother-in-law, Hasn’t Been Heard By Anyone This Time

“Since you guys are treating, I can’t just do nothing. Although these drinks aren’t worth much money, it shows my regards.” It was evident that Deng Xiaokun was also poor and didn’t have much pocket money. As he was talking, he suddenly noticed that Tang Tang was looking over an exercise book and couldn’t help but be puzzled: “Tang Tang, what are you doing? This exercise book was just given out today; you didn’t just start it right?”

“It’s not me, it’s bookworm Xiao Chen! He’s already finished first year’s algebra exercise book.” Tang Tang didn’t know how she should explain. What words could she use to describe her current mood? Astonishment? Shock? Fury? Excited to death should be fine……

Xiao Chen had not only completed it, but his accuracy had unexpectedly reached 100%. At least in the five chapters of exercises that Tang Tang had already reviewed, she still hadn’t discovered an error; all of it was correct! If not for Tang Tang watching Xiao Chen write as if he were drawing, Tang Tang would have even thought that Xiao Chen had copied the answer booklet!

This was because Xiao Chen had omitted the procedure for many calculation topics and directly wrote the answers. But Xiao Chen obviously didn’t copy, so it was definitely the result of doing mental arithmetic.

“****! You completed it?” Deng Xiaokun looked at Xiao Chen as if he were a monster: “As expected! This damn Second High is pretty hard to advance in. However, you don’t have money nor relations, so you definitely rely on genuine talent!”

Xiao Chen shrugged his shoulders, thinking in his heart ‘Nonsense. What genuine talent? Before today I didn’t even know anything, but now I’m a genuine talent?’ But Xiao Chen didn’t explain. This matter couldn’t be explained clearly to Deng Xiaokun.

Tang Tang was probably the person who knew most of his secrets, but Xiao Chen trusted Tang Tang very much. From beginning to end, he felt that Tang Tang was a very able-to-make-friends girl.

“Finally found a mistake, wahahahahaha!” Tang Tang suddenly cried out in happiness, seeming like she had discovered a new world. This made Deng Xiaokun and Xiao Chen a bit dumbfounded. What fuss was there to make about finding a mistake?

“Xiao Chen, you aren’t omnipotent; you can also make errors!” As Tang Tang was speaking, she proudly pointed at the question and answers that weren’t in harmony and said to Xiao Chen: “Do you need elder sister to explain to you?”

“Sure.” Xiao Chen felt that it was a bit odd. For these topics, even though he had done them quickly, they all went through two times of calculations in his mind before writing down. It was reasonable to say that there shouldn’t be any wrong, so Xiao Chen didn’t feel very ashamed to ask and learn.

“This problem should be like this……like this……then like this……en, then you get the answer……huh? How can it be wrong? And the same as your answer?” Tang Tang demonstrated the question to Xiao Chen once, but the result was obtaining the exact same answer as Xiao Chen, making Tang Tang baffled.

“This……I’ve also calculated the same answer. The answer key might be wrong.” Deng Xiaokun said.

“Pu……” Tang Tang immediately became dumbfounded: “Top student Xiao, I admire you.”

“Top student Xiao? This name……isn’t too good……” Xiao Chen said with a suffering face.

“Why?” Tang Tang felt that it was a bit strange.

“I recently read a web novel called 《School Beauty Personal Bodyguard》, which had a character called ‘Grandmaster Xiao’……who was oppressed……” Xiao Chen replied.

“……!#¥&()!” Tang Tang didn’t know what she should say. Xiao Chen was already like this, but still had time to read these entertainment web novels?

However, Tang Tang had finally experienced what was called ‘genius’ today. A ‘genius’ was better than top students and talents. After all the difference was in initial starting point, one was acquired through a great deal of work, one was innate; immediately above that starting point.

Deng Xiaokun didn’t know about Xiao Chen’s information, so even though he was astonished, it didn’t feel to weird to him. In his knowledge, if Xiao Chen wasn’t a top student, how would he be able to enter Second High?

When Cheng Mengying saw Xiao Chen, Tang Tang, and Deng Xiaokun all gorge themselves, she wasn’t happy in her heart. Don’t you know that this Young Lady is also very hungry?

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“Beibei, let’s eat!” Cheng Mengying felt that she might as well eat the dishes she had packed for dinner at noon right now! Actually, the majority of the students would eat some biscuits or instant noodles just before evening classes. Very little would gorge themselves in a lunchbox like Xiao Chen.

“Ah? Cousin Mengying, isn’t this the food you left for your dinner?” Jin Beibei blankly stared.

“I’ve decided to eat it now and starve for dinner.” Cheng Mengying fiercely said.

“Oh……” Jin Beibei nodded and didn’t ask further. She immediately picked up her chopsticks and started eating. She was a foodie and said while eating: “Delicious, delicious!”

“……” As Cheng Mengying watched Jin Beibei gorge herself, she didn’t know why, but she didn’t have much appetite. It was as if the things in front of her weren’t as delicious as the instant noodles that Xiao Chen made.

In a blink of an eye, it became time for students to be dismissed. Xiao Chen carried a pile of review materials and left the classroom with Tang Tang and Deng Xiaokun. However, Lou Zhenming and Thin Monkey didn’t leave. Rather, they waited for after Cheng Mengying left, then the two people leisurely got up and left.

“Has it been settled?” Lou Zhenming glanced at Thin Monkey and asked.

“It’s been handled1. A practitioner has been found to join the factory workers. He is absolutely professional and there will definitely be nothing going wrong for a short while.” Thin Monkey said while nodding.

“Then let’s go, the opportunity to fully show off our capability has come.” The plan Lou Zhenming had this time had gone through perfect designing. Every step had been thought over multiple times, ensuring that carrying it out would be without err.

Cheng Mengying and Jin Beibei a bag of review materials each and walked to Jin Beibei’s Beetle in the parking lot. As usual, Jin Beibei was about to start the car so that they could go home……yi? How come it won’t start?

Jin Beibei tried to start up the car several times but the car still didn’t start, making Jin Beibei have some doubts: “Cousin Mengying, the car seems broken.”

“Broken? How can it be broken? Does it not have gas?” Cheng Mengying was slightly confused. She didn’t expect the car to have a problem.

“It can’t be, I filled it up with gas to the brim just yesterday!” Jin Beibei also puzzledly looked at her own car.

“Then could it be that the battery has no electricity?” Cheng Mengying knew a bit of knowledge on cars, but it was the simplest knowledge.

“No, the car still has electricity. Look, the radio can still be turned on……” As Jin Beibei was speaking, she turned on the radio.

“Forget it, let’s call a taxi home.” Cheng Mengying could only say, as she also didn’t have any solutions.

“We can only do this. It’s too late today, tomorrow I’ll call a 4S store to come and tow.” Jin Beibei nodded and got out of the car with Cheng Mengying.

Although these two were practitioners of inner strength from childhood, they were still girls in the end. As each person carried a bag of review materials, both felt that it was a bit heavy. Fortunately, it wasn’t far from the school gates.

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But when the two people arrived at the school gates, they looked on foolishly at the same time! Where was there a taxi? At the school gates, the stopped cars were all guardians who were picking up their child. There was simply no place for a taxi to stop!

Last time when Cheng Mengying and Xiao Chen caught a taxi to ride, it was because Xiao Chen and Ma Gangmen had fought one round, thus missing the dismissal rush hour. But now, if they wanted to call for a taxi, they could only walk a kilometer and avoid these cars picking up students. They had to go to the intersection and call for a taxi, otherwise, taxis would rarely come over.

“Let’s walk?” Cheng Mengying had no other choice. Who asked them to be out of luck and unfortunately meet a broken down car?

“So heavy……won’t this tire me to death?” Jin Beibei lowered her head and looked at her books, then looked at her own chest: “My chest is really heavy and the books are heavier, I can’t go on……”

“Who let you develop such a large chest?” Cheng Mengying wasn’t happy when she heard these words: “Then how will you deal with it?”

“Yi? Brother-in-law?” Jin Beibei, who had keen eyes, suddenly beckoned in a direction and loudly called out.

Xiao Chen, Tang Tang, and Deng Xioakun had just split up at the school gates. Just as Xiao Chen prepared to go home, he suddenly heard a familiar voice call out “brother-in-law”. Wasn’t that Jin Beibei? Xiao Chen was currently a flamboyant Truth Cultivator; his six senses were incomparably acute and all of the sudden caught hold of Jin Beibei’s voice.

“Beibei, what nonsense are you yelling? What will you do if other people hear?” Cheng Mengying was a bit angry and ashamed, putting out a hand to cover Jin Beibei’s mouth.

Fortunately, the school gates were still very noisy from dismissal hour. There was laughing and scolding voices, voices of guardians calling for their child. Everything in disarray and nobody took note of what Jin Beibei yelled out. If not for Xiao Chen being sensitive, it was reckoned that if he were changed to an ordinary person, he would be unable to hear it!

Xiao Chen quickly walked over. Seeing that the Young Lady and Jin Beibei with a bag each, he asked somewhat puzzled: “What’s wrong? What are you doing over here? Not driving the car to go home?”

“The car broke down! Help us carry this back!” Cheng Mengying had been mad at Xiao Chen for a day today. Seeing that he had come over, she impolitely handed the book bag2 in her hand over to Xiao Chen.

Xiao Chen smiled and immediately received it. Wasn’t a male servant supposed to do this? Lifting bags was something Xiao Chen was very good at.

“Brother-in-law, thanks!” Jin Beibei also handed over the book bag in her hand to Xiao Chen and smiled thievishly3, speaking in a low voice.

“Beibei!” Cheng Mengying was annoyed to the point of kicking Jin Beibei.

However, Jin Beibei quickly avoided it and said very aggrieved: “Cousin Mengying, this time Beibei call out in quietly and stealthily. It hasn’t been heard by others……”

“……” Cheng Mengying didn’t expect Jin Beibei to go as far as twisting her words and forcing her4 own logic. But it appeared that she had just questioned “what will you do if other people hear”. Now that Jin Beibei said that other people couldn’t hear, what could she do? She could only suffer unspoken grievances and after ‘hmph’-ing, she walked ahead.

Jin Beibei ‘hee hee’ laughed and chased after her. Xiao Chen followed closely in the rear as he carried two bags filled with books.

The three people walked together to the intersection, but discovered that the intersection didn’t even harbor taxis! After waiting ten minutes, they still hadn’t seen a taxi. Cheng Mengying’s legs started feeling numb, Jin Beibei’s chest wanted to sag down. As a result of the two girls talking it over, they continued waiting! This continued waiting wasn’t a solution though!

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Actually, the taxis that would pass through this place had all been blocked from doing so by the coolies that Lou Zhenming had found and forced them to make a detour! Even though the taxi drivers were demanded to take a detour, they couldn’t make heads or tails of it. However, who would want to argue with a crowd of clearly not good people that had daggers and clubs on their belt?

There simply wasn’t enough time to run when encountering these people! Taxi drivers were people who went out to do business and held a money-seeking mentality, so who would be willing to offend these people? At that time, not only would their car be smashed, but they also might be smashed! The gains wouldn’t make up for the losses.

This was the reason why Cheng Mengying and Jin Beibei hadn’t seen a taxi pass by after waiting some time.


  1. TLN: The raw here was actually “OK了”, but I’m not sure how to translate it here. It’s basically the okay-hand, but putting the emoji here didn’t really seem right, so I put what it meant. 
  2. TLN: Note here that it is literally a bag with books. It’s not a backpack. 
  3. TLN: If you’re wondering if this is a real word, check the ‘thievish’ entry of merriam-webster. 
  4. TLN: Refers to Jin Beibei in this case. The ‘her’ before it refers to Cheng Mengying. 

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