Chapter 43 – ********’s Girl Hong Yan

Yesterday evening, Cheng Mengying didn’t know whether or not Ye Xiaoye lost her mind, but from inside of her room, there came a ‘pi-pa-pa’ sound and it was unknown on what she was doing. This made Cheng Mengying only fall asleep at 12 o’clock.

After eating breakfast, Jin Beibei’s car arrived and stopped at the door of the villa. Cheng Mengying threw Xiao Chen 100 RMB, then got onto Jin Beibei’s Beatle.

After Cheng Mengying left, Ye Xiaoye had just come in to eat breakfast and happened to see Xiao Chen picking up 100 RMB. Ye Xiaoye couldn’t help but let out a contemptuous gaze, perhaps she felt that Xiao Chen lived under someone else’s charity, living life without dignity!

But how could Ye Xiaoye know of Xiao Chen’s difficulties? Shrugging his shoulders, Xiao Chen did not pay any attention and went about his own business, immediately leaving the villa.

When Xiao Chen went to the convenience store yesterday, he had seen a relatively large ********. On the inside, it seemed to sell medicinal ingredients. The scale didn’t seem small, but Xiao Chen resolved himself to buy the medicinal ingredients that Tian Lao had said.

“Mister, what do you want to buy?” Just as Xiao Chen pushed the door of the ******** and walked in, a melodious sweet-sounding voice like that of a yellow oriole bird rang out.

Xiao Chen looked up and saw a young girl wearing a white coat looking smilingly at him.

The young girl looked around 18 or 19 years-old and no makeup on face with a very clean and pure smile, making Xiao Chen have a very fresh feeling. This young girl was like a neighbor younger sister, causing Xiao Chen to involuntarily think of Lin Ke’er.

But in comparison, this young girl was outgoing, whereas Lin Ke’er was very shy.

When the young girl saw that Xiao Chen fixing his attention at her face, her face could not help but emerge a captivating red hue. However, seeing that Xiao Chen’s clothes was a school uniform, not resembling those degenerate lecher’s air, could it be that she misunderstood Xiao Chen?

“My….face, does it have something?” The young girl asked with some uncertainty.

“No.” Xiao Chen shook his head and realized that he had been a bit rude, making him feel secretly ashamed! Despite Xiao Chen having seen many beautiful women, he had to acknowledge at this moment that on this young girl, there was a sort of pure and clean beauty. It was very unique, resembling a clear spring. Although she was very pure, her temperament was syrupy-sweet: “Sorry, everyone loves beauty, I was under the impression that I was sitting in front of my computer screen looking at a goddess’ picture……”

Xiao Chen’s words made this young girl slightly startled! He…didn’t need to honest like this right? But precisely because of Xiao Chen’s honesty, it made the young girl feel no ill will towards him. Instead, she thought Xiao Chen truly was interesting. Besides, what Xiao Chen said wasn’t wrong, everyone loves beauty, who wouldn’t like other people’s praise?

“No problem……I am not a goddess.” The young girl said with a tinge of embarassment: “What……do you want to purchase?”

“I want to buy some medicinal herbs. Doesn’t this place have a specialized prescribing medicine master?” When Xiao Chen looked at the appearance of the young girl, he calculated that this girl should be this place’s clerk, only selling some finished medicines. But this sort of retrieving medicines person, every ******** should have a specialist in charge.

“I am that person!” The young girl was a bit unsatisfied by Xiao Chen’s low opinion. She stretched out her hand and said: “Give me the prescription!”

Xiao Chen was surprised, but still copied his prescription to give it to the young girl, wondering in his heart, ‘this young girl understands how to retrieve?’

The young girl casually received the prescription to take a look, thinking little of it in the beginning. But after looking at it, her complexion immediately became a bit strange and her expression when looking at Xiao Chen also changed!

Xiao Chen sensed the young girl’s eyes and immediately feeling a bit nervous at heart. What kind of look was this? Could it be that this prescription had a problem? It couldn’t be that this prescription was one of fortifying yang1, right? Otherwise, why would this young girl have this sort of expression?

But Tian Lao would not deceive him, so Xiao Chen braced himself and asked: “What? Does the prescription have any problem?”

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“You……are you sure you want to make up this prescription? Moreover, five batches?” The young girl looked up and down at Xiao Chen, making Xiao Chen have a kind of ‘blood-turning-cold’ feeling.

“What’s the problem?” Xiao Chen probed.

“Do you know how much money these medicinal herbs cost? Moreover……you actually want five batches?” The young girl was really unable to understand what Xiao Chen wanted to do: “Moreover, I simply don’t understand what you want to do with the prescription. What use these medicinal ingredients will do together? Are you sure you want these?”

“How much does it cost?” Xiao Chen became aware of the issue’s seriousness upon seeing the young girl’s tone and expression. It was feared that these medicinal ingredients were considerably valuable: “But I’m sure, I want.”

“These medicinal ingredients, according to the store price, add up to at least 20,000 RMB. Five batches is 100,000 RMB!” The young girl said: “You can’t recklessly decide to use the prescription from a dubious background. Of course, I do not mean to question you, but to help you!”

Xiao Chen looked at the outstanding young girl’s earnest appearance, but actually had no alternative. He did not think that the prescription would be so expensive! One batch was 20,000 RMB, so that meant five batches was 100,000 RMB. From what it seems, the 10,000 in his hands, was simply not enough for it!

‘What to do? Borrow money from the Young Lady? If I talk clearly, the Young Lady will definitely lend the money.’
However, the thing called Truth Cultivator, Xiao Chen was not ready to talk about it, even if it pertained to his own strength, he temporarily could not talk about it!

It wasn’t that he didn’t trust the Young Lady, but it was due to the Young Lady’s social experience not being enough. If she made a mistake when talking, then the gains would not make up for the losses2.

“Yan Yan, this early and there is a customer?” An old voice rang out. Along with the ringing voice, a reading glasses wearing, white-bearded old man wearing a Tang Zhuang3 came out from the back of the shop.

“Grandpa, this customer wants medicinal ingredients, but his prescription……” Hong Yan gave the somewhat strange prescription to the old man: “I cannot understand it, but the medicinal ingredients inside it are very expensive.”

“Oh, let me take a look.” The old man received the prescription, stroked his beard, sat on a free chair, and carefully looked at Xiao Chen’s prescription.

But, although the old man’s facial expression showed no signs, within his heart, it was as if it were going through turbulent waves. Just, after reading it all, he actually looked at Xiao Chen while maintaining composure: “Young man, this prescription, where did you copy it from? Do you know the use of this?”

Xiao Chen’s heart slightly moved. He was an astute person; the old man wasn’t like the young girl Hong Yan talking about the price of the medicinal ingredients from before, that kind of useless stuff. Rather, he asked about the origin and function of the prescription. Could it be that this old man could understand what he read?

But it couldn’t be. This was a body quenching prescription of Truth Cultivating, how could this old man possible understand it? But Xiao Chen dared not to expose and only said: “This prescriptions’ origin, it is inconvenient for me to reveal. The function, also cannot be said…….”

Xiao Chen simply did not talk lies. For an old man like this, being able to understand is being able to understand, being unable to understand is still being able to understand. Xiao Chen didn’t need to lie; his lie would easily be punctured through.

“The value of this prescription, do you know?” The old man asked.

“Just now, Miss Hong said, one batch is 20,000 RMB, five batches is 100,000 RMB.” Xiao Chen replied.

“Hehe, Yan Yan, your calculation, does it include the value of this Bitter Relief Fruit4?”

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“Grandpa, this Bitter Relief Fruit, I never heard of. Moreover, there isn’t any inside the store, so I did not calculate it.” Hong Yan shook her head, feeling somewhat embarrassed: “Grandpa, this medicine, is very expensive?”

“The price is a little matter. This Bitter Relief Fruit could be said to be something that money cannot buy!” The old man laughed: “If not for my old friend entrusting me with collecting, I would not have any, but I fortunately still have some surplus.”

After Xiao Chen listened, he immediately showed a pained face. The medicine price from before was already expensive, and now adding a Bitter Relief Fruit, it seemed that it would be more priceless than priceless. Thus, Xiao Chen could only weakly ask: “Old grandfather, this medicine, how much does it cost?”

“If you can tell me the origin and function of the prescription, I will give you five quotas for free!” The old man smilingly looked at Xiao Chen.

“This……” Xiao Chen’s heart went cold. Although the enticement was in front of him, Xiao Chen wasn’t a person for immediate gains. After a moment of hesitation, he decisively shook his head: “Grandfather, your good intention I will keep in my heart, but I truly cannot talk about it.”

“Hehe, then it can’t be helped. This medicine, Yan Yan already spoke about. Even without the Bitter Relief Fruit, it is 20,000 RMB. Adding on the Bitter Relief Fruit, it would be at least 50,000 RMB!” After the old man spoke up to here, he saw Xiao Chen’s bitter face and faintly smiled. Then, he changed the topic of the discussion and continued to say: “But this time, I can give you a discount; 10,000 RMB for the entire medicine.”

“Is this real or false?” Xiao Chen somewhat could not believe his own ears: “Old grandfather, are you joking with me? Is there no need for me to deliver anything?”

“No need, 10,000 RMB.” The old man shook his head.

Xiao Chen took a deep breath and solemnly pulled out an envelope out of his coat pocket. Although he hated to part with it, this being all the assets on his body, the old man’s ten thousand was already a discounted price!

Xiao Chen did not fear that the old man would lie to him. After all, Hong Yan had already said before, not counting the Bitter Relief Fruit, the medicine would be 20,000 RMB, but the old man only wanted ten thousand. It was obvious that this was a super-discount.

“Many thanks old grandfather. I will try to make money as soon as possible to come and purchase the other four batches of medicines. Today these belongings are I have on me, only able to purchase one medicine.” Although Xiao Chen was puzzled as to why the old man would give him a discount, Xiao Chen was sure that it was definitely due to the prescription that he had brought along. It quite probable that this old man had made out something, but Xiao Chen was not sure on what he finally made out.

The old man also wasn’t polite and received Xiao Chen’s ten thousand RMB. Then, he said to Hong Yan: “Yan Yan, you go get the other medicines on the list, I’ll go get the Bitter Relief Fruit!”

“Okay, grandpa.” Hong Yan’s look towards Xiao Chen was even stranger than before. Although she didn’t ask, when her grandpa looked at the prescription and didn’t say anything, instead inquired about the origin, it was clear that this prescription was not at all a useless prescription in his eyes. Moreover, her grandpa had unexpectedly given Xiao Chen a huge discount, making Hong Yan feel even more baffled!

Her family’s ******** prices weren’t expensive. On the contrary, it was very cheap. The price that Hong Yan had given to Xiao Chen was already was in accordance to the lowest price, but grandpa actually gave him half off, making Hong Yan a bit puzzled!


  1. TLN: Fortifying Yang = Viagra 
  2. TLN: The strength would not equal the amount of people that would be onto him 
  3. TLN: Tang Zhuang 
  4. TLN: Not sure if it should be “Kuji Fruit” or this. Maybe it’s literally “Bitter Fruit”. 

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