Chapter 70 – Nouveau Riche Jin Beibei

“Haha, it could be considered unrequited love, but that’s a past matter. Now I’m secretly in love with you.” Xiao Chen indifferently smiled.

“Che, I don’t believe!” Although Tang Tang spoke like this, her heart had a burst of happiness for no reason, and she became more vigorous in making deep-fried breadsticks.

One morning passed by busily. Xiao Chen was so busy that he wasn’t able to eat anything. He prepared the young lady and Jin Beibei’s lunch, then said goodbye to Tang Tang and left.

“Brother-in-law, you’re bringing delicacies to me again?” Jin Beibei looked at Xiao Chen, then immediately snatched the bag in his hand.

“Beibei, how come you’re just like a starved ghost? Acting deranged all the time, can’t you act like a girl from a rich family for a bit?” Regarding Jin Beibei, Cheng Mengying was very unhappy with her manner.

“Aiya, it’s all my own people, why should I pretend? What well-bred young lady, that’s what I dislike the most.” Jin Beibei opened the bag and began eating.

“Hey, leave some for me!” Cheng Mengying became anxious and dashed to snatch it away.

“Cousin, aren’t you a well-bred young lady from a big clan? How come you’re coming to snatch it?” Although Jin Beibei was speaking, she didn’t fall behind in the least. A deep-fried cake already entered her stomach.

“If I don’t snatch, there won’t be any left! This morning’s congee, just as I finished drinking one bowl, you finished drinking the whole pot!!!” Cheng Mengying angrily replied.

“Eh……my body is still developing!” Jin Beibei felt somewhat embarrassed. This morning’s lean meat congee was really too tasty. She felt that it was tastier compared with those five star restaurants.

“What developing, it’s all going into your chest right?” Cheng Mengying also didn’t look after any young lady image. She snatched a fried dough twist and deep-fried cake, then ran to the other side. She didn’t eat as quick as Jin Beibei, so she was naturally weaker1 and could only snatch to slowly eat.

Xiao Chen didn’t expect that the stuff he made would be so well-received. This actually made him let out a sigh of relief. It seems that Cheng Mengying is satisfied with me, this servant, and I can keep on acting as one.

To speak the truth, Xiao Chen currently didn’t want to separate himself from the young lady and work on his own. This wasn’t Xiao Chen liking Cheng Mengying so he didn’t want to be separated. Although there was this reason, this was only a minor detail. The main issue was that Xiao Chen didn’t want outsiders to pay attention to him. Over here, he could secretly cultivate and stealthily raise his strength. If he left, then the target would become larger and when the time comes, if he wanted to conceal anything, it wouldn’t be easy to do so.

At least right now Cheng Mengying’s Cheng Clan’s young lady identity was displayed here, so even if other aristocratic clans wanted to monitor this place, it would be highly unlikely. This was a problem that concerned Cheng Clan’s face.

“No need to snatch, if you want to eat, I can make some in the evening.” Xiao Chen smiled.

“Who would want to eat? This young lady is merely dizzy from hunger and there’s no other thing to eat but this. Xiao Chen, how come you’ve come back so late?” Cheng Mengying naturally didn’t want to admit that the stuff was tasty, so she shifted the subject.

“There were too many customers at noon, so I was delayed for a while.” Xiao Chen replied: “I didn’t eat anything and hurried to return.”

“Ah? No way? You also haven’t eaten?” Cheng Mengying had just finished eating the food in her hand. She immediately stared blankly and was somewhat moved in her heart. However, she had finished eating and could only say: “Beibei, don’t eat that much, leave some for Xiao Chen……”

“Eh……last fried dough twist2……” Jin Beibei had just stuffed the last fried dough twist into her mouth. She pulled it out and on top of it was a thread of sparkling and translucent saliva, but it didn’t make people feel disgusted. Instead, it would make other people feel especially captivated: “I haven’t eaten it, brother-in-law, for you……”

As she was speaking, Jin Beibei handed over the saliva covered fried dough twist to Xiao Chen.

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Xiao Chen immediately became speechless. Although he felt that this was a very romantic matter, currently he and the young lady had no relations, not to speak of Jin Beibei! If Xiao Chen received this and ate, then what relationship would he and Jin Beibei have in the future?

“Seeing that you haven’t eaten your fill, it’s better if you eat it. I’ll go soak some noodles in a moment……” Xiao Chen said.

“No need~ Actually, I ate my fill, eating a little more will make me burst.” Jin Beibei used her other hand to touch her underbelly, then lifted the fried dough twist in front of Xiao Chen: “Open your mouth, brother-in-law, ahh——”

“……” Xiao Chen couldn’t exactly eat it, nor could he not eat it.

“Beibei, your saliva is on it!” Cheng Mengying glared at Jin Beibei.

“Is brother-in-law avoiding Beibei?” Jin Beibei piteously asked.

For lack of a better option, Xiao Chen could only eat the fried dough twist Jin Beibei was handing over in one mouthful: “Okay, how about we set off?”

“Weren’t you going to eat instant noodles?” Cheng Mengying questioned.

“I’m full.” Xiao Chen didn’t want to waste any time. At the moment, it was already a little over 1 o’clock in the afternoon. If they were late by an hour, the car dealership should be closing.

“Beibei’s saliva can make you full?” Cheng Mengying looked at Xiao Chen’s relishing appearance and felt like he needed a beating.

Facing the young lady’s question, Xiao Chen could only respond with innocence. In reality, although this kind of way of eating was a bit romantic, Xiao Chen didn’t have too many ideas with regards to Jin Beibei. After all, Jin Beibei’s former deeds really had a strong impact in the hearts of people.

Xiao Chen was a fake dandy, not a real dandy, so it was naturally impossible for him to go provoking Jin Beibei for no reason. But after going through these several times of interaction, he felt that Jin Beibei’s disposition was good, not at all as frightening as people said.

After changing his clothes, Xiao Chen left the villa with Cheng Mengying and Jin Beibei. They sat in Jin Beibei’s Beetle with Xiao Chen crammed in the back. With his height, he could ‘Bone-Shrinking God Art’.

On the road, Cheng Mengying was discussing what kind of car she should buy with Jin Beibei.

“Cousin Mengying, I think that we should buy a sports car, it’s very cool and dazzling!” Jin Beibei always drooled for a sports car, but was helpless. Although Old Master Jin treasured her, when all was said and done, Jin Clan had no business, so Jin Beibei’s pocket money wasn’t much.

“Can a sports car sit down three people? Do you want to be crammed into the back row in the future?” Cheng Mengying asked.

“Oh, right, there’s brother-in-law.” Only then did Jin Beibei remember that Xiao Chen was sitting in the back. She had chosen a car in accordance to her past ideas, but now there was an extra person.

“He’s the driver.” Cheng Mengying corrected her.

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“How about we buy a Porsche Panamera, it’s also a sports car and has four seats.” Jin Beibei suggested.

“That’s also all right.” After Cheng Mengying heard the latter words, her complexion became a little better. She worried about Xiao Chen in her heart. In her opinion, the person who came to assassinate Xiao Chen the other day, was most likely dispatched from Cheng Clan. At that time when Xiao Chen drives and she’s sitting inside the car, it would be impossible for Cheng Clan to use force. But these words were no good to say to Jin Beibei. If she said these words, it would seem that she really cared about Xiao Chen. Even though Jin Beibei called ‘brother-in-law’ all day long, she didn’t think Jin Beibei really took it seriously.

Jin Beibei stopped her Beetle in front of the door of the Porsche car dealership and the three people got out together. To be honest, a Beetle was very unremarkable over here, so the three people didn’t draw any attention all the way until they went inside the store. There, the store manager’s sharp eyes saw Xiao Chen.

“Young master Xiao, you’ve come!” He didn’t know about the matter of Xiao Chen being driven out of the clan. Xiao Chen had a Porsche 911 that was bought over here and also came to frequently do maintenance, so the store manager was very familiar with him.

Matters that happen on the aristocratic clan level were very difficult for people on the secular circles to get first-hand information on. He still thought that Xiao Chen was Xiao Clan’s young master and was leading two beautiful women over to buy a car.

Xiao Chen was somewhat embarrassed, but after thinking for a moment, he said: “Hehe, hello, Manager Wang, I’ve come to buy a car. Is there any discount?”

Store manager Wang was dazed for a moment. In his opinion, Xiao Chen wasn’t someone lacking money. His Porsche’s remodelling expense already surpassed other cars’ prices, why would he want a discount?

However, store manager Wang seemed to immediately guess the general idea. Generally, these young masters would pretend in front of beautiful women in several forms, either spending money like it was water, or showing off how huge their social relations were; wherever they went, people would show deference.

From what store manager Wang could see, Xiao Chen could be considered the latter today. That is, making the beautiful women feel that his connections were very wide, and that he would be respected wherever he went. Thinking up to here, store manager Wang promptly replied: “Yes, since young master Xiao has opened his mouth, how about giving you a 20% discount?”

To speak the truth, 20% was already a lot; it was the highest discount that a store manager could give.

Xiao Chen was merely speaking thoughtlessly, he didn’t think that there would truly be a small advantage. This could be considered an unexpected happiness!

“In that case, many thanks store manager Wang, but it’s not me buying a car today, it’s my……goddess buying a car.” Xiao Chen didn’t know how he should address Cheng Mengying. Mistress would be a little stupid, so Xiao Chen suddenly remembered that Tian Lao called her ‘goddess’.

“Ah? Ha, I understand……” Store manager Wang didn’t think that it wouldn’t be Xiao Chen buying. Before, he placed his attention on Xiao Chen and thought that the females behind him were female companions he casually looked for. However, now that he carefully looked, he realized it simply wasn’t like this. Wasn’t this Cheng Clan’s Cheng Mengying and Jin Clan’s Jin Beibei?

Store manager Wang had materials regarding Songning City’s princesses and young masters. The purpose was to not offend these people, after all, these people were his potential customers. Therefore, when he clearly saw the identities of these two beauties, he was immediately frightened: “So it was Miss Cheng and Miss Jin, failed to respect, failed to respect! What kind of car do you3 two want to buy?”

“That Panamera.” Jin Beibei pointed towards a not-so-far away place’s stand car: “Nouveau riche Jin Beibei style happens to need something to show off my status.”

“Eh……” Store manager Wang almost couldn’t help but utter a laugh. Nouveau riche Jin Beibei? But he didn’t dare laugh, on the contrary he was feeling awkward at the moment: “Miss Jin, this car has been ordered by someone else and already paid for. If you want, I can schedule one again and as for the price, I can apply a bit more discount……”

Actually, if it was just an ordinary person buying the car, store manager Wang would immediately pass it over to Jin Beibei. At worst, he would give the genuine customer a little discount, but this car was scheduled in advance by a great person, someone store manager Wang couldn’t offend!

Jin Beibei was just about to ask if they could discuss it over because she wanted the car now, but then she heard a familiar voice sound out from behind her……

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  1. TLN: In terms of eating. 
  2. TLN: Any of you ever had that friend who was a glutton? I was that guy in my circle of friends. 
  3. TLN: He calls them ‘you’ in polite speech. 

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