Chapter 73 – New Ability, Illusion!

“Before, I didn’t have strength and it would be too late to hide when I came across something. But now, perhaps if I ran into those two Martialists from the first time, I would be able to kill them?” Xiao Chen said with self-confidence.

“If it’s one versus one, definitely. If it’s two versus you, you’ll definitely die.” Tian Lao’s words was like a bucket of cold water.

“****, then what superiority does a Truth Cultivator have!” Xiao Chen rolled his eyes.

“There are superiorities in other aspects. For example, you can anticipate the enemy in advance. If the opposite party wants to punch, you can catch this information the instant that his arms lift up, then deal with it.” Tian Lao said: “If this happens, then you imperceptibly hold the upper hand. Third Layer Qi-Training, your eyes and ears become more sensitive and your perception becomes more formidable. Even if you don’t deliberately focus, you will still be well aware of your opponent’s every movement. Of course, if someone appears with that formidable perception you felt from your breakthrough, it will be impossible.”

“Oh? Since it’s like this, even if I confront a Fourth Layer Inner Strength Martialist, I can anticipate his moves? Even if I can’t defeat him, I will have the ability to defend myself?” Xiao Chen asked: “But, when I was Second Layer Qi-Training, I didn’t have this advantage?”

“Second Layer Qi-Training did have it, but it wasn’t so obvious. The most essential thing is the degree of your body’s flexibility. Haven’t you felt that the current you already has that kind of ‘being reborn’ feeling?” Tian Lao replied: “Regarding a Truth Cultivator, Second Layer Qi-Training and Third Layer Qi-Training is a dividing line. It can be said that only people with a bit of spirit roots can cultivate, but if one wants to advance from Second Layer Qi-Training to Third Layer Qi-Training, it won’t be so easy. At least the majority of the people would be eliminated. Even if these people drank ‘Rebirth Medicinal Liquid’, it would still be impossible for them to break through to Third Layer!”

“So turns out that it was like this!” Xiao Chen nodded. Indeed, his current body had a ‘lithe as a swallow’ type of feeling. Compared to before, he was much more agile. Xiao Chen brandished several fists and kicks, then a dumbstruck expression immediately appeared on his face!

What he attempted was a Martialist boxing technique and kicking technique, but he previously couldn’t even complete the set of movements. Yet right now he had easily accomplished it and made it seem like he casually punched and kicked out several times! Even if it was a Seventh Layer of Eighth Layer Inner Strength Martialist, they wouldn’t be able to accomplish it. There was a considerably complex and strict requirement on the body’s coordination and flexibility. Xiao Chen didn’t think that his body’s coordination and flexibility passed the height that made him surprised.

“The present you, after anticipating an enemy’s move, can send a command to your body in a split-second and accomplish some inconceivably problematic movements to evade the attack. But when you were Second Layer Qi-Training, that was out of question. Even if you could anticipate it, you wouldn’t be able to dodge it.” Tian Lao explained.

“So it was like this……right, didn’t you say that there’s an extra special ability every time a Truth Cultivator advances a layer? In that case, what special ability does Third Layer Qi-Training have?” Xiao Chen was very expectant towards this.

“Who told you there’s a special ability every layer? But Third Layer Qi-Training indeed has one. I’ve already transmitted all of these abilities into your mind, check it yourself and you’ll know.” Tian Lao replied.

“That’s right……” Xiao Chen promptly found Tian Lao’s special abilities explanation in his mind, then found Third Layer Qi-Training. “Illusion”, this word was reflected into Xiao Chen’s eyes, but what was this ‘Illusion’?

“Tian Lao, what’s the use of this ‘Illusion’?”

“The thing called ‘Illusion’ is actually a person misperceive things. It’s similar to magic or mirage!” Tian Lao answered: “This is commonly used in a fight. Not all Truth Cultivators have this ‘Illusion’ ability. It is because you cultivate ‘Seizing Good Fortune War Mantra’ that you can have this ability! This ability is also very fierce. For example, while you and another are fighting, you can make a fist illusion while in reality you are kicking. Thus, if the opposite party is confused by you, then your goal has prevailed.”

“Holy ****, so amazing!” Xiao Chen was immediately awed after he heard this: “Then even if I run into an opponent with greater strength in the future, I can use ‘Illusion’, and as long as he’s fooled, I can sneak attack him?”

“That’s impossible. Illusion can only influence people with strength equivalent to yours. If they’re slightly stronger, it’s possible to succeed. However, if they’re too strong, there’s basically no use.” Tian Lao returned: “Moreover, the period of influence won’t be too long. Based on the opposite party’s strength, it could be several dozens of seconds or just a several seconds. The amount of physical strength and True Qi is also a lot, you wouldn’t be thinking of using all your strength to maintain the illusion, right?”

“That’s true……” Xiao Chen immediately felt disappointed after hearing this: “Since it’s like this, then isn’t this thing and the mind influence ability about the same? There’s nothing special about it.”

“That’s very different!” Tian Lao explained: “Mind influence is classified as a passive effect and you can only affect one person at a time. But for Illusion, you can actually take the initiative to affect. Moreover, the illusions you make will affect however many people there are present. Both abilities aren’t of the same concept.”

“So it’s like this.” Xiao Chen nodded: “But appears to give off the feeling of being somewhat weak. If the other person involved is too strong, it would be useless even if I used it. If the other person involved is too strong, I have no need to use it.”

“You are merely Third Layer Qi-Training, what good ability do you think you can have? Don’t bite off more than you can chew, being able to have your current accomplishments is already pretty good. You should think about these things when you become a stronger Truth Cultivator!” Tian Lao actually felt that the abilities from the early Qi-Training stages wasn’t very useful. The reason he tossed out these baits was to urge Xiao Chen to cultivate.

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“I will try harder to strive for entering Fourth Layer Qi-Training sooner.” After Xiao Chen heard Tian Lao’s words, he was somewhat excited. Third Layer Qi-Training’s ability, although there wasn’t too big of a use in a fight, with regards to an ordinary person, then it was already very amazing. Of course, he was very expectant to abilities from Fourth Layer onwards, whether or not it would be even more awesome.

“If you want to achieve Fourth Layer, it won’t be so easy. In this place with thin Spiritual Qi of Heaven and Earth, you have to spiritual medicines to support you.” Tian Lao reminded: “I can give you a new assisting formula, or you can still boil the current one and take it every three days! Of course, the concrete amount of how many assisting medicines are needed, I cannot say for sure. Your situation is quite unusual, when you break through is when we figure it out!”

“Uh, we still need to buy medicine?” Xiao Chen’s excitement instantly cooled down. He originally thought that he was a genius, being able to handle it with two assisting medicines and not needing to worry about the problem of money anymore. However, he didn’t expect that this was just the beginning! Although he didn’t need to use the previous medicine anymore, it actually changed to another medicine!

“No kidding, cultivation is the road of defying heaven. If one could just sit there and cultivate, then this world would have become a Truth Cultivator’s world a long time ago.” Tian Lao ‘hmph’-ed.

Xiao Chen blushed with shame. He also thought that his way of thinking was too simple. Right, if Truth Cultivating was so easy, then would it be so awesome?

However, after Xiao Chen took a look at Tian Lao’s prescription, he nearly fainted! Xiao Chen didn’t know the worth of the others, but he did know the worth of the two Bitter Relief Fruits. This made Xiao Chen want to cry, but had no tears!

The value of one of this thing was quite considerable, wasn’t two wanting his life? Xiao Chen couldn’t count of that ********’s grandfather to give him a discount and such. That just wasn’t realistic. He and them were neither relative nor friend, these two auxiliary medicines was already considered helping him a lot.

Right now, Xiao Chen could only place his hopes on tomorrow’s simulation exam. However, even if he became the number one of the year and received the 10,000 RMB scholarship reward, there was still a very big vacancy.

How much money did this assisting medicine cost? Xiao Chen also didn’t know. Thinking up to here, Xiao Chen decided to go inquire about the market price to set up a goal and raise money.

Xiao Chen wore some nice *** clothes and gotta da **** outta da villa. After he wenta thru da door, he happened to see Ye Xiaoye at da flowabed watering plantos. Ye Xiaoye also lookhed up at Xiao Chen, giving hima dat oddo look. After uno moment of hesitations, she askedo: “What drugos r u brewing everidays?”1

“Medicine to strengthen one’s body and health, what’s wrong?” Xiao Chen asked.

“Strengthening your body and health? It doesn’t like you have any ailments, what illness do you have?” Ye Xiaoye thought that Xiao Chen was half-heartedly answering her.

“My body has an issue. Since childhood, I couldn’t cultivate Inner Strength. My father gave me a prescription to make me regularly decoct a medicinal soup to drink, perhaps I would possibly be able to cultivate Inner Strength and become a Martialist!” Xiao Chen said: “This isn’t any secret, if you aren’t a person from Songning City, you can casually inquire about Xiao Clan’s good-for-nothing young master’s reputation.”

“Ah?” When Ye Xiaoye heard Xiao Chen speak like this, she felt that she had a bit of a vile person’s heart in a noble person’s abdomen2. It seemed like Xiao Chen was quite well-known, otherwise once she asked around, she would know whether it was true or false, and Xiao Chen didn’t need to take a lie: “Then is there any effect?”

“For the time being, there isn’t.” Xiao Chen shook his head. Actually, Xiao Chen didn’t deceive Ye Xiaoye. He indeed didn’t cultivate any Inner Strength, but he did cultivate True Qi.

“Oh……” Ye Xiaoye hesitated for a moment. It seemed like she had something to say, but she didn’t say anything. She lowered her head and continued on watering, no longer paying attention to Xiao Chen.

Since Ye Xiaoye didn’t call on him to speak, Xiao Chen naturally didn’t take the initiative to look for Ye Xiaoye. In Xiao Chen’s opinion, Ye Xiaoye was quite eccentric. Since she had Bitter Relief Fruit, she clearly knew about it. As such, her probability of discovering his secret would imperceptibly rise by a lot. Xiao Chen couldn’t let her discover anything.

Quickly fast-walking to that ********, Xiao Chen pushed open the door to go in after arriving.

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“Huh? It’s you again!” Hong Yan didn’t expect that Xiao Chen would come again. Did he come to buy that strange medicine again? However, even though she was curious, she didn’t ask about it and instead said: “Wait a minute, I’ll go call for grandpa.”

“I’ve troubled you!” Xiao Chen politely nodded. After all, this ********’s grandchild and grandfather duo was pretty good to him.

“Young man, you came to buy medicine again? However, we’ve reached an agreement on 20,000 RMB!” The old gentleman walked out from the rear, looked at Xiao Chen, and said.


  1. TLN: Sorry, it was one of those things I had to do. Here’s the real text: Xiao Chen wore some nice clothes and left the villa. When he went through the door, he happened to see Ye Xiaoye at the flowerbed watering plants. Ye Xiaoye also saw Xiao Chen, and after giving him a weird look, she hesitated and asked: “What medicine are you boiling every day?” 
  2. TLN: It means that she felt that she had a noble character, but also a bit black-bellied. 

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