Chapter 52 – Bookworm Xiao Chen

“Young Master Qun, this……” Lang Guicheng was somewhat bewildered. Didn’t Yue Shaoqun want to teach Xiao Chen a lesson? How come he was speaking politely? Could it be that he wanted to use other methods to trap Xiao Chen? For example, making Xiao Chen mistakenly believe that Yue Shaoqun wanted to treat, causing him to order some luxurious dishes, then finally making Xiao Chen pay the bill?

But hadn’t this move already been used by Lou Zhenming and failed?

Yue Shaoqun waved his hand and stopped Lang Guicheng from speaking any further. Then, he said to Xiao Chen: “Fellow student, what do you think?”

“Yue Shaoqun, it can’t be seen that you are quite nostalgic. Used to sitting at this table? Then are you nostalgic about your fiancée?” Tang Tang had seen what had happened here from afar. She hurriedly ran over and directly turned to Yue Shaoqun, flaming him.

Yue Shaoqun was stunned for a moment. He turned his head and caught sight of Tang Tang leisurely sitting across from Xiao Chen. His face couldn’t help but slightly change, but it very quickly returned to normal. His original gloomy face instantly became a huge smile and he said: “Congratulations to you Tang Tang, you’ve found your new happiness! The matter between us is old and yellowed history, it’s best not to mention it.”

Yue Shaoqun gently and skillfully avoided Tang Tang’s ‘nostalgia’ question, instead taking this opportunity to thoroughly indicate his attitude. In other words, this was equal to him personally catching Tang Tang cheating and giving him a ‘green hat’1, so him breaking up with Tang Tang was completely reasonable. In addition, after this, Tang Tang also couldn’t be entangled with Yue Shaoqun anymore. After all, this was an issue related to an aristocratic family’s face.

Tang Tang naturally could understand Yue Shaoqun’s meaning and coldly smiled: “Yes ah, Xiao Chen is my boyfriend and is very good to me. You congratulate me, but won’t treat me to a meal?”

“Treat, of course I’ll treat. Just now, I said that this meal would be paid by me. Whatever you want to eat, order!” Yue Shaoqun faintly smiled and said.

“Xiao Chen, let’s order some lobster and abalone again, then pack it for later!” Tang Tang took the menu and said without a trace of politeness.

Yue Shaoqun gave out an indifferent laugh. This bit of money was only a drop in the ocean to him. Taking advantage of today’s opportunity, he could thoroughly break off relations with Tang Tang, making him very happy! Actually, for these past two years, Yue Shaoqun had been trying to find out information he could use against Tang Tang the entire time. However, Tang Tang simply didn’t give him this chance and wasn’t too intimate with any male students.

Yue Shaoqun had originally pinned his hopes on Deng Xiaokun previously, but Tang Tang hadn’t given Deng Xiaokun an opportunity the whole time. This made Yue Shaoqun awfully disappointed, but who would have expected that Tang Tang was unexpectedly intimate with a country bumpkin that came down from his village?

It was very hard for Yue Shaoqun to understand Tang Tang’s tastes. Even if she had grown up into a pig, wasn’t she still a former aristocratic family daughter? In that case, what was this vision? But this had no relations with him. Whoever Tang Tang found didn’t matter, as long as his goal had been achieved.

Hearing that the opposite party was Yue Shaoqun, Xiao Chen absolutely wasn’t courteous. He directly called over the server and ordered a big pile of lobster, abalone, sea cucumber, and king crab. In any case, if they couldn’t finish it, they could pack it to go. Having a rich guy to treat, if it wasn’t free, then they wouldn’t eat!

It was so much that Xiao Chen had even bought the Young Lady’s dinner. Recently, the Young Lady didn’t have anything to eat in the mornings. Besides instant noodles, it was instant noodles. This made Xiao Chen feel a bit embarrassed at heart.

After hearing that Xiao Chen wanted to bring some for dinner, Tang Tang let out a small sigh.

It seemed that in Xiao Chen’s heart, Cheng Mengying was his goddess, something irreplaceable! Even though he had fallen to being Cheng Mengying’s servant, he still thought of pleasing her. Tang Tang truly didn’t know what to say.

While waiting for Tang Tang and Xiao Chen to pack it into a parcel and leave the cafeteria, Yue Shaoqun threw a card to the server without any trouble and made her go settle the bill. This bit of money was a small token regarding Yue Shaoqun. He was Yue Family’s eldest son and eldest grandson, as well as the sole descendant from the first wife. Having this status, the entire Yue Family’s wealth could be withdrawn and used.

“Young Master Qun, why didn’t you teach that Xiao Chen a lesson? How come you treated him to a great feast?” Lang Guicheng questioned confusedly.

“This reason is very bad. At most, it could only make him change tables and consider it as done. If it were pursued without reason, then it wouldn’t be my style.” Yue Shaoqun lightly said: “Moreover, I can take opportunity of this affair to break off relations with Tang Tang, finally completely cutting it off.”

“So it was actually like this! Young Master Qun is a gentleman, not haggling it over with them. If it was changed to Lou Zhenming, he would directly go and grab a stool.” Lang Guicheng was Yue Shaoqun’s attendant since middle school. He was fully aware of Yue Shaoqun’s hypocritical nature, but didn’t dare say anything about it and only spoke praises.

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Yue Shaoqun faintly smiled and didn’t mind it. He was mulling in his heart, ‘After today’s matter, I can’t brazenly teach Xiao Chen a lesson, otherwise when other people see it, they would think I am feeling jealous because of Tang Tang. This wouldn’t be my true intention.’

Yue Shaoqun didn’t expect that there would be such a sudden occurrence this noon. This made him have a headache. There was gain, but there was also loss.

“Was that hypocrite just now Yue Buqun?” Xiao Chen carried a large amount of food and spoke happily. He hadn’t even spent a cent for lunch, yet still returned with a huge pile of food.

“He’s called Yue Shaoqun, not Yue Buqun.” Tang Tang glared at Xiao Chen: “Do you know him?”

“I’ve heard of him, but I’m not familiar with him; I haven’t had any previous dealings with him. If not for his name sounding like Yue Buqun, I wouldn’t be able to remember what he’s called.” Xiao Chen replied.

“I reckon that today’s affair will be spread out by Yue Shaoqun very soon. He doesn’t know who you are, but your Xiao Family and Cheng Family know.” Tang Tang muttered to herself, then said apologetically: “Me calling you my boyfriend was just a momentary impulse, but will probably bring you some trouble.”

“What trouble? I’ll be mingling with you everyday and will be unable to avoid trouble. This is just a small issue.” Xiao Chen paid no mind to it. In his opinion, if he showed intimacy with Tang Tang, Cheng Family people would feel relieved. They would feel that he and Cheng Mengying wouldn’t become more intimate as time passed as a result of being together.

“It could be me thinking too much. We are the abandoned children of our families, so supposing that even if they know, they would just treat it as listening to a joke.” Seeing that Xiao Chen was at ease, Tang Tang didn’t bother being puzzled by these matters.

When Cheng Mengying and Jin Beibei were leaving the cafeteria, Cheng Mengying happened to see Xiao Chen and Tang Tang merrily walking ahead of them with a large package and immediately fumed in anger! She wanted to throw the small lunchbox in her hand away!

Wanting to anger me to death! It was your fortune that this Young Lady felt that you were pitiful for eating instant noodles and steamed buns every day, thus packing up two dishes to prepare to let you eat in the evening. But you actually went with Tang Tang and pigged out and returned with so much? Is this the money that was made from selling breakfast this morning?

“It seems like brother-in-law has already eaten, oh!” Jin Beibei said.

“Of course the package I have for dinner isn’t to his degree! This Young Lady hasn’t eaten meat for several days and can eat a lot!” Cheng Mengying thought about it and didn’t throw away her package in the end. After all, this was the stuff that she was going to eat in the evening.

Returning to the classroom, Deng Xiaokun also happened to return back to the classroom from home. Seeing Xiao Chen and Tang Tang carrying several lunchboxes into the classroom, he was immediately dumbfounded.

“I say……it can’t be that some person treated you today, right? What did I miss?” In Deng Xiaokun’s understanding, Tang Tang was a miserly person and Xiao Chen was a poor devil. Could these two people spend money for a feast? It was definitely impossible, so the only conclusion was that someone had treated.

“There was this mental case named Yue Shaoqun who treated, so we called for a little more.” Xiao Chen gave a lunchbox to Deng Xiaokun, saying: “Here’s a little. We’ll eat the remaining before evening classes.”

“Yue Shaoqun? He treated you guys to a meal?” Deng Xiaokun took the lunchbox and his face slightly changed. He didn’t have the previous excitement when looking at the food, rather, he turned to look at Tang Tang: “Yue Shaoqun……did he find trouble with you?”

“It’s nothing. He just congratulated me on finding a new boyfriend, consequently treating me to a feast.” Tang Tang lightly explained.

“New boyfriend? When did you……get a boyfriend?” Deng Xiaokun’s face stagnated, becoming a bit unnatural.

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“It’s Xiao Chen. Yue Shaoqun misunderstood on his own and I didn’t explain.” Tang Tang waved her hand: “He was merely taking advantage of this matter to cleanly break off our relationship. It doesn’t matter, I know that he’s been waiting very long for this opportunity. He just happened to run across me and Xiao Chen together today.”

“So it’s like this!” Deng Xiaokun immediately let out a sigh of relief and nodded, saying: “But this is a good deed, Yue Shaoqun, that guy, is a hypocrite. Seeing him makes me angry……right, does Xiao Chen know about the relations between you two?”

“He knows, I told him.” Tang Tang nodded, but actually didn’t say much. Deng Xiaokun didn’t know whether or not Xiao Chen knew Tang Tang’s previous matter.

Since it was Yue Shaoqun who spent the money, Deng Xiaokun wasn’t polite and grabbed two lobsters to eat. On the other hand, Xiao Chen continued to study. He wanted to finish the final few chapters in first year algebra and started to work on the exercises right away. As expected, Xiao Chen discovered that the way to solve these exercises all popped up in his head, making it smooth and easy!

Some topics were indeed beyond the scope of the chapter and surpassed the knowledge belonging to the chapter, but Xiao Chen had already completely looked over the first year algebra textbook. So, as long as it was an algebra topic from the first year, Xiao Chen could relaxedly solve it!

During the afternoon period, Tang Tang watched Xiao Chen’s pen flying on top of the exercises as if he were drawing a painting; his speed was faster than a celebrity signing sold books. Xiao Chen worked continuously and before evening classes started, he finished and threw away the oily pen in his hands, then put down the exercise book!

“Were you solving problems or doodling?” It was very hard for Tang Tang to understand; how could it be possible for Xiao Chen to only spend one afternoon to finish an entire exercise book from start to finish?

“Naturally, I was solving problems. It’s just that I haven’t checked whether or not they’re right or wrong.” Although Xiao Chen felt that he shouldn’t have made a mistake, it was still better to check over the answers once.

“I’ll help you look over it.” Tang Tang honestly didn’t believe that Xiao Chen had the ability to self-study all of first year algebra in a day and even finish the exercise book! If this was fine, then those bookworms should just drop dead.

“Great.” Xiao Chen happened to want to take a breather. Returning to reality from the sea of topics, Xiao Chen had this feeling of being from a lifetime ago. For the previous him, wasn’t it absolutely impossible to earn money in this style? But the current Xiao Chen was truly at the end of his rope.

Tang Tang took Xiao Chen’s exercise book and started comparing it with the answer key. Xiao Chen took out the feast that was packed from lunchtime and arranged them one after another. As he was doing that, Deng Xiaokun happened to come back from buying a drink.


  1. TLN: You should’ve seen this in other translated Chinese web novels before. A ‘green hat’ means that the person wearing it got cucked(cuckolded). 

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