Chapter 19 – This Young Lady Deducts Your Salary

“Whatever I do is up to me! This villa is rented for 5 people and this young lady paid for four-fifths of the rent! You only get one-fifth of this flower garden, so do as you see fit with it!” Young Lady Cheng said with arrogance, then didn’t pay attention to Ye Xiaoye’s turning green face and instead pointed at the luggage inside the car, telling Xiao Chen: “Xiao Chen, carry my luggage upstairs! I also want to live upstairs!”

After Ye Xiaoye heard Cheng Mengying’s words, she got very angry and thought: ‘Since you paid four-fifths of the rent then obviously the remaining four rooms are yours, but there are two rooms downstairs so why would you live upstairs? You want to make my life difficult?’

But who made this little girl a nouveau riche? Ye Xiaoye could only get angry and snorted, then continued squatting in front of the flower garden playing with the flowers! Of course the area of the flower garden wasn’t small and Ye Xiaoye’s area occupied one-fifth, but the only thing was….she was bitter ah!

Xiao Chen did have the consciousness as a servant and was disinclined to bother with the excuse of the young lady. Since they helped him transfer and gave him a place to live, the matter that was simply something in Xiao Chen’s dreams, he picked up the luggage and just followed Young Lady Cheng upstairs.

Cheng Mengying actually wasn’t an unruly overbearing person, but this Ye Xiaoye pissed her off. ‘If she had spoken to this Young Lady in a more friendly manner, Young Lady wouldn’t care about what happens to this flower garden. But this Ye Xiaoye’s indifferent attitude made Young Lady upset, so naturally this Young Lady will maim her.’

Cheng Zhongming was sitting in the car and could only bitterly smile. He originally thought that finding a female tenant to live with Cheng Mengying would make her would be very happy since she usually had a playmate. However, what he didn’t think of was that they would have a quarrel after arriving at the villa, so what should be done afterwards?

But Cheng Zhongming also had no method. Just as he was about to lock the car to go upstairs, he heard Ye Xiaoye say to him: “Driver, drive the car to the villa’s garage. This isn’t a parking place, don’t disturb my one-fifth!”

“….” Cheng Zhongming was suddenly speechless: ‘I’m a driver?!’ But Cheng Zhongming didn’t haggle over this, only telling Ye Xiaoye: “I’m not going to live here, so I’ll be immediately be leaving.”

“Oh….” Ye Xiaoye nodded, no longer bothered with him and continued on taking care of the yard full of plants and flowers.

Cheng Mengying chose the right-most room in the villa’s upstairs. This room was separated by one room from Ye Xiaoye’s room. Although Young Lady Cheng was annoyed with Ye Xiaoye, she didn’t want to live next door to Ye Xiaoye, as she herself was still angry!

Xiao Chen placed the luggage in Cheng Mengying’s room, ready to go downstairs to find his own room, but didn’t think he would actually be stopped by Cheng Mengying: “You…stop for a bit!”

“What’s the problem?” Xiao Chen turned his head and looked at Cheng Mengying. He had to admit, Cheng Mengying fragrant perspiration dripping appearance at this moment is very attractive. With this kind of fiancee, it would be the greatest pleasure in one’s life, but at this moment she didn’t belong to him, thus Xiao Chen immediately looked away.

He didn’t want to be beaten half dead for looking at a woman. (TLN: I don’t know how to translate this line, so I tried to put something close to it’s meaning [?])

“Xiao Chen, we need to set down some future ground rules!” Cheng Mengying felt that when living with Xiao Chen….ah no, it’s renting together, some things should be made clear.

“Ah, say it.” Xiao Chen stopped in his footsteps. Right now, Xiao Chen is a person who had to bow his head. Since he is living in this Young Lady’s house, when Young Lady says something then it will be that something, so Xiao Chen didn’t mind it too much.

“Since you’re a servant, there is no salary!” The Young Lady’s first few words stunned him!

“No salary? It can’t be, right?” Xiao Chen was stunned. He ran along with Young Lady Cheng’s antics in order to get some money! One should know that he doesn’t even have living expenses right now ah, and he didn’t even know how long yesterday’s envelope could last.

“Can you pay the rent for living here? Therefore, your salary is used to repay your debt!” Young Lady Cheng saw Xiao Chen’s stunned appearance and said these words proudly! In Cheng Mengying’s head: ‘Hum, previously didn’t you ignore this young lady? Now that this young lady is your Queen, whatever I think how it will be is how it will be, do you dare argue?’

“Ah….” Xiao Chen thought it was reasonable. Indeed, they gave him a home and also helped him transfer. Thus, this little bit of exploitation has already been exploited. In fact, to tell the truth, Xiao Chen didn’t have a big demand for money. Previously, him spending his money lavishly and recklessly was nothing but to deceive the public that he was a black sheep: “Anything else?”

Xiao Chen’s attitude made Young Lady Cheng’s mood worse: ‘Why aren’t you mad? Why aren’t you angry? If you get angry become mad this young lady will be able to vent, but this Xiao Chen’s not salty not watery attitude makes this Young Lady Cheng feel like I’m hitting cotton!’

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“Your tuition, meals not included, money are all temporarily in your account. I will reward you tips regularly, so you should use these tips to pay off your debt!” Cheng Mengying got so angry, that she outright eliminated food from Eldest Young Master Xiao’s treatment!

Where would a servant have the money to spend on food? Although housing was accounted for, eating food required money, this scam was even worse than ancient times ah!

“Oh….anything else?” Xiao Chen nodded. Keeping an account, in any case, didn’t matter as long as he didn’t need to quickly pay his debts.

“There’s currently nothing, let me think so that I can say them!” Young Lady Cheng was maddened senseless by Young Master Xiao, in her heart: ‘How come this guy hasn’t pushed into a corner in his mind?’

“Then I’ll go downstairs.” Xiao Chen nodded and went downstairs.

Young Lady Cheng watched Xiao Chen’s back as he was leaving, then grit her teeth. The more Xiao Chen was indifferent, the more it made her angry! Cheng Mengying angrily stamped her foot and wasn’t in the mood to organize her clothes, so she asked Cheng Zhongming who had just gone upstairs: “Dad, when do we go to school?”

“Aren’t you going to organize your luggage? You’re suppose to go tomorrow morning, but if you guys want to go today, it’s also okay.” Cheng Zhongming looked at Cheng Mengying’s flushed complexion and felt that it was a little strange. ‘What happened to my daughter? It seems like she’s angry, could it be Xiao Chen?’

“Make Xiao Chen do it when he comes back!” Young Lady Cheng had thought of a way to punish Xiao Chen! ‘Hum, inside this young lady’s luggage, there’s but some personal clothing! If you don’t finish organizing, I’ll just deduct your salary, and if you finish organizing, I’ll just say that you’re playing rascal and deduct your salary anyway!’ (TLN: Playing rascal for wanting to touch many of her clothes[?])

Thinking up to here, Young Lady Cheng’s mood lightened up a bit.

Cheng Zhongming wanted to say: ‘We and Xiao Chen are just observing a formality, so he really isn’t a servant.’ However, when the words reached his lips, Cheng Zhongming swallowed them back down. Evidently, his daughter and Xiao Chen don’t seem to get along, so if he had said that, it would have made the contradiction even worse.

Xiao Chen didn’t have too many clothes, but even though there weren’t many sets, each set of clothes were expensive high-end products. Even though he was transferring schools and starting over, he was no longer Young Master Xiao, thus being lower key is better.

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