Chapter 32 – Temptation

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“You you you you….!!” Cheng Mengying became angry and wanted to kick Xiao Chen: “I don’t care! You’re this Young Lady’s servant, so think up a solution!”

“I’m not Doraemon….” Xiao Chen became somewhat silent: “How about we go out for a walk?”

“Let’s go!” Cheng Mengying also didn’t have a solution. When she couldn’t walk anymore, couldn’t she just make Xiao Chen to carry herself?

Thus, the two walked out of the villa area. Although the villa area had street lights, they were very dim. Cheng Mengying didn’t want to walk so closely with Xiao Chen, but she was a bit scared. After just separating, she couldn’t help but get closer to Xiao Chen….

Cheng Mengying’s heart was jumping, accelerating a bit. Today was her first time walking together with a boy during the evening. Moreover, this boy was her former fiance! Saying that Cheng Mengying wasn’t nervous was impossible.

‘He’s my servant now! A servant is nothing, where I go, he also has to go.’ Cheng Mengying comforted herself in her heart.

It was just that halfway, Young Lady Cheng somewhat could not bear it anymore. At noon, she didn’t eat too much in order to go watch the strange matter between Xiao Chen and Lou Zhenming. At night, she was tense and frightened as she stood in the gym for a long time and subsequently she went back home to the villa cold and hungry. When had Young Lady Cheng ever gone through this before?

She wasn’t a Martialist. Walking two kilometers made her really tired so she pointing at a bench at the side of the road and said: “Dying, tired to death, this Young Lady needs a break. Xiao Chen, wipe it for me!”

“Oh….” Xiao Chen bitterly smiled and conveniently took out a pack of napkins, simply wiping the bench.
The Young Lady was obviously very tired. When sitting down on the bench, she comfortably groaned and did not want to leave. However, when Xiao Chen heard the young lady’s languid groan, his lower body had a shameful reaction. The frightened Xiao Chen quickly sat next to the Young Lady, not daring to let the Young Lady see any flaws. If he did, it would be a bit disgraceful ah!

Although Xiao Chen seemed like a person who bullied men and stole their women in First High, he was, in fact, still a young virgin!

A gust of the night wind blew by and the Young Lady’s nice-smelling fragrance blew onto Xiao Chen’s face. Xiao Chen could not help but take a deep breath and heart started jumping, slightly accelerating….
Xiao Chen quickly changed his focus to the night sky lights, not daring to pay attention to the young lady again.
The villa area’s night was tranquil and silent. Most of the villas already had their lights off. Only a handful of villas in the distance still had their lights on. Looking at all that was present, Xiao Chen had the feeling of being one of the previous generation.

Being driven out of Xiao Family, becoming a cultivator of true virtue, then becoming the young lady’s servant. All of this felt so long, but in reality, it was only two days.

He originally believed that transferring to another school and being low-key while slowly cultivating and investigating the manipulator behind-the-scenes would be an easy matter. Only, he didn’t think that on the first day of the transfer, he would become enemies with a junior of the Lou Family!

However, Xiao Chen was not afraid of getting into trouble. In Tian Lao’s words, ‘Why would a Truth Cultivator be afraid of others? It was others fearing a Truth Cultivator!’

Unconsciously, Xiao Chen suddenly heard an even snoring sound near his ear. Turning his head, he found that Young Lady Cheng had fallen asleep!

The Young Lady was lying down on the roadside bench, sleeping.

On Cheng Mengying’s delicate face were two dimples from the tranquil smiling face, causing Xiao Chen to be spellbound upon seeing it.

This was Xiao Chen’s first close contact with the Young Lady. He suddenly discovered that the young lady was really beautiful and lovable. The previous him had his eyes on Lin Ke’er and Shen Jingxuan, so he had ignored the Young Lady.

Of course, this was just Xiao Chen’s survival strategy. But Xiao Chen’s heart, at this moment, really moved a bit.
Taking off his school uniform shirt, he covered the Young Lady’s body with it. The night air was cool, so Xiao Chen was afraid that the Young Lady would catch a cold. He was indifferent about it because ever since he had become a Truth Cultivator of First Layer Qi Training, Xiao Chen found that his physique was obviously better than before by manifolds….

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In fact, Xiao Chen wanted to hug the Young Lady. But thinking about it, she no longer was his fiancee and there couldn’t be direct contact between men and women. What would he do if the Young Lady woke up tomorrow and got angry at him? Therefore, Xiao Chen decided to accompany the Young Lady here.

Moreover, Xiao Chen could now cultivate anywhere. Being on the bench made no difference….

“Small Chenzi, tempted?” Tian Lao’s wretched voice rang in Xiao Chen’s ears.

“How can I be tempted? Currently, she already isn’t my fiancee….” Xiao Chen bitterly smiled while replying.

“You really have no ambitions! Don’t forget what you are right now: a Truth Cultivator. An extremely flamboyant Truth Cultivator, do you still care about these?” Tian Lao responded disapprovingly due to Xiao Chen not being able to have a far vision.

“Hehe….” Xiao Chen laughed and didn’t say anything. He directly revolved the ‘Seizing Good Fortune War Mantra’ in his body, cultivating once more.

In the Anorectal Ward of First People’s Hospital in Songning City.

Ma Gangmen lay on the bed with his whole body constantly shivering. His anus that was almost kicked to **** by Xiao Chen had just been stitched twice. However, after the anesthesia wore off, what followed was a piercing pain!1

“Gangmen, how is it? Are you fine?” Lou Zhenming’s gloomy face asked Ma Gangmen after the operation finished.

“Brother Ming, I’m fi….ne!” Ma Gangmen replied with a pale face.

“Brother Ming, this matter can’t be forgotten! We have to avenge Gangmen now that he’s been beaten into this ah!” Monkey said while gnashing his teeth.

“Damn, today I was mistaken! This kid isn’t a Martialist, but he has some brute force. If it were I who raised my hands today, it would have been over!” Lou Zhenming was very confident towards his own strength: “It was just that now that I want to raise my hands, I’m afraid it wouldn’t be that easy. Deng Xiaokun, that kid, definitely is staring at us. At least for a short period of time, we can’t use this pretense to deal with Xiao Chen!”

“Then we just let off that kid like this?” Monkey was unwilling in his heart.

“Let off?” Lou Zheming cloudily said: “How can we let him off? Though we can’t raise our hands, we can find someone else to do it! Don’t forget what my family does, we can casually look for a few people. How wouldn’t we be able to torment him to death?”

“Makes sense, but if we use Lou Family’s helpers, won’t it be found out by Deng Xiaokun?” Shou Hou’s was very intelligent as he immediately discovered the flaw.

“You’ve got a point. If this is known by Deng Xiaokun, that guy would definitely incessantly pester us!” Lou Zhenming nodded: “We’re Daoists, so we have the follow the rules of Daoism. Him holding the information can make our lives miserable! How about I check if I can hire some outsiders!”

“En, this is the best way. When it’s time that he’s dead, you’ll be clean!” Monkey said with approval.

Lou Zhenming nodded and a fierce look flashed in his eyes. Monkey’s words had reminded him. If Lou Zhenming wanted to teach Xiao Chen a lesson before, then right now, Lou Zhenming already wanted to kill Xiao Chen.
Although there were only a few people that knew today’s matter, however, as long as he saw Xiao Chen, Lou Zhenming couldn’t help but think about what happened in the gym today. Only if Xiao Chen disappeared from his eyes would he be able to swallow his fears.

Growing up in an underworld environment made Lou Zhenming more sinister than other Aristocratic Family juniors. Killing, to him, was nothing out of the ordinary. Only, at school, due to school rules, he hadn’t killed anyone. At most, it was severe injury and this, under the cover of Lei Dianfeng, had not been exposed.
After thinking for a moment, Lou Zhenming pulled out his cell phone and dialed Lei Dianfeng’s phone number.
“Young Master Ming, the gym has been cleaned up. Today again it’s another person who doesn’t have eyes entering the hospital right?” Lei Dianfeng had just cleaned up the gym. Upon seeing a pool of blood, he thus asked while taking pleasure in others misfortunes.

‘Today’s person has been hit quite hard. There being so much blood, this person at least should be in the hospital!’

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“Damn, drop it. The one in the hospital is Ma Gangmen!” Lou Zhenming replied in a bad mood: “Today, he fell headfirst in front of the country bumpkin!”

“Ah?” Lei Dianfeng was confuzzled for a moment, then immediately became somewhat stunned. Lou Zhenming’s strength, he knew. Although it wasn’t as good as him, it wasn’t weak either. How could he suffer a disadvantage in the hands of a country bumpkin? Isn’t this unscientific? But, Lei Dianfeng still asked with a bit of nervousness: “Young Master Ming, do you have any complications?”

If Lou Zhenming had any complications, he Lei Dianfeng wouldn’t be able to explain it. His presence in this school was to take care of Lou Zhenming!

“I have no problems because I didn’t raise my hands. If I had raised my hands, then the one lying in the hospital would be the country bumpkin!” Lou Zhenming had total confidence in his own skill: “Before, I was careless and thought that for a country bumpkin, Ma Gangmen was enough So I let them fight a round, but who would know that the country bumpkin had Innate Supernatural Strength? He absolutely had no Inner Qi, but Ma Gangmen totally did not have the strength to hit back! It really makes me angry!”

“So that’s how it is….” Lei Dianfeng let out a sigh of relief: “Young Master Ming, tell me what should be done next!”

“Teacher Lei, I want to murder him!” Lou Zhenming ferociously replied.

“Murder….” Lei Dianfeng frowned and carefully said: “Young Master Ming, this person, how to say, is the school’s student. If he died after having just had a conflict with you, then suspicions would be on you….”
“Of course it wouldn’t be our people raising their hands.” Lou Zhenming replied: “Teacher Lei, you often box in the underworld with the wanted criminals in the other cities, so you should know some of them, right? As you know, money makes the world go round….”

“Understood! Young Master Ming, I know how to do!” After Lei Dianfeng listened to it, he thought, ‘Lou Zhenming is really clever ah! If it were the wanted criminals in other cities, then the blame wouldn’t be pulled onto him and Lou Zhenming’s bodies.’

At the same time, in a private box in a bar near First High, Zhao Yuliang’s face darkened as he bumped cups with Chen Jinpeng.

“Cheng Mengying transferred and Xiao Chen was given to her as a servant?” Chen Jinpeng thought that it was inconceivable, where had this news come from?


  1. TLN: Yes, I had to put ‘to ****’ because of the word ‘anus’. 

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