Chapter 45 – Making Money With Tang Tang

“It doesn’t matter. What kind of Young Master can I be considered as, working as a servant right now? Don’t worry, I’m not as delicate as you imagine!” Xiao Chen shook his head and said with a smile.

“There really is no problem?” Tang Tang had just calculated a moment ago that her profits from selling breakfast actually wasn’t big. After all, she could not set up a vendor stand in the morning market. Other people all set up their vendor stall at 9:00, but Tang Tang could only set up a vendor stall until 5 minutes before 7:00 then go to school. Only having 2 hours, Tang Tang would be very busy alone. She also would not be able to sell much. After all, her labor was limited; she had to prepare many things but did not have enough manpower, so that also meant not selling out much.

Therefore under Xiao Chen’s insistence, Tang Tang’s heart moved a bit. If Xiao Chen really came to help, not even speaking about her previous profit doubling, if it was ⅓ more, Xiao Chen’s 1,000 RMB would not be a problem!

“Of course not.” Xiao Chen nodded while not knowing whether to laugh or cry: “In fact, I had accepted the situation at an earlier time. Otherwise, do you think that I would be so merry every day working as Young Lady Cheng’s servant? Moreover, according to my original personality, Ma Gangmen would not be the appearance he is right now, I fear that I would be the one having to lay on the hospital bed for a year!”

“Fine, there is a method to earn some money, but let’s see if you able to bear the hardship.” Tang Tang looked at Xiao Chen slightly doubtful.

“What method?” Xiao Chen did not fear bearing hardships. Was training every night for ten years not a hard thing? But Xiao Chen had withstood it. Outsiders would not know that Xiao Chen could endure hardship.

“This is it.” After Tang Tang finished speaking, she pulled out a bag out of her desk. The inside was filled with fried breadsticks and soybean milk.

“This? Is this my breakfast?” Xiao Chen was slightly surprised for a moment.

“Yes. Starting tomorrow, come with me to the morning market to sell breakfast!” Tang Tang replied: “I am currently depending on this kind of money-making, every day getting out of bed at 4:00, go to the morning market at 5:00 to open up my vendor and coming to school by 7:00. This kind, is it hard enough? Can you insist?”

“4:00……” Xiao Chen’s face revealed an embarrassed expression. It wasn’t that Xiao Chen couldn’t get up at 4:00, but rather, Xiao Chen cultivated every evening, so he basically did not sleep. What Xiao Chen cared about was time! The time for cultivation would not be much. If he had to get out of bed at 4:00, that would mean that Xiao Chen would be short of 2 hours of cultivation!

But thinking about it, in order to earn money, it would be worth it. But relying on selling breakfast, how much money could one make? It was calculated that one would be able to gain 10,000 RMB in one month, right? But Xiao Chen temporarily had no other method, he could only take one step at a time.

Although Xiao Chen wasn’t actually a dandy, he had never thought about earning money. After all, he was an Aristocratic Family junior, his everyday thinking was not about eating, drinking and being merry but rather cultivating Inner Qi. As for the matter of earning money, the family elders would take care of the family’s business, so he didn’t need to consider it.

What made Xiao Chen surprised was that Tang Tang unexpectedly relied on selling breakfast to survive. All of the money Tang Tang spent on rent and other expenses came from her selling breakfast! Although he had persisted in training every night for the past decade, when he knew that Tang Tang, who had once been a young lady, made her living by selling soybean milk and fried breadsticks, he was shocked!

Originally, the real unfortunate one wasn’t him; it was Tang Tang! But she was very strong. It was very difficult for Xiao Chen to imagine a girl waking up at 4:00 to go to the early morning city streets to sell breakfast, then go to school at 7:00……

“What’s the matter? Can’t get up?” Tang Tang looked at Xiao Chen, giving him a “I understand” kind of look.

“It’s not that I can’t get up, it’s just that if I wake up so early, I fear that the Young Lady won’t be so happy.” Xiao Chen shrugged. He found an excuse to make up for his hesitation: “After all, I am the man of the house, right?”

“Working for her for free, I won’t say anything. However, if she stops you from earning money, then she’s simply a slave owner! Maybe you should resign and we can do it ourselves!” Tang Tang angrily said after she heard his words.

“Pu……” Xiao Chen could not help but laugh: “Just us? It’s not a good idea right? It was Young Lady Cheng who helped me transfer school, I can’t be so ungrateful right?”

“Forget it, will you go or not?” Tang Tang thought that Xiao Chen still liked Cheng Mengying in his heart. If Xiao Chen did not like Cheng Mengying, then how could he work as her servant? For good or evil, Xiao Chen still had the background of a Young Master. Where had he ever handled this sort of matter? The only explanation was that Xiao Chen was very infatuated, so he was willing to be Cheng Mengying’s manservant.

Towards Xiao Chen’s past events of pursuing Shen Jingxuan and Lin Ke’er’s, Tang Tang did not understand, therefore she would involuntarily misunderstand this. Thinking of this, although Tang Tang felt that Xiao Chen was a bit worthless, she actually did not speak of it.

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“Go.” Xiao Chen nodded: “Tomorrow I’ll go, what do you need me to do?”

“There isn’t much to do. The soybean milk is done at home by me and as for the fried breadsticks, when it comes time for me to fry them, you should watch and learn. When you have learned, we can coordinate together so that speed will quicken, and the money earned will naturally be more!” Tang Tang said.

“Okay, then where will I find you tomorrow morning?” Xiao Chen asked.

“It’s the behind the buffet place that you brought us, where there is many street vendors. I set up a vendor there every day!” Tang Tang replied: “If you can’t find me tomorrow, you can give me a call.”
Xiao Chen nodded, took down the address, then said: “Tomorrow morning, I will be on time.”

“Then I’ll wait for you.” Tang Tang smiled: “Young Master Xiao, don’t disappoint me!”

“Hehe, I won’t.” Xiao Chen had not discussed the issue of the money distribution with Tang Tang because he knew that Tang Tang definitely would not treat him unjustly.

Xiao Chen and Tang Tang’s whispering voices were not loud, but it had still attracting the attention of Deng Xiaokun who sat in front of them: “Hey, what kind of mystical things are you guys discussing? Using such a low voice that I can’t even hear?”

Deng Xiaokun wasn’t a Truth Cultivator, so his six senses were not as strong as Xiao Chen’s.Therefore, he did not clearly hear what Xiao Chen and Tang Tang had discussed.

“Xiao Chen said he wanted to sell breakfast together with me tomorrow.” Tang Tang replied.

“Ah?” Deng Xiaokun was slightly surprised for a moment. He didn’t think that Xiao Chen would go with Tang Tang to sell breakfast. In fact, Deng Xiaokun wanted to get up early to go with Tang Tang, but Deng Family’s dojo had a custom that all disciples of the Deng Family would have to participate in the morning practice. Deng Xiaokun was no exception, so it made him miss the opportunity to sell breakfast, so he could not help but have a bit of envy after hearing: “I really wanted to play with you guys, but it can’t be helped. My family has a custom and it is to get up early to do morning practice!”

Deng Xiaokun thought that Xiao Chen didn’t know much about the Inner Qi matters, therefore he didn’t say much, only saying that it was morning practice.

“This isn’t playing, it’s earning money.” Tang Tang sighed and said: “Xiao Chen urgently needs money, unlike you, Young Master Deng, who has something to eat and drink at home.”

“I……” Deng Xiaokun bitterly smiled. Sometimes he very much envied someone like Xiao Chen. The poor had their benefits, but for him, although he and Tang Tang were buddies, there always seemed to be something between them!
Previously, when Tang Tang had not turned into her current appearance, she was Yun Shaoqun’s fiancee. At that time Deng Xiaokun thought that Tang Tang in his eyes was unattainable. Even though Deng Family was an Aristocratic Family, it had a large disparity with the level of Tang Family.

Afterwards, when Deng Family was replaced by Lou Family, Deng Xiaokun thought that he and Tang Tang’s status had become farther apart! But when Tang Tang had become fat, engagement with Yue Family broken, and separated from Tang Family, Deng Xiaokun was grieved to discover that he and Tang Tang still seemed to have a thin barrier between them. Tang Tang had become an ordinary person, had to make money and run about every day, but he, in Tang Tang’s eyes, had turned into a Young Master.

In fact, Deng Xiaokun did not want to become a Young Master, he would rather be the same as Xiao Chen, an ordinary poor student.

Letting out a sigh, Deng Xiaokun said with a smile: “Then I wish you guys good luck. I support you in this, but before supporting, you guys shouldn’t forget about my soybean milk and fried breadsticks, you have to bring some for me!”

“Of course there’s no problem, freeloader!” Tang Tang laughed. Actually, towards Deng Xiaokun’s intentions, how could she not see them? However, previously when she was Yue Shaoqun’s fiancee, she had not thought in this direction from the start. Although they were classmates from childhood to now and could be considered childhood friends, Tang Tang had an engagement on her and only thought of Deng Xiaokun as her buddy.

But now, Yue Shaoqun had broken the engagement and Tang Tang had turned ugly. Although she was free, it was very hard for Tang Tang to position Deng Xiaokun as her buddy. Moreover, she did not think that Deng Family would allow her to marry in.

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Deng Xiaokun could only let out a helpless shrug. Even though he smiled, his smiling face was filled with frustration.

But sometimes he would think, even if Tang Tang currently did not have an engagement on her, his father would definitely not accept it. There was the problem of Tang Tang and Yue Family having complicated relations, as well as Tang Tang currently was currently unable to get a high position and was unwilling to take a low position. All of this were obstructions for marriage.

Although Deng Family was currently not an Aristocratic Family, its core had not been damaged and was currently conserving its strength. What Deng Family needed was a marriage that could bring Deng Family back to glory, rather than marrying Tang Tang, who already had not many relations with Tang Family.

Of course, according to Deng Xiaokun’s disposition, he could forcefully do it and make the raw rice turn into cooked rice. By then, Deng Family could only agree, after all, Tang Tang was not an ordinary family’s daughter. Even if she had separated from Tang Family, it was impossible to do so even she wanted to.

Only, to this situation, Deng Family would become even more trapped. This was not something Deng Xiaokun wanted to see. Only if his strength rose by leaps and bounds and he achieved Third Layer Inner Qi, thus becoming an outstanding talent of the younger generation. If he stepped into Third Layer Inner Qi before the age of 20, he would have the opportunity to become an apprentice to a master. Once he was settled on one of those senior experts, his future would definitely have a meteoric rise.

Third Layer Inner Qi is the foundation laying stage of cultivation. Up to this stage, there could only be the use of any body forging panacea. Once it is used, it cannot reflect a Martialist’s aptitude and those senior experts could see whether or not one gained their cultivation through the use of a panacea. So if one took it, they would be directly eliminated!

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