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[Vol 5] Chapter 3: Compassion

SylviaJust when my consciousness drifted back from the world of dreams, I was grabbed by a frantic-looking Angie as she demanded me to tell her everything I know about her father, “Sylvia, please! Tell me anything you know about my father! Anything at all!”

I was caught totally off guard by Angie’s sudden assault, “An…Angie… please… please calm down… I… I have… no idea… wh… what you’re saying!” Angie was shaking me with so much force that I couldn’t tell left from right anymore.

It was the first time Sheena saw Angie losing herself like this, so she was quite dumbfounded, but after she noticed my plight, she tried to stop Angie in a fluster, “A-Angie!! Stop! Stop this at once! Sylvia can’t talk if you keep shaking her like this!”

However, since Angie was very agitated, Sheena’s words didn’t reach her properly. Even so, she still stopped shaking me and said with a shaky voice, “Sylvia! Please! Anything at all… just tell me anything you know about my father!”

Angie was looking very despondent, I was honestly lost for words. Since Angie gave me the impression of a stern and dutiful older sister type, I never imagined she’d ever show her weak side. Seeing Angie like this, I really wished I could answer her question, but I am more confused than anyone else here.

What was that about her father, who is her father? Why ask me?
“Uh…” I looked at Sheena with an imploring gaze.

“Ah… geez!” Sheena scratched her head as if it was troublesome to deal with us, “Angie, just cool down for a moment. I’ll explain things to Sylvia from the beginning.”

With that, Sheena began to explain about Angie’s circumstances to me, “Um… you see… Angie actually don’t have a father… she grew up hearing heroic tales of her father, she admires him and aspire to be a great warrior like him. However, whenever we tried to pry for his whereabouts, our parents would remain silent. That’s why… we always thought Angie’s father was lost-in-action, but just recently, we heard a really disturbing news.”

“A disturbing news?” I parroted Sheena while tilting my head.

“That’s right,” Sheena continued, “Recently, we’ve heard rumors of a warrior wandering in the dungeon near Swinford Township. All description of the warrior’s conduct and  attitude matched the content the stories we’ve been told, so we believe…”

“…that warrior might actually be Angie’s missing father in question?” Sheena couldn’t finish her sentence since she was half in doubt, but the ignorant me didn’t notice that and finished her sentence for her.

“Sigh… that’s right. To be honest, that’s actually the reason why I didn’t bring Angie with me to Swinford Township,” Sheena lowered her voice so that Angie couldn’t hear it as she whispered in my ears, “As you can see, she lose herself every time when it concerns her father.”

After finally calming down, Angie took a few deep breaths and apologized, “Sorry, I’ve shown you something unsightly. I was under the impression that you’ve met my father when you were at Swinford Town a few days ago, but after thinking about it calmly, you wouldn’t have asked me such a question if you’ve met him. Miss Sylvia, let me ask you again properly, do you know my father?”

“Uh… this is… a little awkward, but…” I clapped my hands together and said apologetically, “I’m sorry! I have no idea why you’re asking this of me. I don’t know who your father is, I know not his name nor his appearance.”

“B-But that can’t be—! Just a moment ago, you were asking me how is my father doing!” Angie was in disbelief. On the other hand, as the only one who knew the full story, Sheena felt a pang of headache. Since she had to be the one to explain everything to both parties.

Sheena really wished she could just leave us to settle this on our own, but she couldn’t really do that either. “Sigh…” Sheena heaved a helpless sigh as she looked at both Angie and I, then she said earnestly, “Angie, Sylvia, the both of you listen to me carefully.”

With those words, Angie and I turned our attention to Sheena. After confirming that she has our full attention, Sheena began to explain about my circumstances to Angie, and told us about what had transpired this morning.

I was shocked beyond words, to think that the original persona had taken over this body, even for a brief moment. It made me shudders at the thought of my future. If the original persona of this body was to reclaim her body, what would happen to me? Will I stay in eternal slumber within her body? Will I get expelled from her body and continue to roam aimlessly in the Spirit Realm?

On the other hand, Angie was openly disappointed. Just when she thought she was finally going to get some solid information about her father, it appears that the person herself was actually in slumber. She too was surprised that I have two personalities in one body, she had mixed feelings about this, but regardless, she still warned me;

“Miss Sylvia, I understand your circumstances now. I apologize for putting you through so many harsh situations while you’re still adapting to this world.

I will be sure to go easier on you until you get used to your new life. But know that you are still the retainer of a Royal Princess. You will constantly be confronted by human’s ugly nature. Your misconducts will reflect badly on Miss Sheena, the opposing factor will use that as an excuse to make things difficult not only for Miss Sheena, but for you as well. At worst case, they might even go as far as forcing you to keep your distance from Miss Sheena.”

“Ah~hhh, yes, yes, that’s enough.” I suddenly raised my voice to stop Angie in her track, “I’ve heard this dozens of times already, I’ll just have to behave myself when I’m in front of the public eyes yes? Just spare me from another one of this lengthy lecture, please.”

The opposing factor that Angie spoke of, was a group of aristocrats who were not very fond of the Hero King. More like, they were afraid of the Hero King’s military power. Not only was the Hero King hiring commoners as soldiers, he even gave them weapons of mass destruction. They were afraid that the Hero King might rise up in a coup d’etat.

Since humans are already used to peace, they’re now shifting their attention from the threat of the demon’s invasion to the military strength of each respective country. In fear that a super power might appear, everyone was undertaking all kinds of underhanded tactics to make sure the power balance remained on a very subtle equilibrium. Such was the nature of human.

Author’s Note:

Phew… I barely finished writing this before my set deadline ._.

But dang, three whole chapters spent in the same room… I should quicken the story progress.


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[Vol 5] Chapter 2: Princess Ranah

SylviaEarly in the morning, in a certain room of the Angelwing Dorm, a blond-haired elven girl and a pink-haired human girl were sleeping peacefully.

The both of them have transcendental beauty. They were, without a doubt, one of the top ten beauties in the entire Tristanian Magic Academy. Nay… it wouldn’t even be an exaggeration to say they were the most beautiful in all of Halkeginia.

“Mmm… hnnngh…” Just at this time, the blond-haired elven girl got up and lazily stretched her body. After that, the elven girl looked at her surroundings suspiciously.

Eventually, she noticed the pink-haired human girl sleeping next to her.

“Louise?” The elven girl involuntarily voiced out her suspicion as she saw the pink-haired girl, since she has striking resemblance to an old friend of her, “What is she doing here? Or more like… where am I? Why can’t I remember anything…”


All of a sudden, with a swishing sound, a Winged Unicorn suddenly appeared out of thin air. Soon after, she transformed into a peerless beauty with wavy blond hair. The unicorn-transformed girl knelt down before the elven girl respectfully and said, “It is great to see you’re finally awake from your long slumber…… Princess Ranah Elwyn la Sylphis!”

The elven girl, Princess Ranah, turned her head to the voice. What she found there was her most trusted aide. Princess Ranah felt reassured at the sight of this familiar figure.

“Sylvidia is it?” Princess Ranah called out to the name of the unicorn girl before she continued, “It seems you are up to speed with the current happenings, what happened to me? I can’t seem to recall any recent memories.”

The unicorn girl was indeed, our very own mischievous Winged Unicorn in question, Sylvidia herself! As for the pink-haired girl that was still sleeping peacefully, that was without a doubt, Sheena. Then what about Sylvia? Where did she go? And who is this Princess Ranah? Everything will be explained shortly…

Hearing Princess Ranah’s words, Sylvidia immediately stood up from her kneeling position and sat beside the elven girl intimately, then she began by explaining the accident that took place in the dungeon, followed by her long slumber, how she was possessed by a Spiritual beings called Sylvia, and all the events that happened afterwards.

“I… see… so this body, is no longer mine…” Upon hearing Sylvidia recounting the stories, Princess Ranah revealed a crestfallen expression. After that, she turned her sight to the pink-haired girl, “Then this girl is…”

Sylvidia nodded to her inquiry, “Your assumption is correct, this is the daughter of Lord Saito and Her Highness Louise. She is Princess Sheena.”

Princess Ranah caressed Sheena’s soft cheek as she whispered, “The little girl from back then is now all grown up… She looks just like her mother.”

“Mm…” Just at this time, Sheena finally woke up as she let out a weak groan. She rubbed her eyes with both hands before she slowly opened her eyelids. The first thing that entered her line of sight was Princess Ranah looking down at her with a gentle smile.

“Have you finally awaken, little princess?” The tender voice of Princess Ranah reverberated like the melodious bell.

“Mu… Sylvia, are you running on steroid?” Since Princess Ranah is currently holding the dominance over the material body, her attitude and bearing are completely different from the timid Sylvia that Sheena was used to. Therefore, Sheena naturally thought it was strange when Princess Ranah spoke with such a melodious tone.

“Fufufu… I’m afraid that I am not Sylvia.” As soon as Princess Ranah said this, “Huh—?!” Sheena was immediately startled awake. She jumped up from the bed in shock to look at the person in question, but after seeing that it was indeed ‘Sylvia’ who was in front of her, she said half jokingly, “Ha-ha-ha-! Very funny… now I am fully awake thanks to you!”

At that, Princess Ranah only revealed a soft smile and said with a pleasant voice, “I fear that this is no joke. This Sylvia character is currently sleeping within me. I am the original persona of this body. Since you’ve sealed a familiar contract with both of us, you should be able to feel the slight difference in our soul fluctuations right?”

“T-that’s…” Sheena was doubtful at first, but after taking a moment to concentrate, she could clearly feel the slight difference in soul fluctuations. “B-But how?! …What’s going to happen to Sylvia?” Sheena couldn’t help but voice out her concern after confirming the validity of Princess Ranah’s words.

However, just at this time…

*Knock! Knock!*

…the sound of knocking could be heard from the door. Following closely, “Miss Sheena, are you already awake? I came to deliver your breakfast,” was the angelic voice of a girl.

Before waiting for a reply, the girl already opened the door by herself and entered as if it was the most natural thing. The girl was wearing French-style maid costume, and she had beautiful black hair with short bob haircuts.

When the girl in maid costume saw the anxious expression on Sheena’s face, she heaved a sigh and looked at Princess Ranah with disdain. Then she opened her mouth to issue a sermon, “Miss Sylvia, how many times have I told you yesterday, you must be aware of your social status. As Miss Sheena’s familiar, you will never be her equal. People will judge you as such. Although it is still fine in the academy since I do hold some power as the vice president of the fan club, I can somehow manipulate the information. But once you get to the outside world, your every action and conduct will reflect badly on Miss Sheena’s reputation, especially among the opposing aristocratic circles.”

If Sylvia’s persona was still dominant at the moment, all of these would definitely have entered from one ear and out from the other, since she had heard the maid in question repeating this over and over again for the Nth times yesterday.

However, for Princess Ranah, she was more concerned about something else, “You… must be Angie, right?”

“Eh? Y-Yes… I… am?” Angie was totally taken aback by Princess Ranah’s unexpected question.

While Angie was still confused, Princess Ranah continued, “Oh my… look at how you’ve grown… How is your father doing?”

At such a question, Angie immediately burst out with a shout, “Y-YOU KNOW MY FATHER?!”

“Ah…” As Princess Ranah stood up, she felt a slight dizziness as she wobbled around, “Looks like my time is up…” After she said that, she fell unconscious on the bed.

Shortly after that, Sylvia’s persona took over the body as she was rudely roused up from her dream.


As soon as I jumped up from the bed, I saw Sylvidia looking at me with a meaningful smile. However, before I could question her, a frantic Angie suddenly jumped at me, “SYLVIAAA!! WHAT DO YOU KNOW ABOUT MY FATHER?! SPILL IT OUT, TELL ME EVERYTHING YOU KNOW!!”

“Hieeeeeeee! W-what are you talking about!!” Angie was grabbing both my shoulders as she shook me relentlessly. I let out a screech involuntarily due to the very unexpected event. Only now did I finally understand why Sylvidia had that smug look on her face; something had definitely happened while I was still asleep…

Author’s Note:

Phew… I was worried that I wouldn’t be able to finish this chapter this week. But I’m glad that I was able to finish it. And the chapter turned out pretty good if I do say so myself 🙂

I was contemplating whether or not to awaken the sleeping princess and let her take over the 2nd day, but we wouldn’t want to miss the all important dancing lesson right~?


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[Vol 5] Chapter 1: Glimpse of the Past

Sylvia Expecting to greet a new day, I opened my heavy eyelid with reluctance. What entered my vision are the big canopy bed and the luxurious room which I have yet to get accustomed to… or what should have been…

“Eh…?” I couldn’t help but let out bewildered voice in confusion. I mean… who wouldn’t be, when they wake up, just to find themselves in an unfamiliar forest. At first, I thought it was another one of Angie’s irrational training course, but I was proven wrong in just moments later.

I couldn’t move my body as I wished, so I thought that my hands and feet were bound, but that wasn’t the case either, as I could clearly feel my hands and feet moving on their own accord. I was currently atop a tree, hiding behind the twigs and leaves, observing a small group consisting of three or four person. My hands seemed to be beckoning to give some sort of signal. Following that signal, I could hear the rustling of the leaves as a few shadows moved from their original hiding places to another.

That being the case, the only one that came to mind was Sylvidia. She was the only one capable of controlling my body when we fused by means of the Blank Slate’s ability. However, I don’t recall ever activating the Blank Slate before I fell asleep. Sheena did beg me to transform into the cat-form, but I made up an excuse by saying that I have already used up all my transformation attempts in Angie’s unreasonable training.

With that being said, the possibility of this being one of Sylvidia’s mischief was low, but I couldn’t deny the possibility that Sylvidia had some hidden tricks that allowed her to activate the ability on her own. She is quite the mysterious one after all. Anyways, the four people currently in my line of sight looked oddly familiar, I wonder where had I seen them before.

Person A: Are you sure this is the way? It seems like we’ve been walking around in circles for quite a while now.

Person B: Eh? Uh… D-Don’t worry, just trust me… I know where I’m going…

Person C: T… That doesn’t sound very convincing…

Person A is a young man with blue eyes and black hair. Appearance-wise, he couldn’t be considered handsome, but he’s not that ugly either, I guess you could say he looks average. He seemed to be around twenty five years old and is about 1.8 meters tall. The young man was carrying a sword with him, so I guess he’s a warrior.

Person B is a beautiful elf with light blonde hair and bangs. She has a fair complexion and bright, sky blue eyes. Just judging from her appearance, she looks about eighteen years old, but since she’s an elf, appearance can be deceiving.

And Person C somehow reminded me of Sheena, especially her hair. She has a pink blond hair just like Sheena and her beauty is out-of-the-world. She is more or less around 1.6 meters tall and her bust-size seems to be D cup.

There is one more person, but she is covering her face with a hood. It was easy to tell her gender due to her enormous breasts. It is impossible to hide those monster breasts no matter how many layers of robes she put on.

Why was I observing them? I totally have no idea, but I might find out soon if I continue to watch. Or more like… why am I even here to begin with? I tried to contact Sylvidia via telepathy but there was no response, so I gave up and continued to watch the event unfold quietly.

Person B: D-Don’t worry, I’m sure we’re getting closer. I can feel the space around here getting wrapped, that is a clear sign that we’re close to the Elves’ Sanctuary.

Just at this time, my body began to move on its own, as if I was on auto-pilot. I jumped down from the treetop and landed right in front of the group of four, then my mouth opened by itself, “That’s far enough! Turn back at once or prepare to meet your maker!”

With that as a signal, all the “shadows” that were hiding in the dark suddenly revealed themselves and pointed their bows or wands at the small group.

“Awawawawawa…” The big breasted one who had her face covered let out a flustered voice as she tripped on her own feet. Due to the fall, her hood slipped down and revealed the face that was hidden under the cover of the hood. All the elves in the surroundings gave off a gasp the moment the laid eyes on her, followed by words of ridicule.

“This is… preposterous!”

“How savage!!”

“That child will bring misfortune upon us!”


Their hatred and disgust were understandable, even someone from the modern world like me was able to tell at first glance. The object of their hate and disgust is a half-elf. It is common knowledge that the elves despises half-elves, for they believe that the humans are savages. Since I’m a fan of elves, I had done some research of my own before on how to differentiate the elves and half-elves ⌈1⌋. The half-elves have ears about the size of the human ones, but are pointed on the ends. Meanwhile, genuine elf ears are long and pointed. The difference was as clear as day when I compared the size of her ears with those of my own.

“Silence!!” My mouth opened by itself and let out a voice so loud, that it reverberated in the air. However, thanks to that, the elves in the surroundings clamped their mouths shut.

After that, I continued to talk with a self-important tone, “I know not your purpose of coming here with an elf and a half-elf, but beyond this maze is the hidden village of the elves, no outsiders are allowed to enter.”

Then, just at this time, the pink-haired girl stepped forward to pull the half-elf up from the ground. After that, she bowed towards me respectfully as she introduced herself, “Pardon our rudeness, my name is Louise Françoise Le Blanc de La Vallière, the Crown Princess of Tristain and the Priestess of the Holy Kingdom. This here is Tiffania Westwood Tudor of Albion, the Crown Princess of Albion and also the Priestess of the Holy Kingdom. We came here to negotiate with the Queen of the Elves.”

“Hoh… the two of you are the Crown Princesses of your respective countries and both a Priestess of the Holy Kingdom? Interesting… What of the other two?” I was utterly surprised when I heard their names, if I had to take a guess, that guy must be none other than… Hiraga Saito!!! However, contrary to my surprised self, the one in control of my body was very calm and collected.

And as expected, the young man with blue eyes and black hair introduced himself as “Saito” and the lord of Des Ornières, “My name is Saito de Hiraga des Ornières. I am the lord of Des Ornières and Louise’s fiance. At the same time, her familiar. This here is Luctiana, she served as our guide to bring us this far.”

Upon hearing these, I squinted my eyes and asked suspiciously, “What business do you guys have in the sanctuary of the elves?”

Louise straightened her body as she answered my question, “Do you know of the demon’s invasion?”

“The demon’s invasion?” I frowned while parroting those three words, then I answered, “Yes, I’ve heard that some fools are trying to take over the world, but that is none of our concern, the demons will never be able to make it to our sacred sanctuary. Even if they did, we can fend them off easily. If that is all you want to talk about, you may leave!”

“W-Wai—” Louise wanted to say something, but she was interrupted by an unexpected voice, “Kehehehehehe! So this is where the elves are hiding! Thanks for leading us here suckers!” After those provocative words, the presence of the unidentified creature abruptly disappeared.

I could feel my whole body burning with rage as I shouted, “You guys are the demon’s spies! Capture them alive and lock them up in the dungeon!”

Immediately after that, I could feel my consciousness waning. The surroundings are getting darker and my consciousness slowly drifted away. The last thing I saw, was Saito and company getting surrounded by groups of elves.

By the time I regained my consciousness, I jumped up immediately and noticed that I was back in a familiar room.

“Eh? What just happened?” Once again, I let out another bewildered voice in the midst of confusion. I totally have no idea what just happened, but one thing I know for sure, is that I want to know what happen afterwards.

“Fufufu… you’re finally awake, did you have a nice dream?” Just at this time, Sylvidia suddenly smiled meaningfully.

Author’s Note:

I hope I was able to convey this chapter properly, I fear that it might be a little confusing. If there’s anything you find confusing in this chapter, do point it out.


[Vol 5] Prologue: The Training Begins

Sylvia “Zzz… Zzz…”

Back at Tristanian Academy, it was already late at night and everyone was sleeping soundly in their own room.

However, in a certain private room of the Angelwing dorm, someone was still wide awake. “Kuh—! I can’t sleep! I can’t fall asleep! I mean… how the heck can I fall asleep in such a situation?!”

That was my inner thought as I looked to the left, and there it was, the root cause that kept me wide awake; Sheena was sleeping beside me while clinging to my left arm. The soft texture of her breasts rubbed against my arm, her face was really close to mine, and I could feel her breathe against my cheeks.

I immediately flipped my head to the opposite side and screamed in my mind, “KHHHH!!! There’s no way I can fall asleep like this! It’s too arousing! This is too much for a 25-year old virgin like me!”

If I say I don’t enjoy the current situation, that’d be a big fat lie. In fact, this situation is to die for! Just that… I am currently extremely exhausted and is in dire need of a good-night sleep, so I can’t bring myself to enjoy the current situation to the fullest. After all that had happened throughout the day, it was only natural that I would be exhausted by now, it would be strange if I’m not.

Just when I was in the middle of lamenting this bittersweet feeling, Sylvidia suddenly whispered to me, “Psst~ Psst~ Master… since you can’t fall asleep, why don’t you try meditating? I mean… this is a great chance and all. Plus, you’d feel totally refreshed after a good period of meditation.”

“Meditation? How do I do that?” When I heard the term, meditation, I asked interestingly.

“Easy!” When Sylvidia heard me, she gave an immediate answer, “Just clear your mind of any worldly desires and focus on your breathing. Focus on how the air flows in and out of your body. That’s all. Oh, and you may also do it in any position you find comfortable. You don’t necessarily need to sit cross-legged, those are just misconception.”

When I heard that, I could only let out a bitter smile, to clear my mind of worldly desires? Easier said than done! There’s currently two heavenly mountains pressing against my arm, there’s no way I can clear my mind of this so-called worldly desires !

Perhaps Sylvidia have already guessed what I was thinking or that she could really read my mind, she said, “That’s why it’s more effective, if you can clear you mind under this kind of circumstances, you’d be able to master meditation in no time!”

“Mu…” What Sylvidia said was very reasonable, I couldn’t find any words to refute so all I could do was puff my cheeks in discontent.

I tried to clear my mind and focus on the air flowing in and out of my lungs as Sylvidia suggested, but every time Sheena moved a little, those pudding of hers would rub against my arm and cause my mind to go all over the place. It stayed this way until midnight. Instead of feeling more refreshed, I was feeling more exhausted than ever. In normal cases, it’d be easier to get into meditation mode the more exhausted you are, but that distraction was too powerful after all. No sane man could stay calm in the face of two heavenly mountains pressing against their arm.

“Sigh… looks like this won’t work…” Seeing that I didn’t make any progress for the past few hours, Sylvidia let out a sigh. “How about this instead? Since you can’t seem to clear your mind of worldly desires, how about we start with the second stage of meditation?”

“Huh? I didn’t even pass the first stage, how can I skip to the second stage just like this?” When I asked like this, Sylvidia answered with, “There are some people who can’t do the first stage of meditation, but is able to do the second stage with ease. Although the first stage is still very important. I will go more into details about that at a later time, but for now, I will explain about the second stage.”

Sylvidia stopped for a while to gather her thoughts before she continued, “In layman’s term, the second stage is basically what you did at the guild hall yesterday.”

“Wait… You don’t mean—?!” When I heard that, I almost couldn’t contain my excitement anymore and almost let out a shriek in joy.

“Ufufu… That’s right, the second stage of meditation is to analyze, break down, and recompose the elemental laws.” Sylvidia couldn’t help but let out a laugh when she saw my excitement. I mean… how could I not be excited? I’ve been looking forward to this the most.

I listened attentively as Sylvidia continued her explanation, “Although the second stage of meditation is less effective in drawing the elemental essence, it can help you comprehend the essence of elemental magic in the truest sense and increase your proficiency in  the so-called Origin Magic!”

They say that the Origin Magic is the original source of all magic, but that is too ambiguous so I have no idea what they were talking about. However, if I am to use my own interpretation of Origin Magic, I guess it would be tantamount to how the elemental laws work in Coiling Dragon ⌈1⌋. In other words, we can use magic by simply gathering the elemental essence with our Spiritual Power and materialize them into any forms imaginable of our own liking.

Once again, Sylvidia continued the explanation so naturally as if she could read my mind, “That’s right… As you may have already figured out, the most important part of the second stage of meditation is the power of imagination! In other words… just let your imagination run wild!”

As Sylvidia said that, I immediately recalled those weird skills I used previously;

By now, I’m pretty sure the runes on my hands could help me manifest the Spatial Dimension and Law of Velocity from the elemental laws of the wind. In other words, although I can use powerful and bizarre ability thanks to the runes, if something unexpected were to happen and my contract with Sheena was annulled for whatever reason, I wouldn’t be able to use those powerful attacks again.

That is, unless I didn’t start to analyze them now and make these moves my very own…

As I was lost in my own thought, Sylvidia was surprised at how easily I achieved the state of selflessness and indulged in that state so naturally. I had all but forgotten the two melons that were pressing against my arm and everything in my surroundings.

Sylvidia smiled wryly as she thought to herself, “I never understood why the gods were so interested in the otherworlder, but now I guess I finally have caught a glimpse of it… Does all otherworlder have this much imagination or is she just unique?”


“She will become strong… definitely…” As soon as Sylvidia thought of that, she could hear snoring sound coming from me. After losing myself in my imagination for not more than an hour, I fell fast asleep.

Sylvidia had a sweat drop on her forehead as she looked at me, who was soundly asleep. Then she immediately changed her evaluation, “I take that back, she still have a really long way to go…”


Author’s Note:

And so… the training arc begins…

By the way, just saying… since Arifureta has remained inactive for 2 months already, I’ve decided to take turns between writing and translating Arifureta during the weekdays, whenever I can. So with that… we might be seeing less chapters (or not) on Silva’s Diary.

I will try to release one chapter every 2 weeks, but no promises on that, that depends on if I can come up with something to write or not.


[Vol 4] Intermission 2: Return of the Demon

Ice King It was a peaceful day back at Pharamville. One night had passed since we left the small farming village. The townspeople continued with their daily activies as usual, the only thing that’s changed due to yesterday’s incident, was that the townspeople started to pay respects to the local deity again.

Iqaos, the Nine-Tailed Fox with snow-white fur, was the local deity of Pharamville. He was currently lying lazily beside the shrine and was bathed in the Faith Power of the townspeople. Naturally, since Iqaos was a Spiritual being to begin with, normal people was unable to perceive him.

As explained previously, Faith Power is an intangible energy that the local deities use to create a domain that keep beings with evil intention away. The more powerful the domain, the more effective it is. Naturally, to strengthen the domain, more Faith Power is needed, and to gather more Faith Power, one has to increase their followers.

Ever since the townspeople started paying their respects at the local shrine, they’ve noticed a visible drop of monsters in the surrounding areas. At first, they were quite doubtful and didn’t really believe that it’d work, but after the townspeople received news from the local adventurers that there were hardly any monsters to be found in the surrounding forest, they started to believe that everything we told them yesterday were true.

Because of that, the village chief made it mandatory for all the villagers to offer their prayers at the local shrine at least once a day. Naturally, the one who benefited most from this was Iqaos. Not only was he able to earn Faith Power from doing almost nothing, he was able to get free food from the villagers as an offering to the deity.

Setting up the domain was a one time thing, so long as the domain was set up, it would stay active until the deity ran out of Faith Power or it was personally deactivated by the deity. Basically, Iqaos was living the king’s life.

But of course, there were some risks to it as well. Spiritual beings were a race that was easily contaminated by the malevolence. For that very reason, most Spiritual beings do not stay in close proximity to the human soecity, as places with humans tend to have thick miasma. Once a Spiritual being was bathed in too much malevolence, they would lose their mind and turn into a violent creature. That’s why they need a vessel to prevent that from happening. But of course, even that was not hundred percent foolproof.

“Yawn~” Iqaos let out a yawn and curled up on the grassy field just beside the small temple. He just ate his fill and was lazily nestling on the ground. However, just at this time…

*Twitch! Twitch!*

… his ears twitched twice as he raised his head in alert. He could feel something or somebody entering his domain, someone who harbored an undisguised evil intent.

Iqaos frowned and let out a groan, “… Looks like I have an uninvited guest.”

With that, Iqaos stood up from the ground, and with a “swish,” he disappeared from the grassy field in the blink of an eye.


In the forest just a few kilometers away from any human civilization, an “unknown” creature had just entered Iqaos’ domain. That creature had humanoid features, but one thing that was different from a human was that he had horns protruding from the side of his head. This was a creature commonly known as demons.

When the “demon” had entered the domain, he could feel some sort of bizarre energy trying to drive him away. However, he was not so weak as to be driven off by something of this level.

“Ugh… so it’s true… I can certainly feel the power of the domain at work here… Seems like the gods are working hard to rebuild people’s faith in them, another god-demon war will be inevitable…” The demon shook his head in grieve as he recalled the god-demon war that took place a few decades ago.

*Rustle! Rustle! Rustle!*

A shadow brushed the thickets as it ran past the demon. “Who’s there?!” The demon could sense an undisguised hostility from the shadow. He raised his guard and turned around to face the rustling shrubs.

“Hoh… I never expected to see a demon still roaming around in broad daylight…” Suddenly, Iqaos appeared from behind the demon. Without giving the demon a chance to turn around, Iqaos had already launched an attack of his own.

“Now, die!” Iqaos pounced over with his sharp claws that could cut through steel as if it was made out of paper. Sure of his victory, Iqaos let his guard down. However, out of his expectation, the demon’s reaction speed was faster than he predicted.

The demon turned around with unspeakable speed and cladded his left arm with battle-qi to block Iqaos’ claws. He clenched his other fist tightly and concentrated the rest of the battle-qi in that fist to prepare for a counterattack. However, when his fist made contact with Iqaos’ body, he didn’t feel any weight behind that body.

Iqaos had moved with lightning fast speed and avoided the attack in the last second, leaving only his afterimage behind. With a “Ksssh!” Iqaos slid sideways and got behind the demon once again.

This time, he didn’t let his guard down and channeled Spiritual Power into his claws, generating Claws of Wind that could rip even the space apart. Sensing the imminent danger, the demon immediately crushed the crystal ball that he was holding.

When the crystal ball was crushed, a thick and murky energy leaked out and immediately, all the plants in the surrounding area wilted. Iqaos immediately froze on the spot and broke out in cold sweat. The aura that leaked out from the crystal ball was undeniably that of the strongest class of demons, the Demon Lord!

“Im-impossible! This… This isn’t possible! The Demon Lords are supposed to be sealed in the dungeons!” Iqaos was in denial, he simply couldn’t believe that the Demon Lords would be making an appearance now, not after some twenty plus odd years.

“Kehehehehehehehe!” The demon felt a sense of supremacy now that he had gained an advantage over Iqaos, he let out a wicked laugh and continued to add fuel to the fire, “Do you really think the demons are doing nothing over the past two decades of confinement? Wrong!! We have been building our forces and hatched many ingenious plans! And this crystal ball is our latest invention, with it, even a low-class Demon like me is able to borrow a portion of the Demon Lord’s power! Behold! The power of “he” who is only second to the Demon God, the power of the Ice King, Lord Joseph!”

Ice King With that, the demon was enveloped by the thick, murky energy as his body started to transform. Before long, the demon had a completely different appearance. From head to toe, he was covered in black, pointy scales. There were four or five pair of horns protruding from his head, and he had two pair of scaly wings.

Iqaos instinctively moved a few steps backward. He remembered this figure very clearly, this was the figure of the Ice King, the leader of the Demon Lords, and the direct subordinate of the Demon God. He is, without a doubt, the strongest of the Demon Lords.

“Kehehehehehe! All hail Lord Joseph!” With words of praise, the demon launched a seemingly unstoppable attack towards Iqaos. At that time, the only thing going through Iqaos’ head was, “Am I going to die?”

His body was completely frozen stiff from fear. Despite the fact that the borrowed power was less than a tenth of the Demon Lord’s actual power, Iqaos was still intimidated by the figure of the Ice King alone. After all, the Ice King was really too terrifying. In order to flaunt its strength, it single-handedly massacred an army of local deities, and even heavily injured one of the gods.

Iqaos could only stare blankly as the enemy’s fist got closer and closer. Just when the fist was right before his face, Iqaos instinctively shut his eyes tightly.

However… one second… two seconds… three seconds later… the fist still haven’t hit him. Iqaos opened his eyes suspiciously and saw a figure covered in black robe currently confronting the demon. That person had a crystal ball about the size of a basketball on his left hand, it was that mysterious Fortune Teller who Tiffania encountered in a certain faraway town. How he got here in matter of seconds was a mystery in itself. Regardless of that, it was true that he did save Iqaos from certain death.

“W-Who are you…?” Iqaos asked the mysterious Fortune Teller with a shaky voice. However, he did not answer the question and replied with dubious words, “Iqaos, it is not time for you to go yet, you still have a role to fulfill.”

“W-What are you…” Before Iqaos could finish his sentence, the demon retaliated. “Kiiii—! You small fry, begone!”

“We will continue this some other time, but now, we have a more urgent business to take care of!” The Fortune Teller reminded Iqaos to stay alert and continued, “I will extract the Demon Lord’s seed from the demon, take the chance when it reverts back to its original form to finish it off.”


Iqaos only nodded in silence and turned his attention to the demon. With the help of the Fortune Teller, Iqaos was able to finish off the demon smoothly. Before the demon died, he let out a death throes and keep shouting the name of the Ice King.

When Iqaos turned around to continue questioning the mysterious Fortune Teller, he was already gone without a trace.

“Just… who was that… how did he know my name? What did he mean by a role to fulfill?” Iqaos was filled with one question after another. But then, he suddenly realized something, “That aura I felt from him… it feels oddly familiar…… Wait… he couldn’t be… a god?!”

Author’s Note:

This… was supposed to come out a lot earlier… but well, Pokemon Sun and Moon was released recently and I decided to dedicate my time to clear the game first before continue writing. So there you have it…


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[Vol 4] Intermission 1: The Mysterious Fortuneteller

Tiffania After Saito’s business with the Village Chief of the Hidden Village was done, in a certain town far away, Tiffania had just arrived with a small squadron of scouts. This was the third day of their search for the missing princess, and the first village they arrived at after the search commenced.

Tiffania immediately sent the scouts to gather information in the town. She herself went to the back alley to look for a certain someone. Needless to say, Ragna was going with her. ⌈1

The atmosphere in the back alley was gloomy, the number of people walking in the main street compared to the back alley was worlds apart. The buildings in the back alley also looked shady when compared to ones at the side of the main street. Hardly anyone would come to this area, unless they had some shady business to conduct.

But of course, the reason Tiffania came to the back alley was not to conduct some shady business. The back alley was also home to brokers, who buy and sell information. That’s right, Tiffania came to the back alley specifically to meet a certain broker.

As expected, even Tiffania felt uneasy in this kind of gloomy environment. She was secretly casting a glance left and right in a fluster. On the other hand, Ragna was totally unfazed.

As they continued to walk on the empty street, they eventually arrived in front of what looked like a pub. The building was made out of woods like the other buildings in the surrounding. On top of the pub, directly above the entrance, hanged the trademark of the pub. And the entrance was affixed with half-width saloon doors. It was possible to see the inside of the building from the top and the bottom. In general, the pub looked like a classic wooden house you’d find in a cowboy movie. ⌈2

Tiffania and Ragna pushed the saloon doors open and walked into the pub. Inside the pub, behind the counter, a middle-aged man with extended goatee ⌈3⌋ was standing there, with both palms placed on the counter. The middle-aged man looked at the two with suspicion, they were clearly wearing high quality clothes, what business did they have in this backwater?

Tiffania was frightened by the middle-aged man’s glare, Ragna walked in front of her and said to code words to the middle-aged man, “Give me two bottles of dragon liquor.”

The middle-aged man asked in return, “How strong?”

Ragna immediately followed up with, “As strong as possible.”

After hearing the reply, the middle-aged man nodded once and said, “Alright, come with me.”

With that, Tiffania and Ragna was led to an empty room in the pub. Not long later, the broker entered the room to greet the two. “My, my… what a rare guest, what brings you here today, Your Holiness?”

Obviously, this was not the first time Tiffania had met this broker. In the past, they met on several occasions due to unfortunate circumstances. And now, they have already become acquainted. However, this was the first time Tiffania had actually come to find him personally.

When Tiffania saw the broker, she smiled politely and said, “It’s been a long time Mister Samuel. I have come to find you today with a top secret request.”

“Oh? Pray tell…” When the broker heard the words, top secret, he immediately put on a stern expression. That was because he knew top secret requests normally involves extremely high risks.

When Tiffania saw the broker’s expression, she immediately put on a wry smile and said, “Mister Samuel, you don’t need to be alarmed, I just need you to help me gather information regarding the whereabouts of the princess.”

“Princess? You don’t mean…” When the broker heard Tiffania’s words, he immediately raised an eyebrow.

Tiffania nodded her head dejectedly and said, “That’s right, three days ago, Elwyn suddenly disappeared from her room. I believe the cause to be familiar summoning. If that’s really the case, then the princess should still be fine, but… I fear for the worst…”

After finding out the situation from Tiffania, the broker promised her that he will do everything in his power to gather any information regarding the princess. Tiffania reminded the broker one last time that he mustn’t let any outsiders know the princess of the elven race are currently missing. After that, they bid their farewells and left the pub.

On their way back to the main street, they saw a figure standing at the side of the alley. On top that person’s left hand, that was raised by ninety degrees, there was a crystal ball about the size of a basketball. And his face was covered by a black hood, it was impossible to make out his appearance.

That person looked like a fortuneteller no matter how you looked at him. Even if Tiffania was desperate, she wasn’t desperate enough to cling on to some superstitious stuff. Magic could still be logically explained to some extend, but fortunetelling was completely unsystematic. There’s no way to verify whether the fortunetelling was accurate or not.

Moreover, there’s also a lot of frauds. Therefore, Tiffania didn’t pay any attention to that fortuneteller and walked past that guy. However, just when she walked past him, the fortuneteller suddenly said, “The light you’re seeking for is at the place where five stars aligned.”

“What…?” When Tiffania heard the fortuneteller, she turned back and asked in suspicion, “What are you talking about?”

Ragna could sense a strange vibe coming from the fortuneteller, he raised his guard and whispered to Tiffania, “Master, it is best if we just ignore him.”

Tiffania shook her head and continued to ask, “Where is the place where five stars aligned?”

The fortuneteller didn’t answer the question directly, he only said, “You should know the place better than anyone here,” before he continued, “However, the light is quickly getting devoured by the darkness.”

Hearing those words, Tiffania’s face immediately turned deathly pale, she started to think of many tragic things happening to Elwyn. The more she thought about it, the paler she got.

Just at this time, Ragna was finally unable to remain silent anymore, “That’s enough! Stop your nonsense at once!” He shouted and threw a punch at the fortuneteller.

However, his punch didn’t connect and hit the thin air. Before anyone knew it, the fortuneteller had already disappeared on the spot. Ragna felt a chill down his spine and tried to turn around immediately, but it was already too late, the fortuneteller had appeared behind him and used his index finger to lightly poke a certain acupuncture point at the back of his neck to paralyze him.

When he was sure that Ragna’s movements had been sealed, the fortuneteller looked at Tiffania calmly and said, “It matters not whether you believe me or not, the wheel of fate is beginning to turn once more, and it can no longer be stopped.”

After saying all he had to say, the fortuneteller disappeared in the blink of an eye, leaving only Tiffania and the paralyzed Ragna behind on the empty street.

Only until a long time later did Ragna finally regain his freedom of movements, and only now did Tifannia finally regain her composure. She whispered to herself, “The place where five stars aligned, the light getting devoured by darkness… I need to hurry! Elwyn is in trouble!”

Author’s Note:

Phew… took a while to write this. Mainly because of my busy schedule and lack of fresh ideas.


  1. In case you forgot, Ragna is her familiar, a Lifbrasir, also known as the “Heart of the God”. You may refer to Volume 1 Chapter 3
  2. The pub looks similar to: this
  3. Beard Style

[Vol 4] Side Story 1: Angie’s Past

Angie Night time, at the servant’s quarters; Angie was standing in the middle of the grassy field all by herself, looking at the starry sky as she was recalling events from the distant past:

“Waaah… W-We’re really going to be living here from now on?” Angie cast a quick glance at the people around her, and finally, her glance was fixed on Sheena.

Sheena nodded her head excitedly and said, “Mhm! Papa said this will be our new home!”

The two of them slowly turned their head around to look at their “new home” in awe, then they shouted “IT’S A CASTLE!!!” at the same time as they ran towards their new home excitedly.

This was a memory from ten years ago, when both the young Sheena and Angie visited Halkeginia for the first time. Back then, they were only six years old. The relationship between Sheena and Angie was closer to that of sisters rather than friends. They lived in the same house, eat on the same table, went to the same elementary school, and they even slept on the same bed.

However, that all changed after they started living in the castle. On a certain day, when Sheena and Angie were playing in the garden, some aristocrats came to visit upon receiving the news that the Hero King had returned. Naturally, they brought their sons along in hope of betrothing the Hero King’s daughter to their sons.

When the aristocrats saw Sheena and Angie in the garden, they ordered their sons to go play with girls while they were meeting with the Hero King. The boys were raised in castles and were always pampered by the servants. Naturally, they took everything for granted and looked down on the commoners. Seeing that Angie was wearing a maid costume, they ignored her directly and pushed her to the side.

The boys were crowding around Sheena. On the other hand, Angie was being pushed out of the circle and lost her balance. As a result, she tripped on the ground. Seeing that, Sheena was furious. She immediately shouted, “Get out of my way!” as she pushed her way out of the crowd. Then she knelt beside Angie and asked with a concerned voice, “Are you okay?”

Angie just nodded her head timidly and accepted Sheena’s outstretched hand. Sheena proceeded to pull Angie up from the ground and directly dragged her back into their room, ignoring the boys, who were shocked by Sheena’s wild nature.

After that day, whenever Angie was caught alone, she’d be bullied by the child of the aristocrats. Whenever Sheena caught them bullying Angie, she’s try to help, which only worsen the situation. Sheena didn’t know the reason Angie was being bullied. Whenever she asked Angie, she’d only tell her that it was nothing. However, Sheena could tell that it was not really “nothing”. She could feel that Angie has been ignoring her a lot lately.

About a few months later, Sheena caught Angie being bullied again. When she wanted to go and help her, Saito tapped her shoulder twice and made a shush gesture, then he said, “Let’s wait and see.”

“What?! But papa… Angie is being bullied, I need to help her!” Sheena immediately retorted in a low voice.

Saito just said calmly, “You wanted to know the reason she is being bullied right? Maybe we can find out the reason if we wait for a little while. If it gets out of hand, we’ll go and put a stop to it immediately.”

Hearing Saito’s explanation, Sheena puffed her cheeks for a while, but she was as curious as to the reason Angie was being bullied, so she nodded her head in consent soon after.

On the other side of the wall, Angie was being surrounded by a few young ladies. They were all barking at her in succession;

“Who do you think you are?! You’re just a maid!”

“That’s right! A maid like you shouldn’t stay too close to Sheena!”

“You’re only giving bad influence to Princess Sheena!”

“Because of you, Princess Sheena won’t even talk to us! Hmph!”

Angie just listened to them quietly, then she bowed to the young ladies and said in a low voice, “I will take your advice to heart and keep my distance from the princess.”

“Hmph!” The young ladies just let out a humph, and one of them even splashed the glass of water in her hand towards Angie’s lowered head. After that, all of them let out a typical noblewoman’s laugh ⌈1⌋.

Just as they were about to leave, Sheena suddenly jumped out from the corner of the wall and shouted, “That’s going too far!”

“Sh— I mean, princess, this is not what you think it is. It’s just an accident. Right girls?” One of the young ladies came up with an excuse, the others went along with the flow and came up with an excuse of their own.

“Don’t try to—” Sheena wanted to reprimand them, but just at this time, Saito walked out from behind her and said, “This is enough! Miss Helena, Miss Kylie, Miss Vivien, I will talk to your parents later regarding your re-education, you girls may leave!”

Hearing Saito’s words, the faces of the young ladies immediately turned pale. They uttered, “Y-Yes… your majesty,” as they ran towards a distant location.

Saito walked towards Angie and knelt in front of her, then he pulled her into his embrace and said, “I’m sorry… It seems like this environment is not suited for young children from the former world like you. Let’s all go back to the old world and live a peaceful life there.”

Angie tried to stay strong to hold back her tears, she said with cracked voice, “N-No sir… I… I am fine… really…”

Saito patted her head and said with a soothing voice, “You don’t need to hold it back anymore. Just let it all out. You can call me papa like you used to…” With that, the wall in Angie’s heart finally crashed and she cried for the first time since coming to Halkeginia. That was also the last time she called Saito as “papa”.

A few days later, they decided to go back to the old world. However, the damage had already been done, Sheena and Angie’s relationship would never be the same again. Even after going back to the old world, Angie devoted herself to learn all the necessary skills to become a qualified maid that wouldn’t bring embarrassment to her master.

Back at present time:

“And that’s how it is… can you please forgive Angie?” Sheena was telling me about Angie’s past and the reason she was treating me like this. It was not because she hated me or anything, she just didn’t want me to go through the same experience as her.

“W-Well… It’s not like I hate her or anything… what’s not to forgive?” I answered bashfully and continued, “And it’s not like I don’t understand how she feel… we’re both from the old world, so the concept of aristocrats and commoners are quite fresh to us… moreover, she was still a child back then…”

Author’s Note:

Since many people seem to dislike this Angie character, I hope that with this chapter, everyone’s opinion of her will change.


  1. Listening to this for 30 seconds would make you go mad. 

[Vol 4] Chapter 25: Dancing Lesson?!

Sylvia “W-What are you d-d-doing talking to yourself?! T-This trick won’t work on me, you hear?! There’s no such thing as a g-g-g-ghost!” Looking at me talking to thin air, Angie took a step back, frightened.

Surprised, the three of us turned our attention to Angie. She looks… well, how do I put it… frightened. She was pointing at me with her quivering hand, and the other hand was buried in between her breasts. Her legs were also shaking, and it seemed like she would slump onto the ground at any given time, if not for her knees joining together, she might have fallen a long time ago.

Seeing her like this, the three of us immediately thought of something naughty, a mischievous smile couldn’t help but emerge on our faces. When Angie saw me like this, she took another step back involuntarily and said with a quivering voice, “W-What are you thinking…? D-Don’t you dare…”

Wyllie Wisp suddenly opened her mouth and said, “Naughty girls should be punished right?”

Obviously, only Sylvidia and I were able to hear her voice. Sylvidia took a step forward and said with a mischievous smile, “Fufufu… obviously~”

Although I did think of scaring Angie a little, although I really really thought it would be fun to scare her, I didn’t think of actually doing it. That’s why, I grabbed Sylvidia and Wyllie Wisp’s hands before they could go and cause mischief. Then I whispered softly, “Hey girls, let’s not do this.”

Wyllie Wisp covered her mouth and giggled, “Fufufu… What are you saying at this point now, master?” Then it was followed up by Sylvidia, “That’s right, ever heard of the proverb: you reap what you sow? It is high time we pay her back for everything she had done to you.”

When I heard Wyllie Wisp and Sylvidia’s words, I couldn’t restrain myself from smiling contentedly, “Hehehe… I didn’t know you girls care about me that much… Thanks!” I suddenly pulled the both of them into my embrace and snuggled them from behind, with my arms around their shoulders. ⌈1

Sylvidia and Wyllie Wisp were getting embarrassed and kept pushing my face. From Angie’s perspective though, it looked like I was making a funny face to provoke her on purpose. She immediately snapped and said with her face facing downwards, “Hoh… you dare to make a fool out of me?”

My body immediately stiffened when I felt that killing intent coming from Angie. This time, the situation had turned around. Angie was closing in with slow and heavy steps, while I was backing away in fear.

When Angie got in front of me, she grabbed both my shoulders to lock me in place, then she lifted her head to face me. She looked all the more scary with a smile across her face and the shadow of her hair covering the upper half of her face. I felt a chill down my spine as she looked into my eyes like this.

Angie suddenly opened her mouth and said in a threatening tone, “Fufufu… Miss… Sylvia, right? Forget everything you seen or heard a moment ago. Understood~?”

I didn’t respond and just nodded my head weakly, but to that, Angie just grabbed my face and asked one more time, “Did I make myself clear?”

This time, I nodded my head strongly and answered with a loud voice, “Yes ma’am!”

After receiving a satisfactory answer, Angie released me and lightly slapped my face a few times. Then she said, “Good girl…”

Angie moved a few steps back and clapped her hands. With that, she returned to her normal self and said, “Now then, first, I should congratulate you for passing my second test. Now it’s time to start your training.”

When Angie mentioned second test, I thought the act just now was supposed to be a test. I tilted my head and asked in confusion, but on the other hand, Sylvidia and Wyllie Wisp were trying to restrain their laughter.

To my question, Angie only cleared her throat and said, “Ahem… T-That is for me to know and for you to find you!”

As a result, I only got more confused. However, without giving me any time to think, Angie pulled me by the hand and cried out, “Forget about it, we’re starting the training now!”

With that, I was pulled away by Angie towards the servant’s quarters. Sylvidia and Wyllie Wisp only looked on as I was getting pulled away. Then, Wyllie Wisp started, “Sigh… I don’t know if master is too kind for her own good or she’s just too timid. If she would let us play some pranks on her just now, she would probably be able to stay clear of that little girl for today.”

Sylvidia answered with, “I think it’s the latter. Otherwise she wouldn’t be pushed around by others like this all the time.” After that, the two just looked at each other silently and nodded in consent.



Night time, I was finally released by Angie and slumped wearily on the bed. Not long later, Sheena entered the room wearing a sweatsuit. When she saw me on the bed, she had roughly guessed what I had been through. She just sat at the edge of the bed and said, “Good work today~ Knowing Angie, she must have put you through a lot of unreasonable training.”

Hearing that, I immediately jumped up from the bed and complained, “Are you sure she’s really an Angel? She’s more like a Devil to me! Did you know how much I’ve gone through today because of her? I was made to run all over the campus as if my life depended on it. And then the ethic lesson, laundering, cooking, cleaning, and so much more! I feel like I was being trained to be a wife! Huk-huk-huk…”

As I was complaining, Sheena just kept patting my back and repeated “Yes, yes,” unceasingly. After I’ve settled down, I finally noticed Sheena in sweatsuit and asked, “By the way, why are you wearing a sweatsuit? Did you go for a jog or what?”

“Hehe…” Sheena only giggled and said, “Dancing.”

If this was an anime, I’m pretty sure there would be a lot of question marks on my head right about now. Just when I was about to open my mouth to ask why was she dancing, she used her index finger to push my lips and said, “You’ll find out tomorrow.”

“Hm?” I tilted my head to the side and asked, “Tomorrow? Is there a special event or something?”

Sheena shook her head and said, “I’ve signed you up for the dancing club. Make sure to come tomorrow.”

“Hah?!” I immediately sprang up from the bed and shouted, “Dancing club?! W-Why did you sign me up for the club without getting my consent first! I-I don’t know how to dance!!”

Sheena just waved her index finger left and right as she said, “It’s never too late to learn.”

“B-But… what does dancing have to do with magic? Why is there a dancing club in the Magic Academy to begin with?!”

To my question, Sheena only answered vaguely, “You’ll just have to wait and see for yourself tomorrow,” which only made me more confused. At the same time, it also roused my curiosity.

Author’s Note:

It’s been two months since I became unemployed, it is high time I go do some “real” work to make a living. One can’t survive with no money. With that said, I’ll be helping out my dad with his job starting next week. And for that, I apologize to my readers if I am unable to keep writing 1 chapter weekly.


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