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[Vol 3] Intermission 3: The Black Wing

Saito“Come… There is something I need to show you…” As soon as Gustav said that, he walked towards the exit.

Saito and Louise glanced at each other momentarily, and then nodded their head simultaneously.

They stood up and immediately follow after Gustav. As soon as they got out from the exit, there was a maid standing by beside the door. That was Siesta, although she was on close term with Saito and Louise, she also works as a professional maid, she knows her own standing, that’s why she did not enter the room along with the two of them. It is inappropriate for her to be in the room, she had no reason to be there.

Although even if she did enter the room, no one would dare to raise their voice against her, because she is together with Saito the Hero King. Everyone knew how much Saito treasured this particular maid, no one would willingly want to get on Saito’s bad side.

When Siesta saw Gustav and the rest had come out from the room, she bowed politely and said, “Lord Gustav, Lord Saito, Lady Louise, have a safe trip.”

“Ah… Siesta… Right?” When Gustav noticed Siesta, he tried to recall her name from the back of his head, then he said, “You could have come in along with Saito and Louise.”

Siesta giggled while placing one hand before her mouth, and said, “Fufufu… Lord Gustav might be fine with me, but the other elders don’t view me in high regards. I should act appropriately so as to not soil Lord Saito’s reputation.”

“Fumu… You sure have a considerate retainer, Lord Saito. Hahahaha-!” Gustav laughed heartily as he walked off.

Before Saito went after Gustav, he told Siesta to go gather some information regarding Tiffania. He wanted to know where had Tiffania went off to, and stops her before this matter becomes graver.


After walking for a while, they finally arrived in the deepest part of the Hidden Village, this place is tightly secured. The tall ancient trees around the area serves as a natural wall, the thick vines hanging down the trees serve as a veil that concealed this place from the outside world.

As Gustav approached the ancient trees, his lips keep moving incessantly, and began to chant some kind of mantra. As he keeps moving, the ancient trees and vines mysteriously separated, and formed a tunnel for him to pass through, Saito and Louise follow closely behind.

“We’re here!” After they passed through the tunnel, Gustav was the first to raise his voice.

Within the encirclement of the ancient trees and vines was a wide open field with a beautiful flower garden, the sunlight is plentiful here, the fragrance of the flowers pervaded the air, there are flowers with all kinds of colors, it is a spectacular view. Along with the melodious birdsong, this place seemed incomparably peaceful. ⌈1

In the dead center of this open field stands a tall monolith made out of stone. When Saito and Louise noticed the monolith, they couldn’t help but ask, “This place is……”

“Where the first elf was said to have been born in the long history of the entire multiverse. Thus, it is our most sacred ground. It is also the place where our ancestor had left behind his most powerful technique for the later generation, the Black Wing!” Gustav explained calmly.

“The Black… Wing?” Saito asked with a puzzled expression.

“That’s right… It is said to be the ultimate sword technique that had been undefeated, but alas…… As you know, elves are more proficient in magic than swordplay. As a result, none of us had been able to master this technique for hundreds of generations…” As Gustav explained, he showed a pained expression.

Hundreds of generations sound like a really long time for humans, but it is even more so for the elves, as the average lifespan of an elf is no less than one thousand years.

Gustav lifted his face to look at Saito, and said solemnly, “We don’t normally let an outsider enter this sacred ground.”

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Saito’s face suddenly lit up, he is quite interested in this ⌈Ultimate Technique: Black Wing⌋ that is rumored to be undefeated. Saito couldn’t contain his excitement, and suddenly raised his voice, “Then-!”

“Ho, ho, ho~! If it’s you, Lord Saito, I believe you will be able to master this technique! But that is not the main reason why I have brought you here today.” Seeing Saito’s face all excitedly, Gustav couldn’t help but laugh. He reassured Saito that he will let him study the Ultimate Technique later so that they can discuss the main topic at hands.

“Oh…? There are other reason which you brought me here today?” Saito raised an eyebrow as he looked at Gustav.

Gustav turned his attention towards the monolith, on the face of the monolith, the image of their ancestor is carved there. It is a gallant figure riding on a dragon with four black swords attached to his back. Gustav started explaining, “That’s right, the reason I brought you here today is to pass on the knowledge of our origin to you. Regarding the birth of the first elf in history, Koinzell the Black Wing.”


“Gulp… The origin of the elves… Koinzell…” Saito knew this was going to be a lengthy and serious discussion, he approached the monolith to take a closer look at the heroic figure of the first elf.

Gustav also followed suit, and walks behind Saito, then he started to explain, “Reportedly, Lord Koinzell was said to be a human before he was reborn as an elf.”

“Eh?!” When Saito heard such an unthinkable remark, he couldn’t help but turn around to face Gustav, and let out a surprised voice.

Gustav didn’t let that bother him, and continued his explanation, “Apparently, he was loved by the Spirits, and when he was on death’s door, the Spirits tried to save his life unyieldingly. In the end… the Spirits and the person himself have fused, and become one being. That was how the first elf was birthed.”

“Wait… You don’t mean…” Saito immediately guessed the underlying meaning.

“That’s right… I suspect the same thing has happened to Elwyn…” Gustav let out a heavy breath.

“That… What happened to Lord Koinzell in the end…?” Saito couldn’t help but ask, if something similar had happened in the past, then perhaps the same thing will happen again in the present.

“That… We do not know, whether the Spirit had inherited Lord Koinzell’s will, whether Lord Koinzell had truly been rebirthed, or whether Lord Koinzell and the Spirits co-existed together in one body, no one knows for sure……” Gustav shook his head helplessly.

“Then… What are we supposed to do about Elwyn? Are we just supposed to leave her like that?” Saito finally understood why Gustav was hesitant to perform the exorcism, if the Elwyn’s life is truly being sustained by the Spirit, then exorcising it will only do more harm than good.

“For now, all we can do is wait and see… If that Spirit truly mean harm, then even at the cost of my daughter’s own life, we have to exorcist it!” Gustav hardened his resolve and made a grave decision.

Then he look at Saito and request him not to let the other elders know about the current situation of the princess yet. If they knew the princess is currently being possessed by a dark spirit, they will inevitably lead a group of shamans to go and exorcist it immediately.

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  1. Huzzah for translating World of Immortals, now I have gained Chen Dong’s skill for excessively describing beautiful girl and landscape XD 

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