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[Vol 3] Prologue: The Power of Spirits

Sylvia Although the riders were confused, they still executed their task flawlessly and subjugated the wild beasts. They were the Elite Gryphon Squad after all, a pack of wild beasts like these were no match for them.

On the other hand…… Sheena had finally cured most of my serious wounds, the lighter ones were patched up by bandages with help of Caelum.  Guess he was not an Adventurer for nothing, he had learned some First Aid skill. Zain had not suffered any heavy injuries so he rejected the offer to receive any treatment.

And that got me really curious so I asked, “Zain…… What was the reason that made you surrender? From my point of view, you still had more than enough stamina and strength, while I was totally exhausted. You were the clear winner here.”

Zain looked at me grumpily, “Do you really need to ask? The answer was obvious!”

“Well…… ehehehe~ I just wanted to confirm is all.” I scratched my head with the right hand and closed my left eye while saying that in a cheerful way. So it was that as I suspected? I am not sure if he was being honorable, or fear that my companion might join the fray if he continued his assault. However, the reason he surrendered, it was most likely because of that. It can’t be anything else other than that!

The reason was simple, he lost the moment he asked his companion to help him. He could have just ignored his pride and attacked me on the spot, but he didn’t do it. That was definitely the best decision, because Sheena and the others definitely won’t stand by idly and watch if he had continued his assault.

Caelum lent me a hand and lifted me off the ground, then he asked with a somewhat anxious expression, “Are you sure you can move around already?”

“No problemo! Don’t worry about me~ The healing spells did wonder on me!” I lifted my right arm, flexed my muscles, and then I tapped my muscles twice to show that I am fine, only if I had any muscles at all, that is.

“Then let’s go… we should go and help the other two immediately.” Albert, who had been standing guard at the side joined the conversation and urged us to go support the other two riders.

However, Caelum just waved his hand lightly and said nonchalantly, “Ah… don’t worry about those two. They are strong, there shouldn’t be any monsters in this forest that are capable of downing th–!”

Before Caelum finished his sentence, he stopped abruptly and started pondering for a while. After that he nodded his head and said, “You are right, we should at least go check out the situation as soon as possible. Not that I do not trust my companion, however I fear that something unexpected might happen.”

Everyone nodded in response and followed Caelum through the woods. By the time we arrived on the spot, the fight was already over as suspected. The village girl was hugging a gigantic boar and crying, the riders were standing behind the girl with solemn expression, and they were surrounded by a sea of corpse.

They were the corpse of the wild beasts, and the smell of blood drifted in the air. It was a nauseating sight, the ground was dyed red by the blood of the wild beasts, and their entrails were out in the open. I almost throw up upon seeing this scene. However, the corpse of the wild beasts were gone in a moment later. It was as if they just suddenly vanished in thin air.

That must be one of the functions of the Guild Card mentioned by Mister Milton earlier; All the monsters or bandits killed or subdued by the Adventurers will be teleported to the administration hall for assessment.

Although seeing it in person and hearing it were two different things. If not for the ground which had been stained red by the blood, I would have thought that was just an illusion. I’m really weak against gore, but I guess living in this world means I will eventually have to get used to it and kill someone with my own hands one of these day.

When the village girl who had been clinging to the wild boar noticed us, she immediately rushed over and kneel before Sheena with tears on her face. She grabbed Sheena’s hands and desperately beseech her to heal the wild boar, “Miss Healer! Please… please… I beg you, please save my friend! Please… sniffs, sniffs.”

Sheena was at a loss for words as she turned her sights to the two riders beside the wild boar, they just shook their head slowly. Sheena understood immediately what they implied by that gesture, so she shouldn’t make a promise blindly. After all, it was impossible to revive the dead.

Sheena was tongue-tied and doesn’t know how she should respond at times like this, she could only mutter a few words, “Ah… um… You see… I, uh… ”

However, at time this time, Sylvidia’s voice suddenly popped up in my head, “Master, that boar is not dead yet. It is faint but I can still feel its soul and its will to survive, it is still possible to save it now!”

“What…? But how? Healing magic only affects external wounds right?” I asked Sylvidia via telepathy.

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“Hmp hm hm~ And that’s where the power of the spirit comes into play. We spirits have the ability to share our power with another individual or object. With this power, we should be able to transfer some of our soul energy to the boar.” Sylvidia explained proudly as a senior Spirit Race.

I was a bit worried when I heard we will be transferring our soul energy, “Whaaaaat? Transfer our soul energy? That sounds risky!”

“Hehehe~ Don’t be such a spoilsports, It’s nothing bad, as long as you don’t go over your limit. Your soul energy will naturally recover and it will become purer and more condensed than ever.” Sylvidia reassured me that it was nothing dangerous as long as I do not overdo it.

Ah… if I think of it like blood donation, then it doesn’t sound so scary anymore. Not only can we help others with our blood, we also gain some health benefits for donating our blood. Such as reduced risks of heart disease, better blood flow, and reduce the harmful iron minerals in our body.

When I made up my mind, I tried to convince Sheena to heal the wild boar, since I cannot heal the physical wounds after all, “Sheena… let’s do it, I will help too!”

“Wha? What are you saying? That boar is–” I cut off Sheena’s words before she could finish her sentence, “Alive! That boar is still alive!”

Sheena and the rest of the group looked at me dumbfoundedly. From their point of view, that boar looked as good as dead, so how was it that I was able to claim that it was still alive? I tried to explain to them as briefly as possible since we do not have the time to waste, the life of the wild boar is chipping away as time goes on.

“I am a Spirit remember? I am sensitive when it comes to soul-related things, I can still feel the soul of the wild boar, although it is very weak at the moment. I can somehow recover the soul of the wild boar, however I cannot heal the body. If the soul do not have a body to return to, then it is pointless! That’s why… please, heal the wild boar, Sheena~!”

Author’s Note:

Well, another unexpected situation occurred as I was writing this chapter. I just got another new idea. I was actually thinking of ending Volume 2 by sending them back to the Academy. However, that seems like it will take a little more time… that’s why I’m ending Volume 2 with the last chapter!


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