[Vol 2] Chapter 17: The Black Goblin

Sylvia The black Goblin didn’t wait for me to get ready and lunged towards me at full speed!

“Eh?!?! That’s unfair!!” Though I say that, I knew there’s no such thing as fairness in a fight with your life on the line.

No matter what kind of methods you use to fight, there will always be only two results in the end, either you win or you lose. The winner will be deemed as justice, while the loser will be deemed as evil.

That’s why I do not believe there is such a thing as absolute justice or evil. Everyone only fight for their own sense of justice and what they believed in, no matter what kind of twisted form it took.

What you thought you did might have been justified, but it might be seen as evil by others. For example; if you saw a group of ants carrying food from your room to their nest, what would you do? No doubt you would kill them right?

Your action is justified in the eyes of the human, but how about the ants who were waiting for their family to bring the food back to the nest?

If you can’t comprehend that, let’s use a different example; If there is a higher being who treated humans as nothing more than mere ants and eradicate them, what would you think? Are their action justified? Or are they evil?

“Oi!! What do you think you are doing? Daydreaming in the middle of a fight?! Do you have a death wish?!” While I was thinking all that in my mind, the fist was already in front of my face. Sylvidia was the one who dragged me out of my daydream.

I should take note to fix this bad habit of mine in the future. This is not the first time it happened. It occurs frequently whenever I was driving, I would daze off and daydream while I was driving for a long while. I’m surprised I haven’t got into an accident with that yet.

“Nyaaa?!?!” As the fist was about to hit my face, I tripped on my own and fell backwards. The punch only grazed my nose as I fell towards the ground.

The black Goblin immediately twisted his body in midair and sent another punch towards the ground. This black Goblin seems to have plenty of battle experience, to execute a highly difficult maneuver like that so smoothly was not an easy task.

I hastily rolled on the ground to avoid the punch. After gaining some distance, I swiftly got up on my feet and prepare to counterattack. However, the black Goblin was already in front of me and performed an uppercut attack.

I wasn’t able to avoid it this time, I could only grit my teeth and receive the attack. It was a clean and powerful punch towards my chin, it was hard to imagine where all that power originated from. Its body stature was only about half my size. This black Goblin is strong as I suspected, I almost passed out from that punch.

I spread my right leg towards the back to prevent myself from falling backwards and gathered all the strength in my right hand to deliver a powerful blow from the upper right towards the black Goblin’s face.


A loud banging sound spread through the surrounding as the black Goblin’s head hit the ground. That is what was supposed to happen, but I found myself lying on the ground instead.

The black Goblin did exactly what I did that time against the bandit, he used my own strength against me and threw me on the ground ⌈1⌋. Although the technique he used was slightly different, since his height was half my size. Instead of his back, he was using his other hand to grab my abdomen and threw me overhead.

This black Goblin does indeed have rich battle experiences, his battle techniques are so refined. I guess I wouldn’t be able to beat him technique-wise, I will have to rely on my speed to confuse him and deliver a decisive blow with the every ounce of my strength! I only have a few minutes remaining, I need to make this quick!

“Sylvia! Sylvia!!” Sheena was calling my name as she ran towards me. Her beautiful face was covered in tears, however she was stopped by Caelum. Of course, Albert and the other two riders were there too.

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“What are you doing!! Sylvia is badly injured!! Why are you not helping her?!” Sheena was furious as her path was blocked by Caelum and let loose of her anger.

“That…… is her will, she strongly wished to fight the Goblin by herself. I do not know what she is trying to prove, but she is trying hard in her own way.” After hesitating for a while, Caelum explained the situation to Sheena.

“What……?! Are you crazy?! How can you let an injured person fight in a situation like this?! I’m going to help her, I don’t care!!” Sheena complained and tried to brush Caelum aside.

However, Caelum did not budge and said with determination, “As her Master, you should try to understand her!”

“I don’t care! I don’t care!! How can I just stand here and watch my familiar die in front of me!!” Sheena struggled as she tried to rush to my side. However, Caelum was like an unmovable wall, he wouldn’t let Sheena pass no matter what.

“You should believe in her!! She won’t die! She definitely won’t die!!” Caelum shouted.

“You…! How can you spout something so irresponsible like that!! Isn’t it your job to protect us on the journey back to the Academy?! Do your job properly!!” Sheena slapped Caelum and slip pass him from his right side.

“SHEENAAA!!!!! EVEN IF IT’S YOU, I DEFINITELY WON’T FORGIVE YOU IF YOU INTERFERED WITH MY FIGHT!!!” When I saw Sheena approaching, I took a deep breath and let out an ear-piercing shout.

Sheena stopped in her tracks and looked at me dumbfoundedly, “Wa-wha……t?”

Caelum turned around and patted Sheena’s shoulder, “Please believe in her, you are her Master right? If her life was really in a critical situation, the Guild Card will immediately take effect and send her back to the Guild Hall, I will take all the blame!”

Sheena bit her lips and clenched her fists tightly.

Seeing that Sheena was hesitating over something, Caelum continued, “I probably shouldn’t be telling you this but she was the one who jumped down voluntarily, survived the fall, and challenged the Goblin by herself.”

“Why…… why did she do something like this…… ? Hic… hic…” Sheena got weak on her knees and slumped on the ground as she wiped the tears with her forearms.

“I do not know…… but I get the feeling she is trying to overcome something…… Let’s believe in her for now…” As Caelum finished his sentence, Sheena just nodded her head weakly and watch over my fight attentively while trying to hold back her tears.

While that was happening, the fight was still ongoing wildly!

Author’s Note:

I forgot to mention that the familiar that you get from summoning ritual is all random in the previous chapter. It has already been amended. Feel free to go through paragraph 3 of the previous chapter again.


  1. If anyone don’t remember, it was the moves executed by Sylvia against the bandit group in Volume 1 Chapter 5 

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