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[Vol 4] Chapter 24: Dodging Galore (Part 2)

Sylvia After Albert left, I walked dejectedly towards the servant’s quarters by myself. If I remember correctly, the servant’s quarters should be at the back of the academy, so it shouldn’t be hard to find if I just walk straight to the back from the open field.

As I was walking, I saw a group of girls playing baseball in the field. I was quite surprised that they knew about this sport, but if I think about it carefully, it must have been spread by Saito.

Since I wasn’t especially interested in baseball, I didn’t stop to watch and continued walking at my own pace.

Meanwhile, the catcher was signalling the pitcher as the batter was eyeing on me. These group of female baseball players was obviously not here to play baseball. Their goal was to knock me unconscious with the fastball. Seeing that I wasn’t paying attention to them, the pitcher revealed a faint smile. Then she got into position and readied to throw the ball.

While this was happening, I was completely oblivious to it and walked towards my destination with a carefree manner. That’s how it looked on the outside, but in reality, I was getting all the more anxious thinking about what Angie would make me do once I get there.

Then, with a “Ping!”, the batter hit the ball and it flew straight at me. Some people watching the game at the side saw my figure and shouted “Careful!”, but as my mind was occupied at the time, I didn’t hear them.

Just as the ball was about ten inches away from me, I suddenly crouched on the ground with both hands covering my head. That was not because I noticed the ball that was about to hit me, but because I was getting scared thinking about the “dreadful” things Angie would do. Thanks to that, I was able to avoid getting hit by the ball.

The fastball flew past my head and brushed the hair. I didn’t even notice that I was this close to being hit since I was preoccupied by other things. Some of the onlookers quickly rushed to my side and asked if I was hurt anywhere. I just shook my head and told them I was fine.

Soon after, the batter and some of the baseball players ran over and apologized, “Sorry—! That was an accident! It was beyond our control, the ball—”

I was confounded by the sudden apology, I had no idea what was going on as I just tilted my head to the side and asked, “Huh? Why are you apologizing? Did you do something wrong?”

“T-The ball…” One of the girls said timidly and pointed towards the wall.

I looked over there and was shocked for a moment. The ball was stuck on the wall and left tiny cracks in the surroundings. At that moment, as if it didn’t concern me at all, I thought out loud, “Wow… as expected of the fantasy world, even a harmless sport like this could turn into a deathly game. If someone was hit by that ball, they would be dead by now. Hahahahaha—”

However, why were they apologizing to me? Could it be that they wanted me to apologize to the headmaster on their behalf? Because I’m a new student, so I could get off with only a light warning? No thank you! I haven’t done anything wrong, there’s no reason for me to be reprimanded for no reason! And it’s not like I know any of these girls to begin with!

As these crossed my mind, I stood up and said with a smile, “Sorry, I have something to attend to. You should go and apologize to the headmaster for breaking the school’s properties yourself.”

The girls probably thought of that as a threat, all of their faces turned deathly pale and immediately shouted sorry in unison as they scattered.

After that, my trip to the servant’s quarters went smoothly… Or so I thought, but a lot of things happened in the “shadows” without my knowledge. For instance, when someone was trying to shoot a tranquilizer from my back, I suddenly changed direction because I noticed some weird flowers were growing at the side of the road. The tranquilizer ended up hitting Basile and putting him to sleep. When someone was trying to trip me on purpose by using spiritual power to manipulate the grass, I suddenly started chasing an exotic butterfly and somehow avoided all the grass knots. Or when someone was trying to ram into me with an “out-of-control” cart, I suddenly tripped and the cart just ran past over my body. My eyes were shut when I fell so I didn’t notice the cart.

All in all, a lot of things happened on the way, unbeknownst to me. There were some instances that were pretty obvious, like the flower vase that suddenly fell in front of me, or the trap that suddenly activated after I kicked a rock and hit the switch by chance. However, due to my… ignorance, is the best way to put it, I was completely oblivious to the fact that I was being targeted. If it was any other person, they would already start to feel suspicious after this series of “coincidences” happening more than five times in a row.

When I arrived at the back of the campus in one piece, I could see Angie standing right in the middle of the open field, waiting for me. Beside her was Sylvidia. She was waving at me with a meaningful smile. When she got beside me, she asked, “Did something interesting happened on the way?”

“Hm?” I turned my head to look at her in doubt, then I answered, “Nothing in particular, why?”

“Fufufu… fuhahahahaha… As expected of my master. After that continuous assault, yet you remain unfazed. Good… very good… kehehehehehe…” Sylvidia was finally unable to restrain her laughter anymore and burst out laughing.

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I had no idea what she was laughing about so I asked with concern, “Are you okay in the head?”

“Pwahahahahahaha!! Oh my gosh! You’re the best, hahahahahaha—!” However, that only served to make Sylvidia laugh even harder.

Just at this time, Wyllie Wisp suddenly appeared beside me and said with an impish smile, “Fufufu… I seriously have no idea whether you’re a natural born genius or just plain ignorant.”

I looked to the left, Sylvidia was laughing unceasingly, I looked to the right, Wyllie Wisp was giggling. I felt like I was being made fun of, I couldn’t help but puff up my cheeks, “Mou!!! The both of you are making fun of me!!”

“W-What are you d-d-doing talking to yourself?! T-This trick won’t work on me, you hear?! There’s no such thing as a g-g-g-ghost!” Looking at me talking to thin air, Angie took a step back, frightened.

Author’s Note:

Phew… this chapter took a really long time to write… I can’t come up with much of those “instances” to make this chapter as funny as it should be. Sorry if I failed to meet expectations.


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