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[Vol 2] Prologue: The Guild Card

Sylvia “Accept it!!” Sheena grabbed both sides of my shoulders strongly and shake me twice, then she looked into my eyes with a powerful gaze.

I feel like answering to her call but I feel that I shouldn’t. I will surely regret it if I accept that proposal… and besides, just because she is my Master does not mean I have to listen to her every command, I have to make my own decision. And a good servant should not blindly follow orders from their Master, but to help them develop into a better person. ⌈1

With that thought, I shook my head, “No… I’m afraid I can’t accept your proposal, Mister Milton. I appreciate your consideration, but I’m afraid I am not ready to take on the responsibility of an S Rank!”

Sheena’s expression was ugly to behold and she grabbed my shoulders with even more strength, “What are you talking about!! It’s not everyday you get an offer to be an S Ranker! Just accept it!! Do you know how much benefit you can get just by being an S Ranker?!”

Benefits? There are such things like that too huh… but I still look into her eyes and said firmly, “Master… no matter the benefits, I still can’t accept it! Think about it, if I am given the title of an S Ranker, I would probably be forced to go on an almost impossible quest! What do you expect me, a newbie who doesn’t even know his ⌈2⌋ left and right yet, to do? I can’t even protect you, my Master, properly! How do you expect me to finish an S Rank quest? I’d rather start at the bottom and climb up slowly like everyone else! Only when one achieved something through their own hard work will there be meaning.”

“Muu……” Sheena puffed her cheeks and didn’t say any more.

“Hahaha… is that so? That’s such a shame… I was really looking forward to request something of you…” Mister Milton said resignedly.

What?! So he really have something in mind… Oh am I glad I rejected his proposal.

On the other hand, Albert was laughing out loud, “Khh… HAHAHAHA!! Oh god… Hahaha… I don’t believe it, there is actually a familiar capable of refusing to follow the Master’s command! Hahaha… oh… phew…”

Albert wiped the tears of laughter from his eyes and continue, “I guess there’s a first time for everything…” And then he patted Sheena on her right shoulder once.

“Fuuuu………” Sheena let out a long breath and looked at me again before saying, “Okay, fine… I understand. But at the very least. you have to register at the Adventurer Guild. Even if it’s the lowest rank, there’s still a minimal benefit that can guarantee your safety.”

“Huh……? Guarantee my safety? There’s such a convenient item?” I was secretly surprised! I have never heard of any such things that can guarantee a person’s well being even in the fantasy novels that I like so much!

“Yes…” Sheena took out a card from her pocket and showed me, it looks kind of like an identity card. There’s the picture of Sheena on the card, her name, her race, her age, her attributes, her guild rank and total amount of money.

“This is…?” I peeled my sight from the card, and asked.

“A Guild Card.” The Guild Master of Swinford moved forward and said so.

“A Guild Card?” I tilted my head in obvious confusion.

“Yes, that is a Guild Card. As you can see from the surface, it function as a sort of identity card and credit card. You can store your money in the card and use it to purchase items at any affiliated store ⌈3⌋.” Mister Milton stopped momentarily to clear his throat.

And then he continued, “Ahem… aside from that, card holders of any rank gets the benefit of life insurance!”

“Um… can you please elaborate further?” Clearly not understanding what does Milton mean by life insurance, I asked him to go into more details.

“Gladly! You see… this card is bound directly to your soul, so that even if it is stolen, other people won’t be able to use it. But more importantly, it can detect your life force and display it in the corner of your sight. If your life force falls below critical value, you will be teleported to the closest Adventurer Guild to receive medical treatment!” Mister Milton seemed really proud when he spoke of it.

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I was flabbergasted and it clearly showed on my face with the jaws opening so widely. Even Sheena and Albert seemed to find it funny and started giggling on the side.

“B… But how?! How in the world did you make something like this? It’s impossible, this is too cheat!” I still find it very hard to believe and ask for an explanation.

Mister Milton was delighted with my response and opened his mouth, “Hmhmhm~ This is all thanks to the wealth the dungeons brought us.” Then he just stopped abruptly!

“Dungeons? What does dungeon have anything to do with this? Please stop leaving me in the dust and pause every once in a while just to see my reaction!” I pouted unhappily due to Mister Milton’s obvious response.

“Alright alright~ I get it, I will stop teasing you already! I apologize for that, you are just too cute!” Having teased me enough, Mister Milton apologized sincerely. However, that last remark is unnecessary!

“Hehehe~ I know right~” And Sheena joined the fray.

“Geez! Stop teasing me already, hukhukhuk…” I cried. Well… not literally, there’s no tears coming out. Just a dry tear. ⌈4

“Alright Alright~ I will tell you. It’s actually nothing much. We just incorporated the technique and materials found in the Teleport Labyrinth into these cards. As for the vision of your life force, that’s just an illusory spell.” Mister Milton finally explained after he have had enough.

“Guild Master! We have cleared the Abyss Beast and is ready to set out!” One of the Elite Adventurers reported to Mister Milton.

“Alright, good. Now let us head back to the Guild Hall!” With a wave of his hand, all the Elite Adventurers head toward the Adventurer Guild immediately.

I took a glance at location where the monster was supposed to be but there was nothing! Nothing at all, not even traces of blood! What did they do?! Then I turned my head towards Mister Milton with an inquisitive glance.

He took notice of it and laughed, “Hahaha, this is also one of the benefits for the Card Holders. All the monsters or bandits they kill or subdue will be teleported to the administration hall, then the loot will be distributed amongst all the party members equally. Naturally the loot and gold will be stored at the Guild Storage. They can use the gold stored in the Guild Storage by presenting their Guild Card at any affiliated stores, but to withdraw the loot and gold, they’d have to go to the Guild Hall directly, unless you’re D-Rank and above, you cannot withdraw them directly via Teleportation.”

We were talking about various things on the way to the Guild Hall, and I received a lot of new information from Mister Milton. This world feels more and more like a game now for some reason. All these convenient tools and function where you can normally only find in the game actually exist here in this fantasy world!


  1. Reference from Hayate the Combat Butler 
  2. Yes, Sylvia is referring to herself as his since he forgot that he is currently a girl in the heat of the moment 
  3.  Thanks to cocooma for correcting my mistake! 
  4.  Crying without tears. Usually fake. 

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