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[Vol 1] Chapter 7: The Night at the Inn

Sylvia When I arrived in front of our room, I knocked the door twice.

“Who’s there?” Sheena got up from the couch and asked.

I answered softly, “It’s me…”

When Sheena heard my voice, I can hear her footsteps, “Tap! Tap! Tap!” as she walked towards the door.

“Creak…” The door opened, and Sheena prompted me to come in.

“What took you so long?” Sheena said that worriedly, “Did those ruffians attack you after all?”

“No! Um… Okay, maybe they did… But the reliable Miss Anabelle helped me get rid of them.” I tried to deny it, but after receiving Sheena’s strong gaze, I couldn’t help but blurt out the truth.

Sheena asked confusingly, “Miss Anabelle? Who is that?”

I answered honestly, “Oh… she’s the clerk who works at the pub downstairs.”

“Is that so… Guess we’ll have to express our thanks to her tomorrow.” Sheena felt grateful towards the clerk, and wants to express her gratitude to the clerk before we leave the inn tomorrow.

By this time, Albert just got out of the bathroom, dressed in a bathrobe and interrupted our conversation, “Oh, you’re back. Did you get the food?”

“………You just took a shower?” I looked at Albert all over the body and asked.

“Yea… please hand over the food to me.”Albert rubbed his hair with the tower, then he extended his hand to receive the food.

I handed the food over to him and said in surprise, “It hasn’t even been ten minutes yet, you already finish showering? Did you even wash your body?”

“Oops! Oh crap, what’s wrong with me today, why is everything in my mind that shouldn’t be said slipped out of my mouth every time I talk today!” When I thought of such things, I moved both my hands to cover my mouth immediately.

Albert displayed a playful smile, approaches me and slid his index finger under my chin.

“Yes, I washed every nook and cranny. Want to come join me for another round?” Albert tried to tease me and got chopped by Sheena at the back of the head.

“Stop fooling around Albert, go and eat your dinner.” Sheena crossed her arms, and puffed the right side of her cheeks.

Albert rubbed the back of his head and turned away from me to face Sheena.
Then he laughed and say, “Fine, fine… I was just teasing her for a bit, hahaha”

“Sigh… You never change… Come Sylvia, let us take a shower first before we eat.” Sheena tried to drag me to the bathroom with her as she said that.

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“What?! You…… you know about my circumstances right? To… to take a shower with you is a little…”My cheeks turned bright red, and I looked down on the floor.

Sheena draw her face close to my ear, and whispered softly, “I know, but right now, you are a girl. You need to get used to the naked body of a girl.”

Then she dragged me to the bathroom forcefully.

I’ll omit what happens next but let’s just say… That was the best moment of my entire life.


After a while, I came out of the bathroom with Sheena, feeling exhausted and ecstatic all at the same time.

We were wearing a beautiful nightgown prepared by Sheena.

Wait, why does she have nightgown prepared? Does that mean she already expected this to happen? Or is this what they meant by always be prepared for the unexpected.

Sheena was clinging to my right arm happily as we walked toward where Albert was sitting. It seems he already finished eating, and was heating up our food for us with magic. So I guess Albert can use both wind and fire magic? That’s pretty neat…

“Oh… so you’re finally done, took you long enough!” Albert frowned when he saw us, since we really took a long time in the bathroom.

“Sorry, I was just having so much fun teasing Sylvia. She’s just so cute!!” Sheena was moving her index finger in a circular motion on my right cheek repeatedly.

“S-Stop teasing me already!” Recalling the moment when we took a shower together, I looked down with flushed cheeks, and began to fidget.

“Hehe… C’mon, let’s eat already. I’m hungry.” Sheena said that while making an unladylike gesture such as rubbing her tummy.

“I have already heated for food for you in advance, please enjoy. I will just call it a night for now.” Albert pulled the chair for us to sit on before he walked towards the sofa and lie down…

Wow… he’s really going to be sleeping on the sofa? He’s quite the gentleman… maybe I’ll have to re-evaluate my opinion of him…

After we finished our dinner, we too climb on the bed and sleep.


The next day.

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“Knock! Knock!”

“Uuu… who’s knocking the door so early in the morning?” Sheena frowned as she slowly opened her eyes.

“Hnnnnnnng.” I rubbed my eyes, and lazily stretches my body before getting up.

While still half-asleep, I gazed at Albert, seeing him putting on his wig and makeup.

After he is done, he looked at me and Sheena in the eye. We understood his intention and just nodded.

“Who’s there?” While approaching the door, Albert shouted.

Oh by the way, this is unrelated but Albert’s voice is different when he cros… I mean disguised himself as a woman. His voice was hoarse and manly but now it’s sharp and sweet. I guess they even have magic that changes the voice huh? That’s convenient.

“Room delivery~” The voice came from behind the closed door.

“Room delivery? There’s no such service in this inn, and we didn’t call for any room service, state your business!” Albert refuted coldly.

“Hm…? That voice… could it be? Miss Anabelle?” I recognized the owner of the voice.

“Correct~ I’m glad you remembered me, missy.” Anabelle was delighted that I still remember her.

“Miss Anabelle? You mean the one who helped you yesterday? What is she doing here?” Sheena pondered for a moment, then she raised her head, “It is fine, Albert, let her in. We need to thank her for last night anyway.”

“Are you sure?” Albert looked at Sheena doubtfully.

“I am certain.” Sheena nodded strongly.

“Fine…” After a moment of silence, Albert resigned and unlocked the door.

When the door is wide open, we saw Anabelle with two trays on both her hands.
On top of the tray were various delicacies.

“Please enter.” Albert prompted Anabelle to enter the room.

“Don’t mind if I do.” Anabelle entered the room and put the tray on top of the desk.

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Then Sheena get off the bed, and stood straight with her hands crossed.

“Why are you doing this for us? I don’t remember the inn offered any complimentary breakfast or room delivery.” Sheena asked Anabelle with a questioning gaze.

Anabelle glanced at Sheena and smiled, “Let’s just say… I’m an old acquaintance of your father.”

Sheena got a little more cautious and asked, “How do you know who is my father?”

Anabelle just laughed at that remark, “Hahaha… you looked exactly like your mother when she was younger. I can immediately tell that you are the daughter of Saito and Louise.”

“So… you claim to know my parent in their younger days?” Sheena’s expression become colder.

“Hahaha, your mother was like a wild untamed dog when she was younger and Saito was…. ” Like that, Miss Anabelle chatted happily with us while enjoying the food that she brought for us.

After we ate our fill. Anabelle cleaned up the table. Before she leaves, she take a quick glance at me, and I saw a hint of sadness in her eyes.

I mean, I have noticed it when I spoke to her for the first time, but I just thought that’s her normal expression. However, I don’t think so anymore after seeing her chatting happily with Sheena today.

I wonder why… Does she know the real owner of this body and was sad that I don’t remember her? Or is there a deeper meaning…… I just don’t know… I wanted to ask but I just can’t bring up the topic…

While I was still deep in thought, Sheena said, “Alright, let’s pack our stuff and leave immediately. We need to check out from the inn and visit Uncle Sebastian’s weapon store later to test your aptitude in magic and get you an appropriate weapon.”

“Mm… ” I nods my head strongly and pack up immediately, well not that I have much to pack up anyway… Just the nightgown Sheena gave me the other night.


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