[Vol 4] Chapter 4: King of the Barn

Sylvia “Psst… Psst… Master.” Immediately after Sheena introduced her friends to me, Sylvidia suddenly whispered to me through our spiritual link.

“Hm? What’s wrong, Sylvidia?” I sent back via telepathy.

“Be careful of that Irina girl, she’s…… not human!” Sylvidia warned me to be careful of that blonde haired girl.

My body jolted for a moment, but I was able to remain calm and didn’t shout out loud, I replied via telepathy, “W-what do you mean not human? Could she be a vampire or something like that? N-now that you mentioned it… She has crimson eyes which are synonymous to vampires…”

But of course, the thing regarding vampires and red eyes is a stereotype. By no means was that the truth.

“To be honest… I have no idea…” Sylvidia replied truthfully.

“W-what do you mean no idea?” Could she be a new species that even Sylvidia don’t know about? I couldn’t help but have such a thought.

“She possessed an unusual aura, but when I tried to probe her with the Spiritual Power earlier, it was completely blocked off, so I couldn’t investigate further. An ordinary 15 or 16 year old girl couldn’t possibly have such precise control over their Spiritual Power.” Sylvidia explained in details as to why she couldn’t determine her true identity.

“I-I see…” I was a little surprised, since when did Sylvidia sent out the Spiritual Power to probe the target? I didn’t even notice at all.

“By the way, I also tried to probe that Naoki girl earlier, but she also managed to block my spiritual probe, this academy is full of monsters!” When I heard Sylvidia said that, my body couldn’t help but jolt another time involuntarily.

“Sylvia… Sylvia… Are you okay?” Seeing me became silent for a moment, Sheena asked worriedly.

“Eh? Ah… I’m fine~ I’m fine~ I was just really tired.” After being brought back to reality by Sheena’s voice, I said such a thing and scratched my head awkwardly. Then I introduced myself politely, “Irina… and Lenis right? My name is Sylvia, pleased to make your acquaintance.”

“Oh~ oh~ I know, you are Sheena’s familiar right?” The red-haired girl, Lenis, said excitedly.

Irina, the blonde haired girl who was standing beside Lenis, didn’t say anything and just nodded her head. I could see the corners of her mouth lifting, that was a beautiful smile, but… for some reason, I could sense an underlying meaning behind that smile.

I couldn’t help but shivers involuntarily when I thought of the possibility that she might have found out about our secret.

“Enough with the stiff introduction, let’s go take a bath before we hit the sack.” Sheena cut in between us and tried to drag me back to the room.

“Sheena, I know you’ve lived a commoner’s life since childhood, but you are a noble now, please mind your speech and don’t use informal terms like hit the sack.” This was not the first time Lenis had reminded Sheena to act accordingly to her peerage.

“I know~ I know~” Sheena just replied lightheartedly and pulled me away, “Let’s go Sylvia~”

“Mou~! Are you listening to me? Hey-! No running in the hall!” Lenis turned around and shouted at Sheena’s back figure.

While running, Sheena turned her head around and waved at the two girls, “Lenis, Irina, I’ll see you later~”

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Irina just waved back quietly, but Lenis on the other hand just heaved a sigh of resignation.


By the time we got back to the dorm, we saw a maid standing in front of the double door. That was without a doubt, Angie, who served as Sheena’s personal maid. When we got closer, Angie performed a curtsy and said respectfully, “Miss Sheena, I’ve sent the three goblins to the barn. However……”

Angie was a little hesitant to continue, but being urged by Sheena, she had no choice but to say it, “I beg your forgiveness! I’ve lost sight of the little fox you entrusted to me.” She suddenly raised her voice and bowed deeply.

“Ah… If it’s about Futaba… I think she should be at the barn.” Since Futaba was contracted with Sheena, she can somehow sense her general location. Angie, who doesn’t know anything about magic, lifted her head and refuted, “B-but that can’t be! She was not there when I checked earlier.”

“She probably got there after you left, or perhaps she was hiding her presence… Shall we go and check?” Sheena thought of the possibility that Futaba had reverted to her spiritual form, which is why Angie could not see Futaba.

With Angie at the lead, we soon arrived at the entrance of the barn. When we peeked into the barn, we were gobsmacked, just what the heck is going on?!

I guess the smaller-sized creature gets to stay in the dorm, because all the Magic Beasts in the barn are middle-sized creatures not smaller than a horse.

But that was not what shocked us the most. In fact, that was well within expectation. What caused our dismay was the unfathomable scene in front of us. Every single one of those fierce-looking Magic Beasts, without a single exception, was kowtowing before three creatures that looked nothing more than elementary school kids!

That’s right, it was actually the Goblin Trio! Just how did something like this happen?! The black goblin, Zain, was holding Futaba with both hands high up in the sky. It seemed as if all the Magic Beasts had recognized the little fox’s divinity and submitted themselves to the little critter… This scene somehow reminded me of the Lion King. The scene where Rafiki lifted young Simba with both hands on the Pride Rock.

Sheena suddenly tapped my left shoulder twice, I looked at her and saw her pointing her index finger to the opposite side of the barn. Then she whispered, “Let’s leave them here for now, they seemed to be enjoying themselves at least…”


After a moment of silent, I nodded my head in agreement and left the barn behind us. Angie was still slack-jawed on the spot, but since Sheena didn’t say anything, I didn’t do anything unnecessary either. I just followed her back to the room without saying anything.

I will bet Angie will come complaining to Sheena for leaving her behind again, but that’s a story for another time. By the time we entered the room, I really wanted to slump onto the bed and fall into a deep sleep, but my body is sticky from the sweat, it would feel uncomfortable to fall asleep like this, so I had no choice but to take a quick bath.

Before I knew it, Sheena had already prepared two sets of negligee. Those see-through nightgowns looked really bewitching, just looking at them already filled me with wild imaginations, I wondered what would happen if we were to put that on… I probably wouldn’t even be able to look straight at Sheena.

Sheena suddenly opened the door and said, “Let’s go.”

“Eh? Go where? Aren’t we going to take a bath?” I tilted my head in confusion.

“Of course we’re going to the Public Bath~!” With that, Sheena dropped the bomb with an impish smile.

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Author’s Note:

Fufufu… The bath scene in the next chapter?!


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