[Vol 3] Chapter 10: Contract With Spirit King

Sylvia “T-that is… the Spirit King!” Sylvidia sent the message directly in my mind urgently.

“T-the Spirit what?!” I couldn’t believe my ears and was convinced that I just misheard, but after hearing Sylvidia reaffirmed that the figure currently descending from the heaven is indeed a Spirit King, I couldn’t help but ask, “W-why is the Spirit King… here of all places?”

Sylvidia remained silent, she didn’t say anything and just turned her attention to Sheena. It seems like she knows something, but she wouldn’t tell me about it. I can tell from her gesture that the descend of the Spirit King probably has something to do with Sheena.

I know it is not a good idea to pry on other people’s privacy so I didn’t press on. In time, I will probably hear it from the person herself.

The godly figure of the Spirit King was really small since it was so high in the sky, but after it descended to several meter above ground, it is still just as tiny.

AriaThe Spirit King has a pair of beautiful translucent butterfly wings attached to her back. Her long platinum hair, her slender skin, her crimson eyes, her appearance is very eye-catching. She has a majestic aura around her, she looks really stunning. However…… she is TOO SMALL!! Her height is probably only around 20 centimeter, she is only a little taller than the palm size of an adult.

She looks just like a… that’s right, she looked exactly like a Pixie in the fairy tale! I couldn’t help but exclaim in shock, “The Spirit King is a…… a Pixie?!”

The Spirit King frowned upon hearing my statement, she turned her attention to me and said with a hint of disgust, “Hmph! Don’t lump me together with the lowly Pixie race. I am a proud fairy-kin.”

Sylvidia immediately took over the control of my body, and kneel on the ground with one knee touching the ground. We were able to move only because the Spirit King has already lifted her God Realm some time ago.

Sylvidia lowered our ⌈1⌋ head respectfully and said with sincerity, “Lord Aria, it has been a while. I apologize on behalf of my host, she is still new to this world and didn’t know of many things. I will properly educate her in the future! I beg your forgiveness for her rude remark.”

The Spirit King, Aria, looked at us interestingly, “Hoh… ? Is that you, Sylvidia? Hehehe, I don’t believe my eyes… you are actually still alive after all that? You are quite resilient, if the Goddess of Light know you are still alive, she will be very delighted! And moreover……” The Spirit King flew in front of us, then she looked at us up and down to size us up.

“Hehehe~” Spirit King Aria laughed charmingly, her smile was so beautiful that it would steal the soul of any man who gazed at it. Even though I am in the body of a girl now, my mind is still that of a man. Then she said with a sweet voice, “It seems you have found a good host, Sylvidia.”

Sylvidia nodded her head in affirmation, “That is indeed the case.”

“That’s good~ That’s good~ Then does that mean you are not planning to return to the Goddess of Light’s side?” Spirit King Aria gazed into our eyes and asked Sylvidia firmly.

“With all due respect, Lord Aria, with my current level of strength. I am not worthy to stand beside a mighty god.” Sylvidia answered without any hesitation.

“Fu…… fair enough!” Spirit King Aria let out of breath, then she turned around to face the Divine Fox. She crossed her forearms under her breasts, then she barked at him with her sweet voice, “Iqaos! Why didn’t you stop attacking when I ordered you to stop!”

The Divine Fox’s already pale face turned even lighter, he answered in a panic,” M-my Lord- I…… I didn’t know it was you! Please! I beg your forgiveness!”

“Hmph! You tried to steal my contractor, that sin is unforgivable!” Spirit King Aria said in disdain.

“Contractor? Did the Spirit King mean Sheena?” These thoughts suddenly flooded my mind, I couldn’t help but exclaim in shock, “EHHHH?!?! By contractor, you don’t mean-!”

“H-hey! Master! What are you doing?! If you keep flustering like that-!” Sylvidia sent the message to my mind simultaneously, but before she can finish her sentence…

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“Kweeeeeen-KABOOM!” With an explosive sound, our Armatization was cancelled, even our Beast Form Transfiguration had been undone. I changed back into an elf, Sylvidia was separated from my body forcefully. The Divine Artifact, Blank Slate, exited my body from the cleavage and dropped to the ground.

Due to our mind going out of sync, the Armatization was forcefully cancelled. We both fell to the ground due to the powerful force pulling us apart.

“Ouch! That hurts~!” I rubbed my butt that was the first to hit the ground with teary eyes.

Sylvidia stood up on all four and let out a defeated sigh, “Haiz…… You are still far too immature. You need more training!” Then Sylvidia turned to Spirit King Aria, she extended one of her forehoof forward, while the other forehoof was kneeling on the ground. ⌈2⌋ I have never seen a real horse take a bowing position before. But now, a genuine Divine Steed, a Winged Unicorn, is actually bowing before the Spirit King.

Then Sylvidia said respectfully, “I apologize for the disturbance that my Master has caused, please carry on with what you were doing, Lord Aria.”

Spirit King Aria revealed a slight smile and whispered to herself amusingly, “Hmph! What an interesting host! She actually dared to act so daringly in my presence.” Then she turned her head back to face Iqaos, “So… ? What do you have to say for yourself, Iqaos? Do you have any last word?”

Iqaos turned even paler, if he turns even more paler than this, I fear that he might really die from anxiety. Iqaos plead in a hurry, “My lord-! Please, I don’t know anything. I really don’t know anything! I had no idea she is your…”

“Silence! This is a clear act of betrayal. Today, you will die!” Spirit King Aria didn’t wait for Iqaos to finish the sentence. She lifted the glorious divine sword that was in her hand and generated a gale around it.

Just when she was about to strike Iqaos, Sheena stood up and ran in between them to stop the attack. She spread her arms wide and faced Spirit King Aria, she made an appeal for Iqaos, “Please, just stop this already! He doesn’t have the will to fight!”

“Sheena……” Spirit King Aria whispered softly, then she raised her voice, “Why did you help him? He was trying to forcefully make you enter a contract with him!”

“I…… I mean w-we need him! We need him to give his blessing to the local village nearby!” Sheena stuttered at first, but later on, she picked up her courage and said firmly.

“If you need a Celestial Spirit to give their blessing to the local village, I can give you as much as you want. It didn’t have to be him!” Spirit King Aria said with conviction.

“Uh……” Sheena was at a lost for words, she didn’t know what to do. All she know was that she didn’t want to see someone being killed in front of her, even if they are her enemies.

Author’s Note:

Now if you are wondering, why Spirit King when it is a female. Shouldn’t it be Spirit Queen instead? Well the answer is simple, Spirit King is simply a title. I mean… don’t you call a female Demon Lord as a Demon Lord as well? Do people actually call them Demon Queen?

What will happen in the next chapter? Will Sheena save Iqaos? Will the Spirit King allow Iqaos to live? Stay tuned next week!


  1. I am using “our” and “us” because Sylvidia and Sylvia are currently one entity. Refer to the last chapter. 
  2. It looks like this:

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