[Vol 4] Chapter 8: The Transfer Students

Sylvia Right now, I am standing in front of the faculty room, since I’ve been told to come here first thing in the morning to report to Professor Naoki.

“Knock! Knock!”

I knocked the door nervously and pushed it open slowly, then I poked my head into the room. “Pardon my intrusion……” I said that in a barely audible voice as I entered the room.

When the Professors in the faculty room noticed me, one of them approached and asks, “What business do you have in the faculty room?”

That professor had a gentle smile and a handsome face, he looked to be in his early twenties, quite young to be a professor at this prestigious academy, he must be quite accomplished. He seemed like the type that would be popular among the female students.

To that kind of professor who had a beaming smile, I answered honestly, “Ah… um… Professor Naoki asked me to find her in the faculty room this morning.”

“Professor Naoki?” That handsome professor had a doubtful expression for a moment, then his face suddenly brightened up, “Ah… You must be that new transfer student everyone was talking about. Come on in, Professor Naoki’s seat is at that corner, you’ll be able to find her there.” As he said that, the handsome professor used his index finger to point to one corner of the room.

After thanking him, I walked over to that corner and found Professor Naoki furrowing her eyebrows, she seemed to be pondering about something very seriously.

“Um… Professor Naoki?” When she heard my voice, Professor Naoki lifted her head and saw me leaning sideways.

“Ah… You’re finally here?” Professor Naoki muttered and stood up from the chair, then she walked past me and said, “Come, I’ll show you to the homeroom.”

Just like that, I followed Professor Naoki to the homeroom. As Professor Naoki entered the room, she told me to remain outside and wait for the cue.

All eyes were focused on Professor Naoki as she walked towards the teacher’s desk. Professor Naoki stood on a stand to elevate herself, she is short after all, then she raised her voice and said, “Good morning students. As I announced yesterday, new transfer students will be joining us today. I am glad most of you can make it to the homeroom this morning.”

Just at this time, a proud-looking guy let out a snort, “Hmph! I bet it’s just Sheena’s familiar anyway. This better be worth our time.”

“Oh my~ How curious, even the arrogant Lancelot is here today, I bet it’s going to rain tonight.” Sheena teased the proud-looking guy on purpose, it seemed like they’re on bad term.

The proud-looking guy called Lancelot did not take a bait and ignored Sheena’s obvious provocation. Professor Naoki let out a breath and said, “Sigh… It is as you all have suspected, one of the transfer student is indeed Sheena’s familiar.”

“You said one of the transfer student? That means there’s another transfer student in the special class other than Sheena’s familiar?” One of the students asked what was weighing on everyone’s mind.

“Yes, she is currently having a briefing with the headmaster. I suspect she will be here shortly. Meanwhile, allow me to introduce the new student you’re all already familiar with. Come on in.” With that cue from Professor Naoki, I walked into the room with stiff movements.

I could hear the students clamoring as I entered the room;

“What?! Two transfer students on the same day?”
“This is… quite a rare event…”
“If she can make it to the special class, then there must be something noteworthy about her…”

After casting a quick glance at the entire room, I could more or less guess the reason they were surprised. Because…… there were only seven people in the class! Four of which I already acquainted with. And this was supposed to be “most of them”?! No wonder they were surprised to have two new students who suddenly joined their ranks. Even I was surprised, but for a different reason.

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I guess this was not a “special” class just for show, every students in this class must be a top elite in their own rights. Among the acquaintances I knew, there were Sheena, Albert, Irina, and Lenis. The other three were the proud-looking guy, and two blonde-haired girl. One of the blonde-haired girl had cat eats and tail, just looking at her, I could totally understand Sheena’s impulse to pull me into her embrace when I was in the cat-form. I mean, she’s just too damn cute, it’s irresistible!

However, for Albert to be in this class too, I admit I was slightly surprised. I never thought he was special-class quality, my evaluation of him just skyrocketed. Initially, I thought he was just a good-for-nothing playboy, but he turned out to be quite a likable guy, I guess you really can’t judge a book by its cover.

As I walked into the classroom, Sheena was waving at me with a beaming smile, so I just waved back at her awkwardly. Albert just nodded his head when I glanced at him. Lenis was waving with both hands in front of her and Irina just revealed a slight smile when I swept my eyes past them. The two blonde-haired girl didn’t have any particular reaction, but the proud-looking guy had a clearly irritated expression.

As I got beside the teacher’s desk, I tried to copy Albert’s elegant gesture from yesterday; from when he was still crossdressing. I pulled the hem of my skirt and performed a rather awkward curtsy. Then I introduced myself with stuttering voice, “M-my name is Sylvia! It’s n-n-nice to meet cu-!” I bit my tongue at the end of the sentence and let out a groan.

“Pfft-!” I could hear a faint restrained laughter with my attentive ears, it obviously came from Sheena. Nobody else found this funny, I guess it must be their temperament as a noble. In normal classes, most students would already burst into laughter at this failed introduction attempt.

I could hear Lenis admonishing Sheena in a barely audible voice, “Hey Sheena, it’s rude to laugh at others like this…”

“Hehehe… Sorry~ I just couldn’t help it……” Sheena was trying her best to restrain her laughter, I could see her wiping the tears that welled up at the corner of her eyes.

“Mu… was my action really that funny? Did she really have to laugh until her tears well up?” I puffed my cheeks in displeasure as these thoughts crossed my mind.

*Clatter! Clatter!*

Just at this time, the sound of a chair being pushed could be heard, then followed by a cheerful voice, “Nyahaha~ You are interesting! My name is Felpurr, nice to meet cu~!” The blonde-haired catgirl winked and performed a quick salutation as she introduced herself.

“Tsk! So she’s just a plebeian.” The proud-looking guy muttered something under his breath. In the world of Halkeginia, only aristocrats possess a second name, those without one are commoners, this is the common knowledge in this world.

*Knock! Knock!*

Suddenly, the sound of someone knocking the door could be heard. Soon after, entered Professor Colbert and the second transfer student in question.

That transfer student had a rather childish appearance, her height was approximately 1.4 meter, she had a flat-chest which was normal for her age, her blonde hair extended up to her waist, and it was trimmed in short bang style. Her pair of big eyes were as clear as the blue sky, paired together with her flushed cheeks, her small nose, and pink lips, she looked exceedingly charming.

What was most peculiar about this transfer student was her hat, it was a blue hat with big fluffy ears at the both sides of the hat. It looked strangely cute, especially when it was worn by her.

Author’s Note:

Hehehe~ Who do you think the other transfer student is? I bet most of you can guess who is it already with these much hint. 😉 😉

And in regards to the dodging galore… it seems like I failed again 🙁

But I swear, I will bring that fleeting dream into reality one of these days! I’m all fired up! Or not…

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