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[Vol 3] Chapter 11: Reward from the Divine Fox

Sylvia “Uh……” Sheena was at a lost for words, she didn’t know what to do. All she know was that she didn’t want to see someone being killed in front of her, even if they are her enemies.

Sheena sent me the puppy eyes, asking for my help with her gaze. I couldn’t really say no to that, but even if you ask me, I also don’t know what to do in this situation. Just how are we supposed to convince the almighty Spirit King to let a pawn lives?

Sheena kept sending me the puppy eyes, I really wanted to turn my head the other way but I couldn’t, not after receiving that pure gaze. I scratched my head and opened my mouth to speak, “Ah… geez~! Fine already…”

I stood up and whispered to Sylvidia through our spiritual link, “Sylvidia, any ideas how to convince the Spirit King to let Iqaos go?”

Sylvidia just replied uncaringly, “Hmph! He deserved it, I don’t intent to help that jerk!” Then she looked the other way and whispered softly, “He actually dares to treat me so lightly, if it was before……”

⌈Ah~! So unfair! Why do I have to get myself caught up in this mess… Gr-nununununu… I guess it’s do-or-die!⌋

I grinded my teeth and hardened my resolve, then I start to speak, “Spirit King, can you please give Iqaos one more chance?”

“Hoh~? Young spirit, you nearly got yourself killed by Iqaos, yet you want to help him?” Spirit King Aria inquired.

I shuddered involuntarily when she called me the ‘young spirit’, it makes me wonder if there is a special method for the Spirits to determine one’s identity. Sylvidia was able to tell I was a Spirit at first glance, so is the Spirit King in front of me. I really wanted to ask but I guess that can wait…

“It is true that my life was almost taken by Iqaos, but it is also thanks to him that I was able to get stronger. Please give him one more chance!” I speak resolutely.

“Fufufu~ Is that your real reason, young spirit?” Spirit King Aria smiled mischievously. I was completely entranced by her smile and spoke truthfully.

“T-the truth is… I don’t really care what happens to Iqaos! I-in fact… I think it is better that is he gone from the world, so as to avoid giving myself more trouble in the future!”

“S-sylvia-! How could you say something like that……” Sheena looked at me disbelievingly.

Sylvidia suddenly turned around and laughed loudly, “Hahaha! No wonder you’re my Master! I am starting to like you even more now!”

Spirit King Aria also burst into a fit of laughter while holding her stomach and smacking her thigh with one hand, “Fufu-fuhahahahahahaha-! I like it! I like your honesty! Hahaha!” When the Spirit King was like that, she seemed more like a child. The imposing aura from earlier seemed like a hallucination.

“Eh?” I was gobsmacked, was that supposed to be funny? I had no idea what is going on at all. But before I had a chance to think about anything else, Spirit King Aria suddenly said, “Thanks for the good laugh!”

I couldn’t help it anymore and these words just escapes my mouth automatically, “EHHH?! W-what is going on? Was that supposed to be funny? I was being completely honest…”

Spirit King Aria wiped the tears of laughter from her eyes and said, “I admire your honesty, but I never thought… pfft-!” The Spirit King was trying to hold back her laughter from mid-sentence.

I seriously don’t get it… what was so funny? Did the Spirit King have a weird sense of humor? The reason the Spirit King was laughing was because what I said was completely contrary to what she was thinking, so she was very delighted that her expectation was betrayed.

If I had answered with some cliché lines like ⌈your enemy today could be your friend tomorrow⌋ or some revolting lines like that, the Spirit King might really just kill Iqaos on the spot. But of course, I wouldn’t know what was the Spirit King thinking at the time.

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Spirit King Aria suddenly turned around to face Iqaos and Sheena, then she opened her tiny mouth and said, “Very well! I will give Iqaos one more chance! If something like this happens again, he will immediately be disposed of!”

I gave up trying to figure out what the Spirit King was thinking, my head hurts just thinking about it. I could only heave a sigh of relieve that she had a change of mind. Whatever the cause, I don’t even want to think about it any further.

Although Sheena was still a little unhappy with my answer, she was delighted when Spirit King Aria suddenly decided to give Iqaos a leeway. She also heaved a sigh of relief. Sheena bowed respectfully towards the Spirit King and thanked her sincerely, then she turned to face Iqaos and said gently, “Lord Iqaos, can you please listen to our request one more time? Please give your blessing to the town of Pharamville.”

“Ah… You saved my life, young lady. I will heed your request…” Iqaos suddenly turned very humble towards Sheena. No one knew whether it was because she saved his life or because she is the contractor of the Spirit King. Being a contractor of the Spirit King means that Sheena has the power to control all the spirits under the domain of the Spirit King.

But it seems Sheena herself wasn’t aware of her power yet, she didn’t even use this power when we were facing the Abyss Beast. If she had, she might be able to beat the Abyss Beast all by herself? That thought suddenly crossed my mind and I shuddered when I think about Sheena’s future potential.

But just how did she form a contract with the Spirit King? If I asked her, she probably wouldn’t know either, judging from her action earlier, it doesn’t seem like she remembers meeting the Spirit King in the past. Otherwise, she would have approached the matter differently.

“Hmph! Very well… Sylvidia, I will go back to inform the Goddess of Light of your whereabouts. Stay well!” With a whoosh, the Spirit King disappeared without a trace.

When the Spirit King was gone, the place was filled with silence, I was the first to speak, “…… She come and goes like a wind……”

“Huhuhu- Of course, she is the Spirit King of the Wind after all!” Sylvidia answered proudly.

Iqaos lifted his head to face Sheena and asked humbly, “Come to think of it, I haven’t heard of your name yet, young lady.”

“My name is Sheena, pleased to meet you Lord Iqaos.” Sheena smiled brightly.

“Sheena… Very well, Miss Sheena, as thanks for saving me, I shall grant you a reward!” Iqaos suddenly turned his head towards the thicket and shouted, “Futaba, come on out!”

“R-reward? I didn’t do it for th-”

Before Sheena could finish her sentence, a little golden fox came out from the thicket behind Iqaos. Sheena’s heart was completely caught by that cute little critter. Girls are always like this, they get easily distracted by cute things.

Author’s Note:

I feel like this chapter just turned a bit weird… What of your impression?

So… just a few days ago, I received a negative feedback regarding my style of writing. I tried not to mind it but I guess I am concerned after all. But I wasn’t discouraged because I know some of you out there who enjoyed my work. I thank you all from the bottom of my heart, you know who you are 😉

I just have a few comment regarding his feedback.

Q: Why was Sylvia more comfortable calling Sheena, “Master”, when she came from a world where people likes their freedom.

(This chapter is provided to you by Re:Library)

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A: Yes, it is true we come from a world with no enslavement, but there is still something called hierarchy. Do you ever call your teacher by their name, for example?

Q: As for the elemental laws and the whole revamp of the world not being even 1% similar to the original world of zero no tsukaima makes one wonder why even write about it?

A: When I started writing this story, I didn’t really have a plot yet. But now I can say this, it is still too early to judge a book by its cover. I intend to slowly uncover the changes in the world of Zero no Tsukaima and implement even more concepts that I found interesting in other series.

Q: It would be far more fun if it was just a reincarnation story with a familiar system.

A: I don’t intent to write a boring story based on the same old system. It is far more interesting to come up with something new.

Q: Dumping elemental laws on the MC out of nowhere while the MASTER cannot even cast magic stronger than a lightning bolt. It is just not a story anymore but a story for the author to dump his obsession with Coiling Dragons in it.

A: I won’t deny the claim that I am obsessed with Coiling Dragon. And it is still far too early to judge Sheena as weak, I haven’t even gone into character development yet…


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