[Vol 3] Chapter 12: The Crest of Truth

Sylvia Before Sheena could finish her sentence, a little golden fox came out from the thicket behind Iqaos. Sheena’s heart was completely caught by that cute little critter.

“Arf…” The little fox let out a cute bark.

The last defense on Sheena’s heart completely shattered at this moment, but fortunately, she was able to restrain herself from going out of control.

I could literally see her eyes gleaming, and her fingers are moving irregularly, it seemed like she could lose her self-restrain any time soon and trap the little fox in her embrace.

Seeing this, Iqaos couldn’t help but laugh out loud, “Hahaha! If you like her, she’ll be yours!”

“Eh?! I can keep her?” That was the last straw, the beast within Sheena has been unleashed! Without saying another word, Sheena immediately stretched her hands out to grab the little fox. The little fox sensed something menacing approaching her and tried to run away, but it was too late! She was already within the embrace of the hungry beast.

The hungry beast… I mean Sheena, she held the little fox with both hands and rubbed her cheek against the little critter. The little fox seems a bit annoyed but it was powerless against Sheena’s merciless assault.

Poof! Just around this time, the little fox transformed into a human figure with a poof sound. She tried to push Sheena away with her slender hands, “Keep away from me, human girl!”

FutabaThe transformed little fox was wearing a shrine maiden garment, a pair of fox-like ears exposed themselves at the side of her long golden hair. She only has one tail in contrast to Iqaos, at the tip of her golden tail, it was pure white. Her big, round eyes were like a pair of ruby. She was the epitome of cuteness, there was no other words more suitable to describe her.

Seeing the transformed little fox, Sheena strengthened her grip and embraced it even more tightly. She couldn’t help but let out a squeal, “Kyaa~~! So cute!!”

Iqaos could only laugh merrily at the scene before him. On the other hand, I had a lot of conflicting thoughts. Where did Sheena get all these strength from? Why is the little fox wearing shrine maiden outfit? All these doubts will probably remain unanswered.

Iqaos finally introduced the little fox to us after Sheena calmed down a bit, “This is my daughter, Futaba.”

“EHHHH?!” We couldn’t help but cry out in shock, even Sylvidia couldn’t believe what she was hearing, that Iqaos actually had a daughter?!

“Hm-hmph!” That little fox, Futaba, raised her head high and said arrogantly, “Now you know how important I am, prostrate yourself before me!” Futaba stretched her right hand forward and pointed downwards with the index finger.

Iqaos raised his right paw and hit Futaba’s head from behind, then he reprimanded her, “How many times do I have to tell you not to act so arrogant?”

Futaba squat on the ground and grabbed the back of her head with both hands, she let out a soft complain, “Uuu…… but-!”

At this time, I couldn’t help but retort in my mind, “Aren’t you just as arrogant? Like father, like daughter……” I bet Sylvidia was thinking the same thing at the moment, she had that blank expression on her face.

Seeing Futaba pouting on the ground like that, Iqaos heaved a sigh. He faced Sheena and said in a serious tone, “I will give her to you, please take care of Futaba for me.”

Upon hearing this, Futaba immediately jumped up from the ground and raised her voice, “Eh?! F-father!! Don’t treat me like some object! You can’t just simply ‘give’ me to someone else like that?! I object!!”

Sheena approached Futaba from behind and locked Futaba into her embrace once more. Sheena said with a delighted expression, “Hehehe~ Don’t worry, Lord Iqaos, I will take extra good care of your daughter!”

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Futaba was really unhappy and wanted to break away from Sheena’s embrace, she struggled to pull her hands away, “Ey~! Let go of me, human girl! I am not going with you!”

Iqaos looked at the fox girl sternly and said, “Futaba! This is an order, I was just thinking it was about time to let you leave this forest and explore the world. This is the perfect opportunity! Now, Miss Sheena, if you would do the honor of sealing the familiar contract!”

“Of course!” Sheena nodded and began chanting the contract sealing spell, “In the name of the Overgod of Fate, bind this one’s soul with mine……”

“Ah-! Wait… I said time out! W-wait, no! Don’t do it!” Futaba was flustered when Sheena started chanting the spell. The spell is like a curse that will bind her and rob her freedom for a lifetime.

After the sealing contract was done, a magic circle similar to mine was embedded in between the non-existent breasts of young Futaba. Iqaos secretly thought to himself upon seeing the crest, “Fufufu… just like I thought, that is the Crest of Truth. With that, Futaba will be awaked to the truth of the world sooner than later. She will definitely grow stronger than me in the future! If she can surpass even the Spirit King, then I wouldn’t have to live under her dominance anymore! Fuhahahah!”

The Crest of Truth, that is a skill granted to the familiars of the Contractor. The Contractor is a special title given to those who made a contract with a Spirit King. Those who were granted the Crest of Truth will gain the wisdom of god, allowing them to comprehend the profound mysteries of the world.

Futaba suddenly becomes visible in the naked eyes of the Goblin Trio after the familiar contract was finalized. Upon seeing the unfamiliar figure appearing out of nowhere, the Goblin Trio raised their vigilance and prepared to attack at any moment.

Seeing their aggressive behavior, Sheena immediately pulled Futaba into her embrace and shouted at the Goblin Trio, “Don’t be mean to my Futaba!”

The Goblin Trio was at a loss and scratched their heads, they had no idea what is going on and looked at me for an explanation. I briefly explained everything to the Goblin Trio, about a Divine Fox that suddenly appeared out of nowhere, about the appearance of the Spirit King, about the contract with the little fox, and so on.

“W-who are you calling y-y-your Futaba?! Mu-kiiii-!” Futaba blushed as she tried to push Sheena away.

Author’s Note

I wonder just how many more chapters do I need to write until they finally get back to the Academy… I want to start the Academy Arc soon XD


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