[Vol 1] Chapter 4: Innate Ability

Sylvia “B-b-b-b-but… th… that…!” I stuttered, I was too surprised by the sudden development and unable to speak properly. In other word, I’m flabbergasted.

“But what exactly?” Still wearing the mischievous smile, Sheena asked.

In order to calm myself down, I slapped myself on the cheeks and continued, “But… that means… THE ANIME IS BASED ON REAL STORY?!?!”

Unable to calm myself down, I still shouted in the end.

“Hahahaha.” Sheena laughed, “Of course not, the anime has been altered greatly from the true history of Halkeginia. If you want to know the truth, I recommend you start reading the history of Halkegenia, starting from the past few decades.”

“The history of Halkeginia during the past few decades is not as flowery as it is shown in the anime…” Sheena, who knew the true history of Halkegenia, revealed a gloomy expression.

“Gulp!” I swallowed my saliva, and cold sweat ran down my spine. It seems like something awful has happened during the past few decades that cannot be shown to kids in the show… that’s why he altered the story to be more… friendly… in fact, maybe even his happy-go-lucky attitude might be forged…

I didn’t press on with this matter any longer, and then I asked, “Are we going to get my weapon now?”

“No… before we go, I want to confirm something.” (Sheena)

“And that is…” (Sylvia)

“I want to see whether you are capable of using magic or not…” (Sheena)

“……” (Sylvia)

“Come, let us go to the courtyard.” (Sheena)

“Okay!!” I jumped up from the chair immediately, and walked behind Sheena.

After we exit the room and enter the lounge, there were a lot of people gathering in the lounge, wearing the same cloak as Sheena. But the colors of their cloak are different, some are black and some are brown. Sheena is wearing a purple-colored cloak.

Some of them come toward Sheena and I, then started to introduce themselves one after another. I couldn’t possible remember all their names and faces, I was never good at remembering names, not unless I spend a lot of time with them. I just lowered my head and introduced myself as Sylvia.

Since I became an elf, my hearing ability has been enhanced, so I can hear the whispers clearly from distance.

“Wow she’s so pretty…”
“That’s an elf isn’t it, her ears are pointy.”
“To summon a proud elf as a familiar… as expected of the goddess…”

Wait, what?! They refer to Sheena as a goddess? I should have just ignored them and pretend I didn’t hear anything…

One man in particular caught my attention, especially his purple hair… it reminds me of the Crown Princess. I wonder if he is the son of the princess, no wait… she should be a Queen now…

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The group in front of us split into two when that man is approaching. He seems like an important person after all. Maybe he’s a prince?

That man stopped on front of Sheena, “Greetings, beautiful Miss Sheena.”
He greeted her by kissing the back of her hand. I guess that’s how aristocrat greet one another?

“Oh Albert, stop it with the formality. We are engaged after all.” Sheena said that with a poker face.

“Haha, same as always… allow me to introduce myself. I am Albert De Tristain, the Crown Prince of Tristain, as well as the fiance of Sheena de Hiraga des Ornieres. This here is my familiar, Spark, the great Thunderhawk.”

As he introduced his familiar, the Thunderhawk landed on his right arm and spread its wings proudly. The thunderhawk, as its name implies, is a hawk with the ability to utilize lightning. It has a beautiful blue feather.

I immediately clapped both of my hand together and prayed for good luck. It is a popular belief that a blue bird brings good luck and happiness so I did that reflexively.

Albert continues, “May I know your name, beautiful miss?”

He holds my hand and kisses the back of my hand. I bet he is a playboy, seeing how he can easily kiss another girl’s hand in front of his own fiance without asking for permission first.

Being kissed by a man, even if it was on the back of my hand, I still feel slightly disgusted. I got shivers running down my spine, but still managed to introduce myself properly.

“I… I am Sylvia… the familiar of Sheena. An elf…”

“Well, that’s all for introductions for now. We do not have all day, it will take at least half a day to get to the nearest town to procure a weapon for my familiar. With that said, I’ll be taking my leave first.” Sheena curtsied like an elegant young lady, then she bid farewell to her classmates.

“In that case, how about I go with you?” Albert offered to go along with us but…

“No thank you. You are the Crown Prince of Tristain, you will attract too much attention if you go with us.” Sheena rejected him.

“…That’s not a problem, I can disguise myself before going. After all, I am a Master of Disguise. I learned it from my imperial mother!” Albert said smugly.

Sheena knew how persistent Albert is and no matter what she says, it will be useless and only a waste of time, so she just sighed resignedly.

“Just prepare three horses and wait for me at the entrance, I will be there soon.” After Albert said that, he dashed off immediately.

“…Alright, but be quick about it. I won’t wait long.” Sheena advised Albert to hurry up and put on his disguise, or else she will leave him behind.


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After that we went to the stable to prepare some horses. The caretaker prepared the horses for us when we told him our reasons for going to town. As Sheena was pulling the horses, she probably noticed that I look a little anxious. She step forward to ask, “What are you concerned about? Are you worried about riding the horse by yourself?”

“Wha…?! You can tell…?” I was honestly surprised, am I that easy to read?

Sheena’s lip curved and formed a charming smile, then she said sweetly, “Don’t worry, I will teach you the basics.”

After I climbed on the back of the horse, Sheena starts to explain the basics of horse riding to me.

Riding the horse for a while, I got used to the feeling quite quickly.

“…I’m surprised! You learn rather fast…” Sheena was honestly surprised to see me being able to ride a horse on my own so quickly.

The only thing that I can be proud of from before I was reincarnated was my ability as a fast learner after all. But no matter how fast I learn, this is still too surprising… not even five minutes have passed yet and I can already ride a horse by myself…

Now that I think about it…… how come I can understand and read the language of this world when they are clearly different than the language from Earth?

Is this what they call… the innate ability of the body? Since I am now in the possession of the body of an elf who are known for their longevity… that means this body must have at least lived for a hundred year or so right? If that is the case, that means this body already has already accumulated hundred years of experience… it wouldn’t be strange if that was the case…

“No… even though I’ve never ride a horse by myself before, I can’t say that is also true for the real owner of this body… Just like learning how to drive a car, something you learned how to do with your own body can’t possible be forgotten no matter the passage of time.” I can tell because I have experienced this before. Even though I went oversea to study and didn’t drive a car for more than three years, I was still able to drive normally even after coming back to my home country.

“I see… if that is the case, then that would explain how you are so natural when handling that horse.” Sheena was convinced by my words.

“Now let’s make haste, Albert must be waiting for us at the main gate already.” Sheena climbed onto the back of another horse, and pulled the other horse along to the main gate.


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