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[Vol 4] Chapter 5: The Traumatic Bath

Sylvia “Girls are scary- Girls are scary- Girls are scary…” Right now, I am cowering on the bed with blanket covering my entire body, only my face was visible from the outside.

How did something like this happen? Well, it all happened approximately half an hour ago. That was when my flowery image of the girls was completely shattered. Now I finally understand what Sheena meant when she said I was more girlish than any girls she know.

Perhaps it was in search of the perfect girl in my fantasy that prompted me to act that way, or perhaps it was something else at work. It’s possible that Sheena had already seen through me, that’s why she was teasing me so much.

Let’s turn time back a little and find out what’s going on, it all started with that single sentence from Sheena;

“Of course we’re going to the Public Bath~!” With that, Sheena dropped the bomb with an impish smile.


I stared at Sheena with a blank expression for a while, my puny brain couldn’t process what she was just saying in a timely manner. After seeing my blank expression, Sheena repeated the keywords to the letter, “The pu-blic bath~!”

It seemed like I didn’t mishear after all, I finally couldn’t hold it back anymore and let out a scream so loud that it resounded within the entire dorm, “EHHHHHHH?!?! P-p-p-p-public bath?!?! S-sheena, i-it’s still too early for that! I’m not mentally prepared yet!”

“Mentally prepared or not, you have no choice but to go, unless you want to take an open air bath in the lake? There’s no such things as a private bathroom in the community dorm you know~?” Just when I was about to suggest a private bath, Sheena blocked off my escape route.

Indeed, I couldn’t find anything resembling that of a private bathroom when I surveyed the entire room with my eyes. All I could see was a canopied queen-sized bed, a beautifully decorated wardrobe, a round table and a few chairs, a full length mirror attached to the wall, and other girlish decoration. There was no door that leads to the illusory bathroom.

“What? What? Is something going on here?” Before I knew it, most of the girls in the dorm had already gathered outside of the room, they were probably attracted here by my scream earlier.

Right at this moment, for some reason, Sheena’s smiling expression seemed so scary that it sent a chill down my spine. I have a really bad feeling about this. Fortunately, I am still in the bird form, I can probably escape by flying out from the windows.

But Sheena was one step ahead of me, before I had to chance to turn around and run, she already called out to the girls.

“Girls~” Before she continued, Sheena placed her left palm on her cheek, and used the right arm to support the elbow, “It seems like this is Sylvia’s first time taking a public bath, please treat her kindly, okay~?”

I could feel my whole body shivering for an instant, just when I was about to turn around, Sheena shouted, “Don’t let her escape!”

With that, all the girls rushed into the room like stampeding horses and grabbed me from all directions. Then they dragged me to the public bath with insurmountable forces. I tried to struggle but to no avail, I was completely outnumbered.

“Nooooooooooooooooooooooo~~~!” As I was getting dragged away, I screamed at the top of my lungs. But of course, nobody came to save me.

That was how I was dragged to the flower garden forbidden to men for the first time. I was stripped of my dress, surrounded by pudding armies at all sides, and was fondled all over by the girls, I couldn’t even think straight for a millisecond.

That’s how it leads to the current situation. “Sorry… Sorry… I’m so sorry…” In my mind, I kept apologizing to all the protagonist that had been through the same situation as me. Although it was an enjoyable read in manga and novels, when it happened to you in reality, it’s nothing short of a nightmare.

Seeing me like this, Sheena felt a bit rueful, she tried to apologize, “S-sylvia… I’m sorry okay? It seems like I overdid it this time.”

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When she tried to approach me, I slapped her hand away by reflex and shouted with fearful voice, “Hieee-! Stay away from me!”

Sheena backed away and rubbed the back of her hand, she looked at me with a sorrowful expression and said, “I’m really sorry, okay? I will never do it again……”

Then she turned around and walked towards the door, before she opened it, she said without looking back, “I’ll leave you alone for tonight, please get some sleep soon.”

*Creak... Bang!*

After that, she opened the door and left the room. The girls who were waiting outside of the room asked, “How is she doing?” as soon as Sheena closed the door behind of her.

Sheena just shook her head and said in a low voice, “Not good… It seems like she has developed gynophobia .”

Her voice was low, but it clearly resounded within the ears of everyone present. With my attentive ears, I was able to catch what Sheena was saying, I also heard all the girls apologizing for overdoing it.

Although I feel bad for them, and know that they don’t have bad intention, I really wanted to have some time alone now. Too many things have happened during these past few days; I found myself in a foreign world, in a foreign body, and surrounded by people I don’t know. I seriously needed some time alone for all of these to sink in.

I know Sheena was probably trying to reward me in her own way, she probably thought I would enjoy being surrounded by naked girls. But the truth is, I’m not comfortable with the crowds, and I hate the sensation of being touched even more.

That electrifying feeling that runs through your spine when getting touched feels really uncomfortable. It feels a thousand times worst when dozen of girls were touching you all over the place. Although it was truly a sight for sore eyes, it was not a pleasant experience. I do not wish to go through that again with every fibre of my being.

Instead of fear of girls, I think I might have developed a fear of being touched. And this marked the beginning of how I received the nickname: Sylvia the Untouchable.

Author’s Note:

Well… damn, I don’t know what was I writing anymore when gynophobia was brought up in the midway. How is Sylvia going to overcome her phobia now… XD


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