[Vol 3] Chapter 6: Local Deity

Sylvia When Sylvidia claimed that I was dwelling within her body, I retorted mentally since the body is technically my vessel. However, that was all I could do, I have exhausted most of my Spiritual Power so I couldn’t regain control over the body.

Sylvidia, on the other hand, was very pleased with their reaction. She stretched out the wings to the limit and spread out her hands while saying, “Child of God, I came here bearing the message of the Almighty One.”

Upon hearing this, everyone present has grown as meek as lambs, they immediately lowered their heads respectfully, awaiting for the Angel to deliver the message of the Almighty One.

Seeing their meek expression, Sylvidia nodded twice proudly and proclaimed, “The Almighty One declares that one is not getting enough offering from this village, hence the reason why the monsters run amok in the surrounding forest!”

Hearing this, I couldn’t help but exclaim in shock, “S-Sylvidia… what are you saying?!” But of course, I sent the message mentally so only Sylvidia could hear my voice.

Sylvidia sent back mentally, “Worry not, this is not a trickery! The reason why monsters are swarming in this forest is because the domain of the local deity has grown weak!”

“Y-you can tell something like that?” I was shaken up by this unexpected development, I couldn’t help but ask, “What are local deities?”

“Local deities are Spiritual race like us that resides in local temples or shrines, they set up a domain and grant the city or town they resides in with their blessing in return of offerings!” Sylvidia explained calmly.

I just nodded twice in response, then Sylvidia continued her explanation, “But of course, the offerings are not the important part. The most important part is Faith Power. When a believer offered prayer to a deity they believed in, the deity will receive a hint of Faith Power from them. By using those Faith Power, the local deities can set up their own domain which repels being with evil intention.”

While we were chatting mentally, the village girl, Ramie, couldn’t help but ask, “O-offerings for the Almighty One?”

“That’s right!” Sylvidia said haughtily, “This shows how the villagers had been negligent of the local deity in this area for a while now. The domain in this area is weakening, that’s why the small fries are able to intrude into the domain governed by the local deity.”

Sylvidia barked with a bit of disdain in her voice, “Take me to your local shrine! I will negotiate with the local deity while you go gather the villagers!”

“Y-yes!!” The village girl, Ramie, immediately stood ramrod straight and led the way respectfully, “T-this way please!”

Everyone including the Goblin Trio followed quietly, with Sylvidia at the back of the line. The leader of the Goblin Trio, however, was able to sense my soul via our Spiritual Bond. He obviously found out something had invaded my body the moment I transformed. He asked via the Spiritual Link with a little bit of anxiety, “Master, are you alright?”

I sent back mentally to reassure Zain, “I am fine, my Spiritual Power has just grown a little weak so the control of my body was easily taken over by a Spiritual Being. But worry not, Sylvidia will not do something bad, if she did, you will save me right?”

The Black Goblin, Zain, however, just snorted disdainfully, “Hmpf! To have your body taken over so easily, how weak!! It seems I have chosen the wrong master!” While Zain was saying this, he shook his head twice while grabbing his skull with one hand.

“A-ahaha-ha-ha~” I could only laugh awkwardly at those remark. I can’t deny the fact that I am indeed weak. However, I was able to tell one thing from those remark, that Zain had been searching for a worthy master to serve under for a while now. Why was he searching for a master, that is something we will find out in the near future!

We walked through the forest for a while and finally arrived at the small farming village, Pharamville. When we entered the village, we were swarmed by the villagers who were worried about the village girl. Apparently, they had already formed a small squad ready to plunge into the forest to search for her at a moment’s notice.

However, once they noticed the wings growing on my back, they were all flabbergasted. However, when one of them suddenly shouted, “An… an… an Angel?!?!” They all regained their clarity of mind, and prostrated on the ground immediately.

The village girl frantically introduced, “E-everyone! T-this here is an emissary of the god. S-she came here bearing the message of the Almighty One!”

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Sylvidia felt quite proud looking down on all the ‘mortals’ on the ground, she said with a haughty voice, “Hear me, mortals! I am the emissary of the Goddess of Light, Elluel. I came here to deliver a message to you plebeians! You who have not offered your prayers to the local deity of this area shall receive divine punishment!”

Every single one of the villagers, upon hearing this, had their face grown pale. Indeed, they had been neglecting the local shrine in this village for a while now. Not because they were disrespectful towards the god, it’s more like they no longer believes in the god anymore!

During the Apocalypse War a few decades ago, no matter how much they prayed, the god never granted them any form of salvation. In the end, it was the Heroes who saved them from the catastrophe.

The majority of the world now worshipped the Heroes more than the god. But of course, there was quite a few who still believed in god. They believed the emergence of the dungeon was the doing of the god. While others think the Demon Lords were so scared of the Heroes that they hid themselves in the dungeons.

Seeing the lifeless expression on the faces of the villagers, Sylvidia offered a life boat, “But of course, the Almighty One is lenient. They are willing to forgive you if you offered a little bit of offerings to the local deity everyday~! I will go negotiate with the local deity, lead the way!”

Hearing this, the villagers couldn’t help but heave sighs of relieve. The village chief immediately stood up, still with his head lowered, said in a low and respectful voice, “I am the village chief, Olaf, I will lead you there.”

Author’s Note:

I think I just dug my own grave with this direction, I had no idea how to continue the story with Sylvidia acting this way >.<

Luckily I had played Tales of Zestiria, otherwise I wouldn’t be able to come up with this plot, nice save to get out of that awkward situation!

Anyway, Happy New Year everyone!


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