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[Vol 5] Chapter 1: Glimpse of the Past

Sylvia Expecting to greet a new day, I opened my heavy eyelid with reluctance. What entered my vision are the big canopy bed and the luxurious room which I have yet to get accustomed to… or what should have been…

“Eh…?” I couldn’t help but let out bewildered voice in confusion. I mean… who wouldn’t be, when they wake up, just to find themselves in an unfamiliar forest. At first, I thought it was another one of Angie’s irrational training course, but I was proven wrong in just moments later.

I couldn’t move my body as I wished, so I thought that my hands and feet were bound, but that wasn’t the case either, as I could clearly feel my hands and feet moving on their own accord. I was currently atop a tree, hiding behind the twigs and leaves, observing a small group consisting of three or four person. My hands seemed to be beckoning to give some sort of signal. Following that signal, I could hear the rustling of the leaves as a few shadows moved from their original hiding places to another.

That being the case, the only one that came to mind was Sylvidia. She was the only one capable of controlling my body when we fused by means of the Blank Slate’s ability. However, I don’t recall ever activating the Blank Slate before I fell asleep. Sheena did beg me to transform into the cat-form, but I made up an excuse by saying that I have already used up all my transformation attempts in Angie’s unreasonable training.

With that being said, the possibility of this being one of Sylvidia’s mischief was low, but I couldn’t deny the possibility that Sylvidia had some hidden tricks that allowed her to activate the ability on her own. She is quite the mysterious one after all. Anyways, the four people currently in my line of sight looked oddly familiar, I wonder where had I seen them before.

Person A: Are you sure this is the way? It seems like we’ve been walking around in circles for quite a while now.

Person B: Eh? Uh… D-Don’t worry, just trust me… I know where I’m going…

Person C: T… That doesn’t sound very convincing…

Person A is a young man with blue eyes and black hair. Appearance-wise, he couldn’t be considered handsome, but he’s not that ugly either, I guess you could say he looks average. He seemed to be around twenty five years old and is about 1.8 meters tall. The young man was carrying a sword with him, so I guess he’s a warrior.

Person B is a beautiful elf with light blonde hair and bangs. She has a fair complexion and bright, sky blue eyes. Just judging from her appearance, she looks about eighteen years old, but since she’s an elf, appearance can be deceiving.

And Person C somehow reminded me of Sheena, especially her hair. She has a pink blond hair just like Sheena and her beauty is out-of-the-world. She is more or less around 1.6 meters tall and her bust-size seems to be D cup.

There is one more person, but she is covering her face with a hood. It was easy to tell her gender due to her enormous breasts. It is impossible to hide those monster breasts no matter how many layers of robes she put on.

Why was I observing them? I totally have no idea, but I might find out soon if I continue to watch. Or more like… why am I even here to begin with? I tried to contact Sylvidia via telepathy but there was no response, so I gave up and continued to watch the event unfold quietly.

Person B: D-Don’t worry, I’m sure we’re getting closer. I can feel the space around here getting wrapped, that is a clear sign that we’re close to the Elves’ Sanctuary.

Just at this time, my body began to move on its own, as if I was on auto-pilot. I jumped down from the treetop and landed right in front of the group of four, then my mouth opened by itself, “That’s far enough! Turn back at once or prepare to meet your maker!”

With that as a signal, all the “shadows” that were hiding in the dark suddenly revealed themselves and pointed their bows or wands at the small group.

“Awawawawawa…” The big breasted one who had her face covered let out a flustered voice as she tripped on her own feet. Due to the fall, her hood slipped down and revealed the face that was hidden under the cover of the hood. All the elves in the surroundings gave off a gasp the moment the laid eyes on her, followed by words of ridicule.

“This is… preposterous!”

“How savage!!”

“That child will bring misfortune upon us!”

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Their hatred and disgust were understandable, even someone from the modern world like me was able to tell at first glance. The object of their hate and disgust is a half-elf. It is common knowledge that the elves despises half-elves, for they believe that the humans are savages. Since I’m a fan of elves, I had done some research of my own before on how to differentiate the elves and half-elves ⌈1⌋. The half-elves have ears about the size of the human ones, but are pointed on the ends. Meanwhile, genuine elf ears are long and pointed. The difference was as clear as day when I compared the size of her ears with those of my own.

“Silence!!” My mouth opened by itself and let out a voice so loud, that it reverberated in the air. However, thanks to that, the elves in the surroundings clamped their mouths shut.

After that, I continued to talk with a self-important tone, “I know not your purpose of coming here with an elf and a half-elf, but beyond this maze is the hidden village of the elves, no outsiders are allowed to enter.”

Then, just at this time, the pink-haired girl stepped forward to pull the half-elf up from the ground. After that, she bowed towards me respectfully as she introduced herself, “Pardon our rudeness, my name is Louise Françoise Le Blanc de La Vallière, the Crown Princess of Tristain and the Priestess of the Holy Kingdom. This here is Tiffania Westwood Tudor of Albion, the Crown Princess of Albion and also the Priestess of the Holy Kingdom. We came here to negotiate with the Queen of the Elves.”

“Hoh… the two of you are the Crown Princesses of your respective countries and both a Priestess of the Holy Kingdom? Interesting… What of the other two?” I was utterly surprised when I heard their names, if I had to take a guess, that guy must be none other than… Hiraga Saito!!! However, contrary to my surprised self, the one in control of my body was very calm and collected.

And as expected, the young man with blue eyes and black hair introduced himself as “Saito” and the lord of Des Ornières, “My name is Saito de Hiraga des Ornières. I am the lord of Des Ornières and Louise’s fiance. At the same time, her familiar. This here is Luctiana, she served as our guide to bring us this far.”

Upon hearing these, I squinted my eyes and asked suspiciously, “What business do you guys have in the sanctuary of the elves?”

Louise straightened her body as she answered my question, “Do you know of the demon’s invasion?”

“The demon’s invasion?” I frowned while parroting those three words, then I answered, “Yes, I’ve heard that some fools are trying to take over the world, but that is none of our concern, the demons will never be able to make it to our sacred sanctuary. Even if they did, we can fend them off easily. If that is all you want to talk about, you may leave!”

“W-Wai—” Louise wanted to say something, but she was interrupted by an unexpected voice, “Kehehehehehe! So this is where the elves are hiding! Thanks for leading us here suckers!” After those provocative words, the presence of the unidentified creature abruptly disappeared.

I could feel my whole body burning with rage as I shouted, “You guys are the demon’s spies! Capture them alive and lock them up in the dungeon!”

Immediately after that, I could feel my consciousness waning. The surroundings are getting darker and my consciousness slowly drifted away. The last thing I saw, was Saito and company getting surrounded by groups of elves.

By the time I regained my consciousness, I jumped up immediately and noticed that I was back in a familiar room.

“Eh? What just happened?” Once again, I let out another bewildered voice in the midst of confusion. I totally have no idea what just happened, but one thing I know for sure, is that I want to know what happen afterwards.

“Fufufu… you’re finally awake, did you have a nice dream?” Just at this time, Sylvidia suddenly smiled meaningfully.

Author’s Note:

I hope I was able to convey this chapter properly, I fear that it might be a little confusing. If there’s anything you find confusing in this chapter, do point it out.


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