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[Vol 3] Chapter 2: An Angel Descended

Sylvia “Y-you… You mean you have another method?!” I looked at Sylvidia with sparkly eyes while clasping my hands.

“Eh……? I’m looking at Sylvidia… right?” I asked because a white figure suddenly appeared in front of me out of thin air.

That was the figure of a white horse…… but that’s not all, there was a horn protruding from its forehead and a pair of silver wings clearly extended from both sides of its body.

“It’s a…… Pe-PEGASUS!!!” I fell on my butt and pointed at the Pegasus with my shaky hand.

“WHAT?! A Pegasus?! Where?!” Everyone was alarmed by my shout and restlessly searched for the legendary Pegasus. However, they couldn’t find the Pegasus no matter where they look. They thought that the Pegasus might be frightened by my voice and ran away already.

They heaved a sigh of disappointment. The Pegasus was just in front of me, I wonder why they couldn’t see it. Just when I was pondering why they couldn’t see the Pegasus, it spoke to me, the Pegasus actually talked to me!

“Relax~ It’s just me, Sylvidia. I am a Spirit so the others won’t be able to see me. Unlike you who have a physical body, my body is entirely made out of Spiritual Energy.”

“O-oooh! Hahahaha… S-so that is your original form~! It’s……” Before I could finish my sentence, I was cut off by Sheena.

“It’s beautiful……” Sheena was awestruck as she was looking straight at the Pegasus in front of me.

We both turned our sights to Sheena, and I started, “Eh? Sheena…… y-you can see it? The Pegasus…”

I was honestly surprised, but Sylvidia was rather calm as she said, “I see… as expected, you can see me after all…”

“Eh? Is it trying to say something?” Sheena couldn’t understand what Sylvidia was saying, all she could hear was the neigh of a horse.

“Ah…… Never mind that for now, we have something more important to do at the moment. Sylvidia! What is the other method you mentioned earlier?” As we were pressed for time, I ignored Sheena’s question and enquired Sylvidia.

“Well… I can probably transfer my own Soul Energy to the wild boar but doing that will not benefit both of us in any way. So I have a suggestion.” What Sylvidia said was very reasonable, she doesn’t have a material body so if she transferred her Soul Energy to the wild boar, they will never be recovered. The Soul Energy is equal to her life force, if she run out of Soul Energy, she would undoubtedly die.

It wouldn’t be beneficial for me either if Sylvidia was the one who did all the work, I wouldn’t be able to learn anything nor would I gain the benefits of Soul Transfusion. Not only will my soul become purer and more condensed, having a more powerful soul means my training in the elemental laws will be faster, as well as increasing the maximum capacity of my Magic Power and Spiritual Power.

“I’m all ears!” I perk up my ears to listen to Sylvidia’s suggestion attentively.

“Listen carefully to what I am about to say. The Soul Energy and Spiritual Power are two different thing. The Soul Energy determines your life force, even if your material body perished, as long as your soul is not disintegrated, you can still be revived. Spiritual Power is an invisible force used to control magic as explained by your friend earlier. However, that’s not all they can do. The Spiritual Power is omnipotence, they can be used draw the elemental essences, to probe your surrounding, or even examine your internal organs. What we’re about to do is to use the Spiritual Power to draw the Soul Energy and transfer it to the boar!”

After explaining all of that in a single breath, Sylvidia heaved a sigh and continued, “However, you do not even know how to control your own Spiritual Power yet, it is impossible to learn it in just a few seconds. Moreover, it is much harder to control your Spiritual Power once it has entered another medium. It is nigh impossible no matter how talented you are.”

“Mu… you don’t have to keep telling me that!” I was very dissatisfied as Sylvidia keeps denying me the possibility of learning how to perfectly control my Spiritual Power in just a few seconds.

However, Sylvidia ignored me and added, “That’s why, I suggest to let me take control of your body momentarily. I will be able to operate your Spiritual Power and carry out the Soul Transfusion perfectly.”

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I tilted my head and asked, “Take control of my body…? How?”

“Sigh… Did you already forget? The beast form transfiguration!” Sylvidia heaved a sigh and reminded me.

“Oooooh! That’s right! If we do that, you can somehow control my body right?” A chill ran down my spine, and my body shivered involuntarily as I recalled what Sylvidia did when she was in control of my body.

Sylvidia noticed my insecurities and just laughed it off, “Hahaha! Don’t worry, I won’t do something like jumping off from a Gryphon again~”

“It doesn’t sound very sincere…” I pursed my lips in discontent. Sylvidia didn’t mind that and the atmosphere around her become very heavy as she said in a serious tone, “Are you ready?”

Her sudden change of temperament caught me slightly off guard as I replied with an indistinct voice. She seemed really noble and majestic like the legendary Pegasus she meant to be, not like her usual playful self.

I raised the Magic Card on my hand and shouted the activation word automatically, as if my body was already under Sylvidia’s control.

“Implicatus!” As soon as I shouted the activation word, Sylvidia turned into a speck of light and entered my body. After that, I transformed into the familiar cat-kin from earlier…… or so I thought, but something doesn’t feel right.


I feel as though there was something attached to my back, so I looked back and to my surprise, there was a pair of wings!

“EHHHHHHHHHH?!?!” Not only me, but Sheena and the rest of the crew also shouted involuntarily!

“What… what is this?! A pair of wings?” As I was confused at the sight of the wings unfolded behind me, the background chatter was getting louder.

“Is that…… an Angel?”
“Did an Angel just descended from Heaven?!”

Just as I heard that, an indistinct voice escaped from my mouth, “An Angel? Me…?”

Sylvidia obviously heard that and reprimanded me, “Don’t be silly~! Of course not, this is just a bird-kin form.”

“Oh… hahahahaha, of course! It’s just a bird-kin transfiguration!” I scratched my head awkwardly as I was brought back to my senses by Sylvidia.

Just at this time, Sylvidia reminded me, “I will now take over the control of your body, please do not resist. While I am controlling your Spiritual Power and perform the Soul Transfusion, I want you to embed this feeling into your very being. It will benefit both of us greatly if you can learn the Soul Transfusion as soon as possible.”

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