[Vol 3] Epilogue: A Maiden’s Dilemma

Sylvia When the village chief noticed us approaching the village, he comes to welcome us immediately, “Ah… Welcome back, it seems everyone is ready, come… We’ve prepared a feast for everyone.”

“Before that… Mister Olaf, can we borrow a private quarter from you?” Sheena asked politely. However, the village chief was being insensitive and asked, “Private quarter? I can do that… But why?”

Samie cut into the conversation and admonished the village chief, “Dad! How can you be so insensitive, how can you ask a girl such question? Why do you think a girl needs privy for?”

Finally understanding the situation, the village chief blushed and scratched his head awkwardly, “O-oh… private quarters… Sure! Go ahead and borrow it for as long as you need.” The village chief doesn’t dare to make eye contact during the following exchange.

Samie turned around and smiled brightly, then she said, “Come, I’ll bring you to my house.” Meanwhile, the village chief led the Goblin Trio to the village square and treat them with utmost respect.

We followed Samie and soon arrived in front of her house. As soon as we entered the house, she led us in front of a door and said, “This is the washroom, take as long as you need. Hehehe…”

I feel like we’ve been misunderstood, but now that she mentioned it, I do feel the urge to go… I have been holding it back since the entire morning after all…

Seeing me getting a little flustered, Sheena bring her lips close to my ears and whispered, “Hehe… Do you need me to help you with that again?”

Recalling what Sheena did to me last night in the bathroom, my face turned bright red, I immediately pass through the door and shouted, “No thank you!” Then I slammed the door shut.


“Fufufu… How cute~ ♪” Sheena teased me for a bit, then she continued, “Sylvia, I’ll go get you a pair of underwear to change into, so just finish up your business by then.”

However, I didn’t hear what Sheena was saying at all, I am now facing one of my greatest challenge since reincarnating as a girl. In front of me is the throne, at my back is the closed door with two gatekeeper keeping watch on the other side, I have nowhere to escape.

“I’m a grown man, taking a leak is nothing indecent, it is a normal human reaction, it is prove that we are alive, this is nothing indecent at all!” I keep convincing myself by muttering these words, and before I knew it, I already took off my underwear and sat on top of the throne.

“Pssh……” ⌈1

“Hah…… That felt good…” After finally relieving the load that has been accumulating in my bladder, I finally soften my stiff expression.

“Knock! Knock!”

Just around this time, I hear a knocking sound coming from the door, and Sheena’s voice follow soon after, “Sylvia, I got the underwear, are you done already?”

“Yea yea… I’m done already…” Then I opened the door slightly, and peeked out from the opening, “Where is it?” I extended my hand out from the opening to receive the underwear from Sheena.

Sheena passed me the underwear and teased me on purpose, “Did you make sure to wipe it after doing your business?”

Clearly understanding what was Sheena implying, I blushed and shouted frantically, “O-of course I did!” Then I shut the door with a “Bang!”

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“Geez… That Sheena is surprisingly a ******…” I pouted unhappily and spread out the underwear I got in my hand. It is a cute underwear with lots of frill, clearly not the plain underwear that I was wearing. She probably borrowed it from the village girl, there’s no doubt about it.

“Sigh…” I just heaved a weak sigh and put on the underwear without making a fuss, it will only tire me out every time I make a big fuss out of a small deal like this. And more importantly, I don’t want to let Sheena win! She probably chose something flashy like this in order to see me get shaken up again. I am going to one up her this time!

I folded the wet underwear and stuff it into the pocket that’s sewn on the side of the dress. Then I opened the door with a “Creak…!”

Sheena looks openly disappointed seeing me get out of the washroom without making a fuss, “Oh… You’re done already? You gave in quite easily…”

“Fufufu… I am a grown man after all! Don’t underestimate a human’s ability to adapt!” I felt proud and raised my head high.

“Are you sure you really put on the underwear?” Sheena felt dubious and lifted my skirt without warning.

“Kya!!” I used both hands to push my skirt down, my cheeks turned bright red, and I shouted at Sheena, “W-what do you think you’re doing?!”

“Fufufu… Indeed, you adapt quite fast to being a girl… That was the perfect reaction! Fufufufufufufu…” Sheena covered her mouth with her left hand, and laughed playfully as she turned around, and walked next to the exit.

“Mu… Seems like I got one-upped by her instead…” I muttered to myself unhappily.

Sheena turned around, and urged me, “Come on, we are going to the village square now.”

After that little incident, we went to the village square and participated in the festivity. Nothing much happened after that, we ate our fill, chat with the villagers, watch the villagers perform various tricks, I accidentally mistook the wet underwear as handkerchief to wipe my mouth and was made fun of by Sheena, aside from that, nothing much happened at all.

No, I did not try to hide the fact that I used the underwear to wipe my mouth by mingling it together with the other events, definitely not, ok?

We spent as much as two hours in total in the village, it is about time we be on our way now or it will be nightfall by the time we get back to the academy.

As soon as we bid farewell to the villagers, we got onto the back on the Gryphons, with one extra passenger each. Zain is with me, Fiore is with Sheena, Giga is with Albert. We immediately took off and departed for the academy.

When the Gryphons flew off the ground and fly towards the horizon, the village girl keep chasing after our shadows and waving her hands at us. Due to her action, the other villagers also ran after our shadows and keep shouting their farewells. We also waved back due to courtesy.


On the journey back to the academy, it is very peaceful and nothing unexpected happen on the way. We safely arrived at the academy right before the last glow of sunset diminished.

The Tristain Academy of Magic just lay before our eyes, as described in the fiction, the academy was built like the pentagon symbol, with different color roofs for each tower to symbolize the elements.

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Tristain Academy

So much has happened ever since I arrived in this world, I didn’t have much time to properly process all the information in my head, but now that I think about it again, I couldn’t help but mutter, “I really am in a different world now…”

When Sheena saw my earnest expression, she smiled and said, “Welcome… to the world of Halkeginia…”

Author’s Note

It is not a Gender Bender without one of these scenes right? 😛

So the next chapter will finally be the beginning of the academy arc!

Or so you would think… but next chapter is gonna be an intermission, sorry pals >.<


  1. The sound of urine leaking out. 

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