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[Vol 2] Chapter 2: Summoned Hero

Sylvia Yup… I guess I should apologize first, “Sorry… I will explain later. More importantly, is the Guild Card ready?”

Sheena heaved a sigh and said, “It’s just right in front of you…”

“Huh? Already? How much time have passed?” I tilted my head in confusion, and Sheena said, “About 30 minutes…” before she moved out of my field of vision, revealing the card and equipment placed on top of the table.

Wow… 30 minutes have passed already? It only felt like a few seconds have passed since I closed my eyes… and sitting on top of the sofa at the other side of the table is the Guild Master, Mister Milton!

“Oh uh… Mister Milton… how come you’re here?” Since Milton seems like a busy man, I didn’t expect he would have time to sit down and chit-chat with us.

“Hahaha… I came here to personally present you the reward of course!” Mister Milton said that nonchalantly.

“Huh? But why? Why would a busy person like you personally present the reward to a newcomer like me? Aren’t you the Guild Master?” I was suspicious of him, he must have some ulterior motives!

“Hahaha… oh come on, it’s not everyday you get to meet a Hero after all. I’d like to have the opportunity to personally give Lord Hero the reward!” Mister Milton said something non-sensical.

“………………Huh?” After a long moment of silence, that’s the only word I was able to spout.

“Hm? From your expression, I take it Lord Hero does not know anything?” Mister Milton asked me in return after seeing my confused expression.

“Would you care to explain?” I asked honestly.

“Hrm…………” Mister Milton squinted his eyes, and look directly into mine for a long while before he said, “Alright then, it seems you really do not know.”

Then he just turned his head to Sheena before saying, “As her Master, you should have explained these things beforehand.”

Sheena just lowered her head in embarrassment, “Sorry, she just fainted after we completed our contract, and I was too excited that I forgot to explain to her properly. Allow me the honor of explaining it to her!”

“Well better late than never I guess…” Mister Milton nodded his head in agreement.

Then Sheena, who was sitting beside me suddenly turned to my side and grabbed my hands that was on top of my lap. I turned to face her before she continued, “Okay… listen carefully. Since a few decades ago, Professor Colbert collaborated with the Void Mage to study their familiar summoning, and he successfully developed a Hero summoning ritual!

The Hero summoning ritual require a ridiculous amount of mana so it requires a few dozens of people to successfully summon a single Hero. Therefore it cannot be used consecutively.

The summoned Hero are mostly intelligent species, and most common are the humanoid familiar. These summoned Heroes were also granted unique powers when their contracts are sealed!”

Sheena stopped here to catch her breath, and remained silent for a while. I broke the silence and asked, “Hero summoning……? Did you summon me with similar methods?”

Sheena frowned for a moment and said with uncertainty, “I don’t know…… I don’t think what I did was that different from the rest of my classmates…”

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Mister Milton suddenly raised an eyebrow, “Could it be?! Are…… are you a Void Mage?! T-the… successor of Josette?! Hahaha I don’t believe it! Today has been a great day! Not only did I get to meet a Hero, I was able to meet the Legendary Void Mage too!”

Sheena suddenly stood up and waved her hands in front of her, “No, no, no! Mister Milton, I am not a Void Mage! I can still use elemental spells!”

“Oh…” Mister Milton seems obviously disappointed, but he still lifted his mood and continued, “Well, doesn’t matter. Let’s just proceed and get this ceremony over as soon as possible then. You guys need to get back to the Academy by today no?”

Then Mister Milton prompted me to take a look at the equipment on top of the table first. There were a set of breastplate, a shoulder-pad, a belt, a pair boots with white knee-length socks, and lastly a pair of long white gloves with arm guards attached. They all have the same silver color and gold outline.

“These are…” After examining the armor, I looked at Mister Milton in confusion.

“Your reward. This set of armor is called the Silver Gold! I thought they’d go well with your one piece white dress!” Mister Milton happily introduced the equipment to me and end with, “This armor is best suited to a beginner like you. They are what we call the growth armor, they will grow stronger along with the user!”

Upon hearing Mister Milton’s last word, my jaw dropped and I started to hesitate, “Such…… such a good set of armors… A-are you sure you want to give this set of armors to me?!”

“Hahaha… pay it no mind! Let’s just say this is my investment in you. Being an Adventurer is a dangerous job, you never know when you might die!” Mister Milton make up an excuse and laughed it off as usual.

“Die? But Mister Milton… doesn’t the Guild Card provide a life insurance?” Hearing Mister Milton mention of death, I couldn’t help but ask.

“Yes that is very much true but… there are scenarios where you can get killed in one shot. Or when the teleportation failed to activate in time. It does provide a sense of security but it’s not flawless so you have to be careful!” Mister Milton warned us that this Guild Card is not onmipotence, so we have to be careful even if we have the protection if this card does provide us with a chance of survival.

“I see… something like that could happen huh……” I understood what Mister Milton was trying to say, and consented by nodding my head twice.

“Now then… let’s proceed to sealing this Guild Card with your blood then! The paper works are all done, you just need to drip your blood on this card, and everything will be settled!” Mister Milton said so while pushing the tray on the table in front of me. The tray contained the Guild Card and a needle.

“Aw… I hate these blood contract thing…” I pouted but I still took the needle, and lightly pierced the tip of my finger.

I dripped a single drop of blood on the Guild Card and it glowed dimly. After a while, the light dispersed, and my picture along with some basic information was displayed on the card. Fantasy is truly amazing! It reminds me of how people used to print photos in the old days, with the film and all.

Guild Card

I was only slightly surprised when I saw the age since if I think about it, I am currently an elf. Being 163 years old should be normal.

But I frowned when I saw the Race and Attributes! Seems like my suspicion was right… I had attributes with Darkness and my race even indicates me as a Spirit, not an elf!

Everyone was curious after seeing my expression, so they took a peek at the information written on the card.

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Their body shook involuntarily. Sheena and Albert fell on the sofa while Mister Milton just stood in front of me, looking at me warily and asked, “Miss Sylvia… just… what are you?”

Author’s Note

Welp… that card took a while to make… 😮


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