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[Vol 3] Intermission 1: Saito the Hero King

Saito Back in the Guild Hall, within a certain room, just when Mister Milton’s discussion with the two mysterious figures, Saito the Hero King and Louise the Void Mage, ended, the door to the room suddenly opened.

A maid with big breasts, black eyes, and shoulder length silky black hair walked in. She disregarded everyone else and immediately walks in front of Saito, then she curtsied politely and say, “Lord Saito, please forgive my rudeness, but why is Lady Sheena’s familiar wearing the Silver Gold Armor? I thought you said you were going to give it to Angie?!”

“Ah… Siesta… P-please calm down! I can explain…” When Siesta started grabbing Saito’s collar, he started to panic. This action might seem very rude coming from a maid, but this is Siesta, she has been Saito’s personal maid since they were not more than twenty years old. One can tell that their relationship is not as simple as that of a master and a maid.

The reason why Siesta get angry at Saito is because he had promised Siesta that he will give the Silver Gold Armor to her daughter, Angie, as a gift for her services to Sheena. Since Saito had given the gift which was meant for Angie to someone else, it was only natural that Siesta would be angry.

Siesta let go of Saito and crossed her arms under her enormous twin peaks, she stared at Saito and wait for him to explain.

Saito fixed his collar and started to explain, “Siesta… Please don’t be angry, I didn’t break my promise. I just found something else that is more suitable for Angie, that’s why I decided to give the Silver Gold Armor to my daughter’s familiar. Besides… for Sheena to summon a humanoid familiar is out of my expectation, I didn’t have enough time to prepare another gift. By no means am I playing favorites here. Please forgive me?”

Saito begged for forgiveness by clapping both hands in front of his face and closing one of his eyes.

“Sigh…” Siesta heaved a sigh and then she moved her left hand from the twin peaks to her cheek. After that she turned her body sideways, closed her left eye, and peeked at Saito with the other eye. In the end, she said, “Fine… I will forgive you if you give me a kiss on the cheek.”

Just around this time, Louise finally couldn’t stand it anymore and jumped in front of Siesta. She raised her voice and exclaimed, “Siesta! You shameless woman! W-what are you trying to make my h-h-husband do in the public?!”

Siesta just ignored Louise and directly walked beside Saito, then she entangled her arms around Saito’s, and trapped his arms between her twin peaks. Saito’s face loosened from the soft sensation of the marshmallows, and had a very creepy expression.

Siesta looked at Louise and said teasingly, “Ara… What’s wrong with a husband showing a little bit of love to his mistress in the public?”

That’s right, Siesta is Saito’s second wife, and Angie is their love child, but the person in question doesn’t know that yet, she always thought she didn’t have a father. She grew up listening to heroic tales of her imaginary father. The reason why they didn’t publicly announce that Angie is their child is because they are not officially married.

Saito is a Hero King, Siesta is a Royal Maid, their position is too far apart, it is impossible for them to get married legally, there would be too many opposition. The only other person in this room is Mister Milton, so Siesta wasn’t worried about being overheard by anyone else. Mister Milton is one of the few person who knows what is going on between the three.

“Hahaha… Lord Saito is still popular with the ladies I see…” Mister Milton just laughed heartily as he left the room.

“Gnununununu…!” Louise grinds her teeth, her arms are side by side of her body, she clenches her fists tightly, it felt as if she could snap at any moment. However, over the past few decades, Louise had learned that she won’t be able to win the heart of a man if she keeps abusing him, so she is able to restrain herself from snapping.

In order to win the heart of a man, the most effective method is to get on their soft spot, so Louise had developed a new method to get Saito to pamper her more than the other girls.

Louise started to tear up, she loosened her fists and raised her right fist in front of her lips, she grabbed the right side of her waist with her other hand, then she took a few quick glance at Saito and said, “Saito… Do you prefer woman with bigger breasts after all… Sniffle.”

Louise seemed so meek and incredibly cute, she could instantly catch the heart of all bystanders even if she was in the middle sea of crowds. It is just as effective on Saito, whenever Saito flirt with other girls, Louise would do this on purpose to get the sympathy of the guys, which makes Saito jealous in return.

Seeing Louise like this, Saito immediately get free from Siesta’s embrace and walked in front of Louise, he patted her head to ease her worry, and say with a tender voice, “Don’t worry Louise, you know I love you more than anyone else.” Then he gently kissed Louise on the forehead.

Inside of Louise’s mind, there was a glint in her eyes, she thought to herself, “Kehehehe, take that you cow woman, I win!”

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“Kuh……!” Siesta is biting a handkerchief in her mouth and pulling it with both hands.

Siesta suddenly got in between Saito and Louise and pushed them apart, then she faced Saito and said, “Didn’t you said you were heading to the Forest of Alden earlier, darling? When are we going to depart?”

“Ah… That’s right… Louise, may I trouble you with that?” Saito and Louise finally snapped out from their own world when they heard Siesta mention the Forest of Alden. There is something that they had to confirm with their own eyes in the hidden village of the elves.

“Sure… Opening a portal directly to the secret village of the elves is not possible since there is a powerful barrier there, but I can teleport us close to the hidden village.” Louise nodded her head and started to bring up the image of the Forest of Alden in her mind.

In order to use the ⌈World Gate⌋ magic to teleport to a certain part of the world, one needs a clear image of the area in question. It is even possible to travel between parallel world using ⌈World Gate⌋ as long as one can imagine it.

In a few moment later, the space in front of Louise twisted and a black hole suddenly appeared. Within the black hole, one can clearly see a thick and lush green forest. The ⌈World Gate⌋ has successfully connected to the Forest of Alden on the other side!

“Alright… Let’s go!” Saito was the first to enter the ⌈World Gate⌋, followed by Siesta, and lastly Louise.

Author’s Note

Louise is… no longer a tsundere?! That seducing technique is super effective!


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