[Vol 1] Chapter 2: The Unresolved Mystery

Sylvia As soon as we opened the door, there was a maid standing in front of us, with a cart beside her. The maid has a black silky hair and a pair of beautiful black pupils. She looks like a typical Japanese.

“Mistress, I have prepared your breakfast for you and your familiar.” The maid said courteously.

“Very well, just leave the food in the room for now. I’ll be back soon, Angie.” Sheena stepped out of the room as she said that.

“…Where are you going so early in the morning, Mistress?” The maid, Angie, asked while tilting her head.

“We’re going to see Professor Colbert for a while. Let’s go Sylvia, we’re going out.” Sheena urged Sylvia to go along with her as she stepped out of the door.

“Y-yes! Master!!” Sylvia answered nervously.

“Fuu… you can just call me Sheena, no need for any honorifics… ” Sheena felt a bit uncomfortable when Sylvia called her “Master”.

“Y-yes! Um… Miss… Sheena…?” Sylvia was normally a timid guy in his past life and don’t feel comfortable calling someone of higher status casually.

“Just call me Sheena.” Sheena pouted cutely and demanded Sylvia to just call her Sheena.

“Sh… Shee…. na.” Sylvia’s face turned bright red as she said that, she felt slightly embarrassed and looked down.

“Good, now let us go.” Sheena said that while offering her hand to me.

Sylvia grabbed her hand and got pulled along by Sheena.


*From henceforth, the story will be told in Sylvia’s Point of View*

We arrived in front of Professor Colbert’s lab and Sheena knocked the door twice.

“Professor, I am Sheena. We have something important we need to discuss with you. Please grant us your audience.” Sheena said respectfully.

But there was no sound coming from beyond the door, it was dead silent.

“Professor?” Sheena called out once more, seemingly confused as there was no reply.

Then she held on to the handle of the door and turned it slightly.

“It’s open… ” Sheena was surprised when the door was unlocked.

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She opened the door and peeked inside the lab, but it was pitch black, without a hint of light.

“Professor?” Sheena called out for the Professor once more and scanned the surrounding.

We saw a black figure on the ground and Sheena shouted in surprise, “Professor!!” She immediately rushed over to his side to check his condition.

I followed suit and held the professor’s head up from the ground.

“Fuu… fuu… ” Professor Colbert was snoring peacefully…

“Sigh… I guess Professor Colbert didn’t sleep at all last night, he must have reached his limits and collapsed.” Sheena said that resignedly, she used magic to lift Professor Colbert up in the air, and moved him on top of the nearby sofa.

Then we took a peek at the research materials that was left on top of the desk by Professor Colbert.

It seems he wasn’t able to find out much regarding the runes that was on both of my hands. So my powers still remain a mystery for now, but something interesting caught my attention.

All of the materials indicates that this magic circle is the origin and foundation of magic. So I came to a conclusion that maybe I am capable to using every kind of magic in existence… but that’s just my wishful thinking.

It seems Sheena has come to the same conclusion and looked at me straight in the eye.

Then she said, “From now onward, you are to attend the magic classes together with me.”

“YES!! Of course!” I replied with a very excited tone.

I mean, how can I not? It’s magic! I can learn how to use magic! It’s the dream of every fantasy lover out there!

Seeing me so excited and smiling for the first time, Sheena also revealed a hint of smile.

“Fufu… c’mon, let’s go back to our room to eat…” Sheena grabbed my hand and pull me back to the dormitory.

“What about the matter you wanted to discuss with the Professor?” I follow behind Sheena and asked.

“That can wait until later, aren’t you hungry? You haven’t had anything to eat since yesterday.” Sheena was honestly concerned.

Now that I think about it… that’s true. And my stomach started to grumble as soon as I started to think about it.

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We went back to our room and had a luxurious breakfast. I’ve never had anything that good before. The food looks a bit expensive though, so I was a little hesitant to eat it at first. I guess rich people have this kind of food everyday… how envious…

“Now then… ” After finishing our breakfast, Sheena started, “Since we finished our breakfast already, let’s head to town and get you some weapon.”

“Weapon… ?” Upon hearing the word, weapon, I tilted my head and asked.

Sheena explained, “That’s right, you need a weapon to be able to fight right? Although Halkeginia is now peaceful, there are still bandits, pirates and monsters roaming around. We need to be able to defend ourselves from harm at the very least.”

“… I… see… This is a fantasy world after all.” I am convinced from just that.

Sheena asked, “So what kind of weapon do you want? We can’t be sure what your specialty is yet but I have a feeling you might be proficient in magic… so how about a staff?”

“No um… Since I am an Elf… I think I might be good at archery. Even though I’m not really fond of long range combat since my accuracy was low… But now…” I was deep in thought for a while.

From the world I came from, all the elves in the games and light novels are good with the bow and magic, so I thought I might be too.

Ever since I became an elf, my eyesight have improved drastically. If you put it in terms of video quality, I’d say it got enhanced from the Standard Quality of 360 pixels to the Ultra Definition of 4320 pixels. That’s a HUGE boost!!

Sylvia Suddenly, I had a vision of myself holding two bow that looks like a gun and muttered, “Dual… bow… gun?”

“What… ?” Sheena asked questioningly.

“Oh… uh… no… it’s just… I suddenly had a vision of myself holding two bow that looks like a gun… I wonder what was that?” A memory of this body’s previous owner perhaps? Or so I thought.

“I see… that decides it then, we’ll just get you two magic guns for now.” Sheena is a very decisive person, she immediately picked the best choice from all the options she had thought of.

“What?! You have guns in this world too?” I was surprised when I heard the word ‘gun’, I never expected that in this fantasy world, I’d hear that word coming out from the mouth of the citizens here…

“Yea, I didn’t tell you yet right? My father is an Earthling and with his help, we have mass produced a lot of weapons from Earth here in Halkeginia.
… It’s been recorded in the history book, my father led an entire army of commoners with weapons in hand, and saved the world from a calamity…”

Sheena said that proudly.

But I didn’t hear the latter half of the conversation, I was too focused on the first half.

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“Y… your father is from Earth?!” (Sylvia)


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