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[Vol 2] Chapter 11: Kept in the Dark (Part 1)

Sylvia Hearing his words, I just realized that I was riding on top of him. My face blushed deep red as I jumped up abruptly! That was such an embarrassing position!

The rider was rubbing his forehead as he got up, then he asked me, “Are you alright?”

Even though he was hurt, he still put my well being before him, he’s quite the gentleman. But as I was too embarrassed to face him, I turned my back towards him and looked towards the ground as I covered my blushed cheeks with both hands before I replied, “Nyai… I’m fine, nya~”

The rider scratched his hair and replied indifferently, “Alright, that’s good then…” After that, he moved closer to me and grabbed my waist.

“NYA!!! NYAT ARE YOU DOING…?!” My body jerked as he grabbed me and I shouted involuntarily. Before I could struggle, he lifted my entire body as if I was weightless and dropped me at the back of the Gryphon.

As the Gryphon saw the rider approaching, it obediently lie down on the ground on all four so the rider could easily drop me on its back. That Gryphon is highly trained!

“There… all good.” As the rider confirmed that I am sitting at the back of the Gryphon quietly, he jumped onto the back of the Gryphon with ease. After that he pulled the rein and reminded me to hold on tight or I might fall.

Seeing my troubled expression, the rider told me that I could just grab the back of the saddle. Following his advice, I put my hand at the back of the saddle and look for a suitable place to hold.

While I was doing that, the rider introduced himself, “My name is Caelum the Gryphon Knight.”

“Ah… um… my name is…” I got tongue-tied for a bit and wasn’t able to introduce myself properly, but the rider just laughed and said, “Hahaha… I know, I’ve heard about you from the Guild Master. You are Hero Sylvia right?”

“Mu… don’t call me Hero, nya~!” I pouted and voiced my complain, but thanks to that, I don’t feel as tense as before.

After I secured my position and confirming that everyone else is ready, Mister Milton said, “Then farewell and take care, my young friends,” while waving his hand at us.

As soon as Mister Milton’s words reached our ears, the Gryphons spread out their wings and strongly flap their wings as they lifted off the ground.

Very soon… We were already high up in the sky above the Training Field. Albert and Sheena are waving their hands at Mister Milton. As for me…

“NYAAAAAA!!!!! THIS IS SHO HIGH!!” Due to my fear of heights, I got weak on my knees and shrieked. I immediately drop the idea of holding onto the saddle and hugged the rider from his back tightly.

“H… hey… What are you doing?!” Due to my sudden action and the twin peaks pressing on his back, the rider got flustered.

“I… I’m afraid of heights, nya~” I answered weakly as I buried my face on the back of the rider.

“What…?! And you tell me this now?!” The rider doesn’t know if he should cry or laugh.

Seeing the commotion coming from here, Sheena and Albert hinted for their riders to get closer. As they got closer, one of the riders asked, “What’s going on here?”

Caelum explained to the others about my fear of heights. After understanding the situation, Albert was the first to voice out, “Miss Sylvia… I apologize for deciding upon this without thinking about your well being. I’m a failure as a friend…”

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Sheena followed up, “Then… What should we do now? Should we descend to the ground and go back to the academy by horse?”

“NO!!! Don’t worry about me, nya… I can handle a little bit of heights, ehehe… he…” Upon hearing Sheena’s suggestion, my face that was glued to Caelum’s back lifted immediately and I rejected her suggestion. I tried to act strong but once I noticed the heights, I laughed awkwardly…

Sheena and Albert are looking at me doubtfully, “Are you sure?”

I strongly nodded my head, “Sure I’m sure, nya! Caelum is here with me.”

“Caelum eh… you guys just met and yet you are already calling each other by names… ufufu…” Sheena teased us intentionally while laughing meaningfully with her hand covering her mouth.

Caelum and I looked away from each other and blushed slightly.

“Sigh… Alright, if you’re sure… Then we head off immediately.” One of the riders let out a breathe of air and soon after, we set off towards the Magic Academy.

Seeing our figures slowly disappear in the sky, Mister Milton grinned and immediately headed towards the VIP room.

“Creak……” Mister Milton pushed the door of the VIP room open and walked into the room. There are two figures within the room, one male and one female.

The male and female figures seemed to be staring at the skies outside of the large window.

The male figure heard the sound of the door opening and he immediately guessed who had just entered the room, so he said without turning around, “So… They left?”

Mister Milton is very respectful towards these guests, he lowered his head respectfully before he replied, “Yes, your Highness… I have sent them off with our most elite Gryphon Squad.”

“Good… Good…” The male figure turned around to face Mister Milton and uttered ‘good’ twice.

Mister Milton was confused by the action of this mysterious figure, just why did he requested him to release the Abyss Beast in the town square and put up with that act? He even went as far as giving the growth armor to Sylvia via Mister Milton. Just what is the relationship between him and Sylvia, and how would that benefit him at all? Wouldn’t Mister Milton be the one who reap all the benefits from this deal? Just what does this mysterious man want from him?

Mister Milton tried to voice out his suspicion, “Your Highness… I’m afraid I fail to understand all of your action thus far. How would this benefit you at all? For just a copy of Miss Sylvia’s biography…”

“Hahaha… That is for me to know and you to find out!” The mysterious man just laughed it off and stretched his hand out, “So? Where is the biography?”

Mister Milton just shook his head secretly and let out a breath, “Sigh… My secretary will prepare the biography soon. Let’s sit down and talk.”

After the two mysterious person sit down on the sofa, Mister Milton sit opposite of them, and a maid poured a cup of tea for them. Mister Milton took a sip and started, “So… “

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To be continued…

Author’s Note:

Hehehe…. who do you think the mysterious person is?


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