[Vol 2] Chapter 8: Secret of The Weapon?

Sylvia Just what could Sylvidia want the Abyss Beast’s claw for…?

I guess I will find out soon enough… but for now we should head to the Training Field and wait for Mister Milton.

“Let’s go!” As Albert was walking towards the door, he turned around and prompted us to get to the Training Field.

Sheena and I nodded our head and followed him silently.

As we are about to arrive at the Training Field, Sheena suddenly asked, “So… Sylvia, what do you need the Abyss Beast’s claw for?”

“Uh…” I do not know how to answer as I too was left in the dark, “I… don’t know either… but we will find out soon enough…”

“Hah?! What are you trying to do?” Sheena was slightly perplexed with my answer so she raised her voice.

“Well… I know this might sound crazy but… I can somehow communicate with my weapon… and it requested me to retrieve the claw for her.” I answered honestly, albeit feeling a little bit awkward.


Silence dominated the area, we can only hear the sound of our footsteps as we walked towards the Training Field.

After the silence lasted for a while, Sheena’s footstep suddenly become slower and she eventually turned around and shouted loudly, “WHAT…?! Don’t tell me!! That is a… Mrrrph-!”

Before Sheena could finish her sentence, Albert covered her mouth to prevent her from making a sound. Then he whispered softly, “Shh… let’s talk about this later, this is not the appropriate place to discuss this matter.”

After hearing Albert’s word, Sheena stopped struggling and nodded in consent. Seeing Sheena like this, Albert released Sheena from his constrain.

I did not know what just happened but seeing Sheena’s shocked expression, this weapon might be some kind of treasure! I’m surprised Albert was able to keep calm though, maybe he already have had enough surprises for the day.

Albert faced me and said in a serious tone, “Miss Sylvia, I implore you not to expose this information to anyone else. It is of utmost importance. If this information was to be revealed to the General Public, we will catch the attention of all the powerful underworld organization. We will not be able to guarantee our safety anymore, even under the protection of the Royal Army! Do you understand?”

“Gulp!” I swallowed my saliva and quickly nodded a few times to acknowledge my understanding. From Sheena’s expression, I was somehow able to guess this is some kind of treasure, but what I did not expect was that this treasure was able to catch the attention of all the underworld organization, just what kind of legendary treasure is this?

Just about this time, we can hear the flapping sound coming from the Gryphon. That was the sound of the Gryphons flapping their wings. Three Gryphons are currently high up in the sky above the Training Ground and are lowering their altitude.

I’ve heard of Gryphon from the fantasy novel or manga, but I’ve never seen a real one before. The three of us turned out attention towards the sky and watch as the Gryphons are descending to the Training Field.

They are just as described in the mythology, a legendary beast with head, talons, and wings of an eagle but the body of a lion. They look really imposing!

At the back of the Gryphon is a saddle and on top of each saddle is a rider. On closer inspection, one of the Gryphon is carrying two riders and one of them seems to be Mister Milton.

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So it seems like each Gryphon can carry two person. I was slightly relieved since it looks like we won’t have to ride the Gryphon by ourselves. I was able to ride the horse properly but I’m not so confident about Gryphon. They looked imposing and really scary.


After the Gryphon landed, Mister Milton jumped down from the saddle to the ground. Then he spread his arms widely and proudly exclaim, “Hahaha… my dear guests, allow me to introduce you to our Guild’s Pride, the Gryphon Squad!”

“Clap, clap, clap, clap, clap!”

I was the only one getting excited since it was my first time meeting a fantasy creature and clapped my hands quite a few times.

Sheena just looked at me and smiled warmly, “It’s amazing isn’t it…?”

I nodded my head strongly and said, “Mhm! Fantasy world is awesome!!”

Sheena suddenly reminiscenced her first time coming to the world of Halkeginia and smiled gently, “That’s right…… the first time I came to this world… I was also like this… I think that was… ten years ago.”

I heard Sheena was speaking to herself quietly but I couldn’t hear what she was saying, since her voice is overshadowed by the Gryphon’s imposing screech, “Hm? Did you say something?”

Sheena just shook her head and said it was nothing.

Just at this time, Mister Milton called me, “Miss Sylvia, this is the Abyss Beast’s claw you requested.”

After that he revealed a box in front of me and slowly opened the cover. Within the box is a single crimson colored sharp claw neatly cut from the roots. The claw itself looked so imposing, just recalling the figure of the Abyss Beast, I can feel a chill down my spine.

As I was about to stretch out my hand to grab the claw, Mister Milton suddenly said, “I won’t ask what you plan to do with the claw, it is yours to take and whatever you do with it, is up to you.”

After I grabbed the claw, I turned around to look at Albert. He probably guessed my intention and nodded, “It is fine… it is not unusual for a weapon to have a special ability or two. Even if you can hide it now, it will still be revealed eventually.”

So it seems like there is no problem revealing the special ability of the weapon as long as I don’t go openly saying that there is a Spirit residing within the weapon?

After I confirm that it is safe to proceed, I grabbed one of the Bow Gun and raised it in front of my face. Then I thought to myself internally, “So… what do I do now?”

Sylvidia transmitted the message to my mind directly, “You’re ready?”

“Yes!” I transmitted the message back to Sylvidia.

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“Then put the claw near the weapon, it will automatically absorb the claw upon contact.” Sylvidia transmitted the message back to me.

“Absorb the claw?” I was confused and asked Sylvidia.

“You will know after you do it!” Sylvidia urged me to hurry.

“Okay… here goes nothing!” I shouted as I shoved the claw on my other hand towards the weapon.

As the claw and weapon come into contact, the claw was magically absorbed by the weapon. Everyone who saw this scene was dumbfounded, but it was not over yet. As Mister Milton was about to step forward and ask, the weapon suddenly emitted a bright light that blinded everyone present.

We covered our eyes to prevent the radiant glow of the weapon to blind our vision. The radiant glow dissipated slowly as we steadily regained our vision…

What appeared in my hand was… no longer a Bow Gun…

The appearance of the weapon totally changed… it could no longer be considered a bow nor a long-ranged weapon…

Author’s Note:

What do you think the weapon has transformed into? XD


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