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[Vol 2] Chapter 3: Demon Lord, Logia

Sylvia “Miss Sylvia… just… what are you?” Mister Milton broke the silence and pointed his staff at me. It seems like he will attack me at a moment’s notice.

I wonder if someone with darkness attributes is treated as a villain in this world. Well, I guess that’s only normal… because everyone is skeptical like that. But judging someone purely based on their attributes is just plain stupid. I don’t believe in the light is justice and darkness is evil kind of crap.

“Hahahahahaha” I lifted my head, used my right hand to cover my eyes before I started laughing madly!

“Wha…… What?” Mister Milton backed off a single step due to my unexpected action. Sheena and Albert just sat on the sofa, watching me quietly.

“Ahem!” I cleared my throat and swept my glance towards Mister Milton, Albert and finally, Sheena.

I stood up, turned my gaze back to Mister Milton and said firmly, “I don’t get why you all are getting wary of me. Do you mind explaining to me? Or don’t tell me, you guys actually believed in the light is justice and darkness is evil kind of crap? I will have you know, that kind of thinking is outdated! There’s no such thing as absolute justice! Your sense of justice and mine are different. Nobody share the same opinion. What you did might be seen as an act of justice to others, but it might be also be seen as an act of evil by some other people.”

“What…… do you mean?” Mister Albert couldn’t catch the drift so I continued to explain, “For example, two countries got into a conflict and you got involved in the war. You killed several hundreds of soldiers from the opposing side and won the war. Your countrymen will see you as a Hero while the opposing country will see you as a devil. You catch the drift? In the end, there’s no such thing as absolute justice, only the winner will be deemed as justice and the loser will be deemed as evil. History had proven this so!”

After I finish my explanation, silence dominated the room… absolute silence…

It seems like they don’t know what to say in a time like this so I guess I’ll break the ice, “So are you also going to judge me as an evil being just because I am compatible with darkness?”

“Uh……” Mister Milton scratched his head embarrassedly and said softly, “You… are absolutely right, Miss Sylvia. I am ashamed to have doubted you.”

Then I turned my gaze towards Sheena and Albert, their body stiffened for a bit and Sheena drooped her shoulder before she started apologizing, “Sorry… I didn’t mean to doubt you, I was just surprised. That’s all.”

I nodded my head once and said, “So now that we know I am a completely harmless critter. Do you mind giving me an explanation for your… surprises? You know there’s a lot of things I don’t know yet about this world.”

Mister Milton’s eyes suddenly lit up, and I thought I could see sparkles in his eyes.  He got a little excited and exclaimed, “From what you were saying earlier… I assume you really did came from another world?”

“Uh… well… hey! Enough about me, just explain already!” I pouted as I nearly got drawn into his pace again.

“Hahaha… well, there’s no way such a cute little critter can be anything but harmful!” Mister Milton seemed to have forgotten the tension from earlier and started laughing merrily while patting my head.

I got a little rueful when he called me a cute little critter, I just had to dig my own graves. And I got all the more annoyed when he started patting my head. I smacked his hand away from my head and glared at him.

Mister Milton, being the gentleman that he was, knew when to stop teasing me and explained, “Hahaha… well… to tell you the truth… most of the otherworlder who was summoned as Heroes have Light attributes. The ones summoned by Demon Lord Logia, usually have Darkness attributes… so we thought……”

Mister Milton stopped but I finished his sentence for him, “That I might be this Demon Lord something’s accomplice?”

Mister Milton just nodded without saying any more. Sheena and Albert did the same.

“Sigh~~” I let out a long breath and drop myself on top of the sofa.

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“I guess this will be a long talk, I still don’t have much information regarding the circumstances of this world. I just got here yesterday. Do you have the time to talk, Mister Milton? If not I can inquire Sheena about it later. Pay it no mind.” (Sylvia)

“Hahaha… Don’t worry about me, I have cleared my queue today just for you. I have more than enough time to talk! What do you wish to know?” (Milton)

“First… I guess about the Demon Lord you just spoke of.” (Sylvia)

“Gladly! You see… a few decades ago, after the disaster with the void dragon had been avoided. A mysterious person showed himself. His name…… is Logia! He claimed to be the Demon Lord and will bring about the destruction of our world! Right about that time, a rift in the sky suddenly appeared and from beyond the rift, thousands of demons descended! Every single one of those demons are superior in strength and easily slaughtered most of our soldiers! If not for the Hero King, Saito, and the three other legendary heroes who were holding back the enemy by themselves, and the void mage’s teleportation magic. I’m afraid… that the remaining soldiers won’t even have had a chance of survival!” Mister Milton’s face was very pale as he said until this part.

“Mister Milton…… you were saying it as if you had witnessed this dreadful scene with your own eyes… it wasn’t this detailed in the records, it only mentioned a swamp of demons descended from hell and pushed humanity to the brink of extinction…” Albert was very concerned.

Mister Milton just nodded his head weakly, “Indeed… indeed I have… I was one of the lucky survivor from that first encounter a few decades ago…”

“Gulp…” Albert swallowed his saliva and I saw his body shivered a bit. I guess he imagined himself at the battlefield and dreadful scene before him. Anyone would be scared silly when faced with so many powerful demons that can destroy a town single-handedly!

I wonder how merely eight person were able to halt their advance even for a few minutes and still get back here alive. I have renewed respect for the Hero King Saito, the four void mages, and the other three legendary heroes.

Author’s Note:

Well… that was… totally unexpected. I didn’t expect that name, Logia, to appear so early in the chapters XD


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