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[Vol 2] Chapter 4: Wannabe Mage

Sylvia “Is there anything else you want to know, Miss Sylvia?” Mister Milton asked hurriedly.

“Well… let’s see… I am a little curious about the so-called Wannabe Mage. How do they draw the mana from the surrounding just by swinging their staffs around?” I only asked out of pure curiosity, but Mister Milton seems very delighted with my question.

“Hahaha… that is a good question, Miss Sylvia! Allow me to enlighten you!” Mister Milton seemed really proud and puffed his chest before he continued, “We are not merely waving our staffs at random while casting spells!”

“Oh? Interesting… tell me more about it!” My eye shone with the light of curiosity.

“Hahaha… of course! Actually, do you know how a Noble Mage ⌈1⌋ cast a spell?” Before he answered my question, Mister Milton raised a question for me.

“How the Noble Mage cast a spell?” I started pondering for a while, but I couldn’t come up with an answer so I frowned, “No… I’m afraid I do not know…”

“Then allow me to tell you. In order to cast a spell, all the Mage are required to draw a magic sequence. Us commoners do not have sufficient innate Magic Power to pull that off but the nobles are different. The nobles are born with high amount of innate Magic Power, so they are able to draw their Magic Power from within their body to draw the magic sequence in their mind.” Mister Milton stopped for a while and sipped a cup of coffee.

With that action, I noticed that I too am quite thirsty and did the same. Then Mister Milton continued, “Actually, an incantation is not really required but it helps them focus more. Did you know how they test if one had an aptitude for magic?”

Mister Milton raised yet another question and I answered, “By requesting the person in question to cast basic elementary spell?”

“That’s right, but do you know why they did that?” Mister Milton shot me with a inquisitive glance.

I frowned yet again and said honestly, “I do not know…”

Mister Milton smiled and said, “That is to test if you have enough innate magic power to become a Mage! In the beginner wand, they have engraved the magic sequence of the basic elementary spells so with the activation word, it will automatically draw the magic power from the user to cast the spell.”

“Ohhh!! Interesting!” I was honestly surprised! So that’s how they test the aptitude for Mage in this world. “Then? How about the Wannabe Mage? They draw the magic power from their surrounding and draw the magic sequence in the thin air?”

“Hahaha! Exactly!! You catch on quick, Miss Sylvia!” Mister Milton laughed.

And then I suddenly had a thought, “If that is the case… then… wouldn’t I be able to absorb the magic sequence of any Wannabe Mage with my special ability? I’m calling that ability ⌈Magic Absorption⌋ for now. For the Noble Mage, it’s impossible since I cannot see the magic sequence but… for a Wannabe Mage… it might be worth a try! I should still have enough Magic Power remaining in the Teardrop Earring to activate my special ability, if I remember correctly a single Magic Absorption consumed around 1,000 unit of of the Magic Power in the Teardrop Earring. I just hope the consumption rate is the same even when I try to absorb a more complex magic sequence.”

I immediately put my thoughts into action, “Mister Milton! Can I request you to show me one of your strongest spell?!”

Mister Milton was slightly surprised but he still agreed to show it to me once. I was secretly happy.

With that said, Mister Milton went ahead to the training field and said he will wait for us at the field, then he asked me to put on my new armor in the dressing room first.

I went along with his suggestion and go to the dressing room to put on the Silver Gold armor. I put on the breastplate first , and then the shoulder-pad, the belt, the socks and the boots, and lastly the pair of long white gloves with arm guard attached.

Then I looked at myself in the mirror, I am really starting to look like a real Adventurer now! But I am still far too weak, I need to get stronger soon or else I’ll live to regret my own weakness in the future. I have read far too many novels and I don’t want those kind of scenes to happen to me.

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After that I went to the training field together with Sheena and Albert. We saw Mister Milton waiting for us on the field.

“Oh… so you are here already. Then, shall I begin?” Mister Milton saw us walking towards him and he started.

“Please go ahead Mister Milton, we will be watching at the side!” I was getting excited and started observing Mister Milton at the side.

Mister Milton began by raising his staff and then he moved the tips of his staff in front of him. Now that I take a closer look, a dim light appeared in front of him and it does look similar to a magic circle of some sort.

We were just observing quietly at the side but my heart was thumping like crazy. Just when I noticed Mister Milton was about to complete the magic sequence and cast the spell. I immediately raised my left hand towards the magic sequence and started concentrating.

“Hm… how do I activate the Magic Absorption again? I think… it was like this… no, maybe like that?” I was thinking about that in my mind silently, while trying to recall the feeling I had when I activated the ability.

Sheena and Albert were confused by my action. Just when Sheena was about to open her mouth.

“There!!” Mister Milton and I shouted at about the same time.

The rune on my left hand that was hidden by the white glove suddenly started to glow and a mini black hole appeared in front of my left hand. Just when Mister Milton was about to activate his strongest spell, the magic circle in front of him started to distort and was getting absorbed by the mini black hole in front of me!

Everyone who saw that scene was dumbfounded and their jaws drooped.

After the absorption of the magic sequence completed, I made a victory pose and shouted involuntarily, “Oh sweet mother of Jesus! It succeeded!!”

“Mi… Miss Sylvia… just what… did you…” Mister Milton was stuttering and couldn’t form a proper sentence. Sheena and Albert who were by my side were just as surprised.

I took a quick glance at my surrounding before saying, “Uh… oops? Tehee~ I guess… acting cute won’t get me out of this?”

Author’s Note:

Oh sweet mother of Jesus! Now that was just too cool! Hahaha


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