[Vol 1] Chapter 8: Transmutation Master

Sylvia After we left the inn, we departed for the so called Uncle Sebastian’s Weapon Store immediately.

On the way there, I asked quite a few questions, “Why do you call him Uncle Sebastian? Are you blood related?”

Sheena looked over and smiled charmingly, “No, we’re not related by blood. Uncle Sebastian is a close friend of my father, and he visits us often when I was still a young child.”

“Oh… ” I nodded in acknowledgement.

“Uncle Sebastian and my father became quick friend due to their interest in weapon. I believe you already know this but my father have a power that allows him to wield any weapon, and Uncle Sebastian on the other hand… is a Transmutation Master! He can make any weapons infused with magic, ranging from sword to shield, even firearms such as gun or rocket launcher.” Sheena puffed out her chest and exclaimed proudly.

“Weapons infused with magic?” I asked interestingly.

“That’s right, like the magic gun for example or swords that can generate one of the four elements when you swing it. There are even magic staves that can absorb mana from the surrounding air, allowing the user to cast magic. So there’s a lot of wannabe mage amongst the Adventurers, they are completely useless in combat once they lose their staff though.” Sheena said that while she heaved a sigh.

“Wow… that sounds… amazing!” Although I had no idea what Sheena was saying at the time, I am still amazed.

“Yup, Uncle Sebastian is amazing indeed. I admire him!” Sheena seemed to shine so brightly when she talks about this Uncle Sebastian, I guess she must have respected him a lot!

At this time, I thought about something, and posed a question to Sheena, “Speaking of which… you mentioned about the magic gun earlier right? Did Uncle Sebastian make them too?”

“Indeed… it is a gun that is designed for the mage only. As long as you have enough Magic Power left, you can refill the cartridge with magic bullet infinitely. It doesn’t require any solid bullet, someone with no affinity for magic cannot hope to use them, unless the cartridge was previously filled with magic bullets already.” Sheena paused for a moment to catch her breath, and then she continued.

“To refill the cartridge, you just simply have to pour your magic power into it while casting a spell. The power of the spell will be reduced dramatically, retaining only 20% of its original power, and you cannot target multiple foes at the same time. However, on the upside, you can fire a few rounds instantly, the penetrative power is immeasurable, and the speed of the magic bullet is not one whit inferior to that of a normal bullet. The magic guns are more powerful on a single target. In contrast, a normal spell is more powerful on multi-target.”

Since Sheena know so much about the magic gun, I thought it was strange that Sheena didn’t have one, so I asked, “Wait a moment…… If a magic gun can only be used by a mage, and they can be fired instantly as long as there are still magic bullets in the cartridge, why don’t you have one?”

Sheena looked at me silently for a moment before she opens her mouth, “I never said I don’t have one.”

“Eh…? Then why didn’t you use it earlier when the bandits approached us?” I tilted my head and asked.

At this moment, Albert cuts in and join the conversation, “I wouldn’t recommend it.”

“Why?” I turned around to face Albert and asked.

Sheena got in front of me, then she smiled impishly, and looked straight into my eye. She said with a low and playful voice, “I wouldn’t mind using it if you don’t care about friendly fire.”

I shuddered involuntarily, “Uh… hahaha…”

I understand just from that one line, that her dexterity is low. However, something still bothers me, “But you also attack with magic from long range right? How come you are so confident when you are using magic?”

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“Well… you’ll understand if you can use magic. Unlike the bow or gun, you can still somehow change the trajectory of your magic spell with minimal control.” Albert explained.

“I see… magic sure is convenient…” I am honestly impressed with the mythical thing called magic.

“It’s here!” Sheena shouted excitedly as we arrived in front of the weapon store.

While we were chatting, I didn’t realize just how much time have passed, but we reached the store eventually.

Sheena excitedly opens the door and shouted with joy, “Uncle Sebastian, I came to visit!”

Sebastian was dealing with some customers when we entered the store, but as soon as he heard Sheena’s voice, he turned over to face us, and his expression immediately changed into a bright smile when he saw Sheena.

Sebastian is approximately around 1.8 meter tall. He got a shiny white hair and beard. His eyes are pale blue in color, and his body build is muscular and bulky. I’m guessing he’s in his late 50’s in age?

“Ooohhh!! If it isn’t Sheena! Come over here you little rascal. Hahaha.” Sebastian was very excited when he saw Sheena and spread his arms wide.

Sheena rushed forward immediately and jumped into Sebastian’s arm.

Sebastian hugged Sheena and patted her head twice, “You sure have grown up big, in various ways…”

Sebastian glanced at Sheena from bottom to top, measuring her three sizes with his eyes.

Sheena chopped Sebastian’s forehead, “Come on, stop doing that already Uncle Sebastian.”

[Ah… I guess the other reason why Sebastian and Saito become friendly so quickly was because of their personality… I heard plenty about Saito from Anabelle this morning…] I secretly thought to myself.

“Hahaha.” Sebastian was all smile, it seems he has forgotten his other customers already. Luckily there’s a shop assistant here, and he’s already attending to the other customers.

I walked beside Sheena, and when Sebastian saw me, his smile was gone and his face immediately turns grim…

Why I wonder… first, Anabelle, and now, Sebastian… is elf not being treated well here?

“You…” Sebastian said with a grim face.

“Hm? Is there something on my face?” I touched my cheeks with both hands and asked.

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“No… Never mind…” Sebastian’s expression turns paler, then he muttered in a very soft voice, “There’s no way she can be here…”

With my enhanced hearing ability, I can somehow hear what he muttered.

[Hm…? Who’s she?] I thought to myself.

Sebastian turned his sight back to Sheena.

“So to what honor do I owe today for your humble visit?” Sebastian’s mood immediately brightened up and asked merrily.

“I came here today to procure a weapon for my familiar.” Sheena said proudly.

“Ohh! A familiar!? It’s finally that time of the year huh? So where’s your mighty familiar? With someone of your caliber, I bet it’s going to be a mighty dragon right? What do you need? A claw? Hahaha!” Sebastian kept muttering non-stop as he thought about what weapons he should make for Sheena’s familiar.

Sheena tapped on my shoulder twice, “This is the one.”

Sebastian stared at me and blinked twice, “HAAAAAAAARH?!?! Hahahahahaha! Oh come on you lil’ rascal, stop teasing me already and show me your familiar!”

“This is my familiar!” Sheena looked into Sebastian’s eye strongly.

“……” Sebastian remains quiet for a while.

Looking at how serious Sheena gazed at him, all he can say is, “Seriously?”

“Seriously serious.” Sheena said in a very solemn tone.

“Haah……” Sebastian exhaled a mouthful of breath, “Alright then…… I guess a proper introduction is in place.”

“I am Sebastian, the Transmutation Master of Swinford Town, I can craft anything, you name it, I make it. Weapons such as Sword, Spear, Dagger, Mace, Bow, Shield, Grenade, Gun, Magic Staff and so on, or even utensils such as Kitchen Knife, Shovel, Chisel, Magic Lamp, Magic Heater and…”

“Uncle Sebastian! Is that how you introduces yourself?” Sheena stopped Sebastian in his track.

“Hahaha, sorry, sorry, I got off the track.” Sebastian apologizes.

“…I am Sylvia. Pleased to meet you, honored Transmutation Master” I introduced myself politely.

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“Hahaha… she’s a polite one isn’t she?” Sebastian was pleased.

Am I really? Isn’t it just a courtesy? Anabelle said so too…

“So… what kind of weapon are you looking for, lass?” Sebastian asked while holding his chin with the index finger and thumb.

Albert abruptly cut into the conversation again, I guess he must be feeling lonely to be left out of the conversation all the time…

“We’re thinking of getting her a Magic Gun, but we haven’t tested her aptitude for magic yet, do you mind if we borrow the testing field before deciding?” Albert said so politely.

“Hm… this lass over here is?” Sebastian finally noticed Albert and asked.

“My name is Alby, sir.” Albert curtsies and introduces himself as Alby.

“Pfft……” I almost laughed but I held back.

“Bwahahahahahahahah!! Alby!! Hahahahaha! Good one lad! Good one!!” Sebastian on the other hand… laughed out loud…

Does he knows? He called Albert a lad just now, not lass.

Albert’s face turned red, and he clenched his fists. I wonder if he’s angry or embarrassed, I can’t tell.

“Hahahahaha… Alby it is then…… follow me, the lot of ya.” Sebastian finally stopped laughing, and led us to the back entrance of the store.

Finally… I’m finally going to start my journey to become the strongest!! I was clenching my fists, and feeling very excited as we walked towards the back entrance.


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