[Vol 3] Chapter 13: Benefits of Blessing

Sylvia Everyone could only smile wryly at the heart-warming scene before them. Though it might not be so heart-warming for our little Futaba, since she is struggling to get free from Sheena’s embrace.

After Futaba finally get free from Sheena’s ceaseless assault, Iqaos finally opened his mouth to talk about the issue at hands, regarding the blessings for the town of Pharamville.

“Although I already agreed to give my blessings to the town of Pharamville, I still need a vessel. Have you prepared any?” Iqaos said solemnly.

“Vessel?” Sheena and I tilted our heads to the side simultaneously.

Iqaos heaved a sigh and explained, “Alas… I figured as much. I will explain so listen carefully, a Spirit gets tainted easily by the evil in human’s heart if they stay in touch with humans for too long a period. That is why we need a divine artifact, or any sacred object that will not get tainted easily by the human’s wickedness.”

Then Iqaos turned his attention towards Sylvidia and revealed a wicked smile, “Like Sylvidia’s Blank Slate for example.”

“Hmph!” Sylvidia snorted coldly and said, “I offered you the Blank Slate in exchange for your blessings earlier, but you rejected! It’s too late now. Hmph!”

In truth, Sylvidia was very unwilling to part with the Blank Slate, but knowing the Divine Fox’s temper, only something like this would be able to move him. The only reason she willingly offered the Blank Slate was because she knew that although Iqaos will receive some of the Faith Power from the believers, most of it will still go to the Goddess of Light. After acquiring some merits here and there, she will be able to request for another divine artifacts from the Goddess of Light.

But now, since Iqaos had already agreed to give his blessing to Pharamville, there is no reason for Sylvidia to give him the Blank Slate anymore.

Although Sheena cannot understand what Sylvidia is saying now, she was able to guess from Sylvidia’s temperament, she tried to convince the Divine Fox, “Lord Iqaos, is there anything else other than the Blank Slate that will work as a vessel?”

Upon hearing Sheena’s question, Iqaos looked around and finally, his sight settled on me.

“W-what did he want from me?” I couldn’t help but feel nervous inwardly.

After a while, Iqaos finally opened his mouth and said, “That earring of yours, I can feel a pure energy from it. Perhaps that’ll do for now.”

These Teardrop Earrings are gifts from Sheena to me, she spent a huge fortune to buy these to commemorate our long-term relationship to come. If Sheena wanted to give these earrings to Iqaos, I have no qualms about it. However, is this really worth it? I couldn’t help but have second thoughts, so I looked towards Sheena and raised my concern, “Sheena, may I chip in a few words of concern?”

Sheena nodded and simply said, “You may.”

Then I said without any restrain, “You spent a fortune to get these earrings for me, although I have no qualms about giving these earrings to Iqaos if you wish for it, but I want you to consider, is this really worth it?”

“Hahaha!” Iqaos laughed at my question and answered, “You are a calculative one I see! The benefits that come from my blessing doesn’t only keep the weak monsters from approaching, anyone who is within my boundary will have their luck significantly increased, one can detect the presence of hostile foes easily so the chances of getting ambushed decreased significantly, one can also recover their mana faster within my boundary, and many more benefits to come as I gather more Faith Power.”

I looked at Iqaos dubiously, I couldn’t help but ask, “Is that really the case?”

“If you don’t believe me, just ask Sylvidia.” Iqaos simply redirected the question to Sylvidia. I turned my head towards Sylvidia and she simply nodded her head and said, “He is right, as long as you are within his boundary, you will be benefited greatly. A little earring like this is well worth the price. Besides, you won’t be needing that measly earring in the near future, your mana is still growing at an astounding speed.”

“Really? The benefits still doesn’t seem that attractive to me though…” I am still feeling somewhat doubtful.

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“Well the benefits won’t be very apparent, but Iqaos’ boundary should also encompass the Magic Academy, your next three school years will probably be blessed with good luck! I didn’t say this earlier but within a blessed boundary, the elemental essence will be purer and more concentrated, so your training speed will inevitably become much faster.” That last bit of Sylvidia’s words totally convinced me, although I’m still a bit reluctant to rely on luck, if I can increase my base power faster, that is all the more welcome.

I turn my head towards Sheena and nodded, “It seems to be the truth, what is your decision? You are the one who bought these earrings in the end, the decision is yours to make.”

I took off the earrings and hand it over to Sheena as I press her to make the final decision. Sheena was a little troubled over what to do, I guess she’s weak under pressure, when she was facing the Spirit King earlier, she immediately looked to me for help. She keeps glancing at me, Iqaos and the earrings on her palm repeatedly.

In the end, she finally made up her mind, she raised her head and said, “I know! How about we do this instead?” She walked towards me and handed over one piece of earring, “One for you.”

“Eh?” I couldn’t help but let out a sound involuntarily, I have no idea what she is trying to do. Then she walked towards Iqaos and gave him the other half, “And one for you.”

“Eh? What are you…” As I tried to ask Sheena what is she trying to do, she stood up and walked a few steps backward from Iqaos, then she said, “Lord Iqaos, you only needed one object that can serve as a vessel right? Then I believe you won’t be needing a pair of earrings, just one of them will do right?”

“Hahaha! That is indeed the case! Very well, I will accept this piece of earring as my vessel. Sylvidia’s vessel, come forward!” Iqaos accepted it quite easily, however when he asked me to come forward, I couldn’t help but frown.

“Just what did he want now?” I cursed silently in my heart, but I still walked towards him obediently.

“Show me your earring!” When Iqaos demanded that I show him the one I got from Sheena, I couldn’t help but ask, “What are you trying to do?”

Iqaos answered honestly, “Since these two earrings come as a pair, I need to embed my Spiritual Power in both simultaneously.”

“Is that so…” After understanding Iqaos’ action, I show him the earring that I am holding voluntarily.

What we didn’t know was what Iqaos was scheming at the time, when he embedded his Spiritual Power into the earrings, it turned into a Spirit Item.

A Spirit Item is an item possessed by a Spiritual being, it can also be considered as a Divine Artifact in some cases. Like Sylvidia’s Blank Slate for example, it was normally an ancient artifact, but after her Material Body perished, she became a Spirit and used the Blank Slate as her vessel, which transformed it into a Divine Artifact.

Spirit Item and Divine Artifact possessed special ability, but the drawback is that the Spiritual being can keep feeding on the owner’s mana. If you haven’t figured it out yet, what Iqaos was planning to do was to turn this earring into a Spirit Item, so that he can drain my Spiritual Power slowly to strengthen himself. Iqaos is a really sly fox indeed, that is probably the main reason why he and the honest Sylvidia never got along. Other than his craftiness, he’s not a bad person at heart… is what I want to believe.

Author’s Note

Don’t ask me why, I also don’t know where did all the motivation to translate and writing comes from. But more releases, everyone is happy, end of story, right?

Hope you enjoy this chapter!


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