[Vol 1] Chapter 11: Intense Marksmanship Test


“Eh…? I missed.” I say that with a disappointed expression.

Well, of course the world isn’t such a nice place where you can be perfect in everything on the first try… I need to work hard…

“Well… the result was…… worst than I thought.” Seeing that I didn’t even hit the target dummy, Sheena heaved a sigh.

“Wait… just wait a second, let me have another try! Please?” I begged Sheena to let me have another shot. She seems unconvinced.

“I feel like I can get it right if I just try a few more times. It feels like the time when I was riding the horse.” When I was learning horse riding from Sheena, I was very bad at it. However, I get used to it very soon. I get a similar feeling when I was holding the gun.

Sheena seems convinced since she saw how bad I was at horseback riding for the first few minutes, “Alright, try as many times as you want. We have plenty of rubber bullets here anyway. You know how to reload the gun right?”

I scratches my head awkwardly, “Um… well…… actually I…… have never really held a real gun before…… Hehehe.”

“Sigh… Albert.” Sheena gestured Albert to come over and teach me how to reload a gun.

After learning the basics, I got into the proper position, took my aim, and start firing the gun.

With each shot, I feel like my aim is getting sharper and sharper. Sheena was not too surprised to see my improvement in such a short period of time, but Albert on the other hand…… was amazed.

“It’s amazing how she improved so quickly. Is this the innate ability of the elf? Their marksmanship is amazing indeed!”

“That’s enough. Now try shooting with your non-dominant arm. After  you get used to it, we will raise the level.” Sheena stepped forward and prompt me to continue shooting with my other hand.

The result was almost the same as with my dominant arm. At first, I missed the target but my aim gets sharper over time.


“Sylvia!” Sheena called out to me.

I turned over to look at her.

“Catch.” She throw the other gun that she was holding earlier to me.

I caught it frantically and shouted with discontent, “H-hey!! That’s dangerous! What if somebody got hurt?!”

Sheena turned her head sideways, “Humph…”

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“Eh?? What did I do?” I was confused at Sheena’s fit of temper.

Could she be jealous at how I can do something that she couldn’t so easily?

I looked around and noticed Albert is not around so I asked, “Where’s Albert?”

Sheena didn’t say a word and pointed behind me. I turned to look and saw Albert walking over from a distant with nine additional target dummy floating in the air.

“Eh?” I was confused, I have no idea what is going on. Why are there so many target dummy?

“Now let’s proceed with the final test. If you pass this test, then we will acknowledge your marksmanship, and get you two guns as promised. If you fail, we will still get you one gun but you won’t be using that as your main weapon.” Albert walked towards me and explained.

“So… how are we going to test my marksmanship?” I asked interestingly.

“Simple! Can you see the colors of the mark on the dummy?” Albert pointed to the dummy.

“Hmm… yes… and?” I looked at one dummy after another as indicated.

“I will control five of the dummy with red mark using levitation magic while avoiding you, your aim is to hit them with the rubber bullet.” Albert explained.

“And I will control the other five with blue mark, obstructing you. But you cannot attack them. Once you do, you fail!” Sheena curved her lips upward, “Be careful~ I will occasionally ram into you, hehe.”

“Oh… moving targets… just…… perfect…… and I have to avoid hitting those with blue marks too……” I am not so confident I can hit moving target yet, so I feel rather dispirited.

Furthermore, with two guns occupying both my hand, trying to reload the gun will be difficult, unless I have super godly reflexes. Magic gun is another story since I can just use instacast to instantly reload the gun, but these guns are different, I have to reload them manually.

Each gun can load up to ten bullets, that means I will have twenty shot with two guns. In other word, I can spare five bullets per dummy. I can do this, I have plenty of bullets to spare!  If I really can’t take down five targets with twenty bullets, I really have no rights to hold a gun.

“Ok, let’s begin then!” Upon my signal, Sheena and Albert simultaneously used levitation magic to lift the target dummy to surround me.

With the blue dummies blocking my view in the front, while the red dummies at the back are floating left and right, up and down.

When I pointed a gun at the red dummy, the blue dummy came into view.

Whoa!! How am I supposed to shoot the red dummy if the blue dummy keeps blocking me. Seems like I can’t stay in one place forever. I will have to get behind the blue dummy to aim properly.

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With that in mind, I started running towards one of the blue dummy.

The blue dummy tried to ram into me, but I side stepped and narrowly dodged the blue dummy’s reckless charge.

“Skid…!” With my left hand and knee on the ground, I immediately pointed my non-dominant right hand at the red dummy and pulled the trigger.


“Score!! One down, four more to go!” I shouted in joy as my aim was right on the mark.

“Tsk!! It’s not over yet!” Sheena suddenly commanded all five of the blue dummies to encircle me at high speed.

“Damn!!” I cursed silently as I was trapped in the center of these five blue dummies.

I saw a gap in between the blue dummy so I pointed my gun at one of the red dummy that is floating around aimlessly behind one of the gaps, and waited for the right moment.


I pulled the trigger again, and with a “Bang!”, I hear the sweet “Ding!” sound which indicates I hit the target. Oh sweet! Another one down, three more to go!

“Khhhhh!!” Sheena seems infuriated that I was able to hit my target in that situation. Then all of a sudden, three blue dummies charged toward me at high speed.

Without any time to think, I jumped up into the air to avoid getting squashed by the three dummies. I jumped higher than I thought and avoided the dummies by a hair’s breadth. The dummies rammed into one another while I was still upside down in midair.

I took a quick glance at my surrounding and saw two red dummies at the distant. I quickly spin around my body while still upside down in midair, and saw the third dummy at the opposite side.

Without losing my momentum, I spread out both my arm and focused like I never have before, and then I pulled the trigger one time, two times, three times, while spinning around in midair.

“Ding! Ding! Ding!”

That signals the end of my marksmanship test! All five red dummies are down, and not a single blue dummy were shot! But I don’t have time to rejoice at the moment, because I’m losing altitute, and is about to fall to the ground head first!

I tried to balance myself by doing a somersault, and turn my body into the upright position. Then my feet touched the ground first, and I am standing upright with my arms spread. A perfect landing!

As if! I landed hard on my butt first!

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“Owowowowow! That hurts!” Tears are welling up in my eyes as I rubbed my sore butt.

Although that took a while to explain, only a few seconds have passed in reality.

Sheena and Albert stared at me wide eyed from the distant with their jaw dropped. I guess I couldn’t blame them. What I did just now even surprised myself. If I was the one watching from the sideline, I probably would have the same expression as them right now.


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