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[Vol 3] Chapter 9: Armatization!

Sylvia Just when Iqaos was about to unleash the attack, a voice rang out in the mind of everyone present, “That is enough!”

Iqaos didn’t heed the voice and let loose of his divine ability, he laughed hysterically and shouted the name of his ultimate skill, “Hahaha! Devour her soul!! Anima Chaser!!”

After that, the ten meter tall shadow wolf transformed into a ray of black light and charged towards Sylvidia at lightning speed. However, right at this moment… every second feels like countless years to Sylvidia as her past memories replayed in her mind over and over.

Sylvidia suddenly thought to herself, “Ah… this is just like what happened the last time I was almost killed. Except this time… it will be true death!”

With that in mind, Sylvidia apologized to me in advance, “I am sorry my Master, it seems like I have failed you.”

“No!! Don’t give up yet! Aren’t you the one who taught me not to give up until the end?! I am not about to give up! I don’t want to die a second time!!” I barked at Sylvidia when it seemed like she was about to give up.

Sylvidia was startled awake by my rebuke, then she renewed her resolution, “Ah… You are right! You are absolutely right! I don’t want to die a second time either!”

With our minds more or less in sync, a transformation occurred in our souls. We raised our hands simultaneously, that’s right, we have become one in body and soul.

I could feel the light elemental essences which I couldn’t even detect before rushing into my body like a waterfall. The light elemental essences continuously strengthen my body, as well as recovering my already dwindled Spiritual Power. The light elemental essence was so dense that could even be detected by naked eyes, it seemed as if my body was glowing with a holy radiance.

In just the blink of an eye, my body has already fully recovered. No, that’s not right either… my body feels lighter and more powerful than I previously was. This is the legendary skill, Armatization! It is a powerful skill which every Spirit Weapons possessed.

When activated, the user will gain a portion of the Spirit’s power, and their body will be nourished by the elemental essences of the world. However, there are two requirements in order to activate this skill.

One, the user and the Spirit must be in mutual understanding. Two, the user and the Spirit must be almost equal in strength. Only then would one be able to perform Armatization. Another name for Armatization is Soul Fusion. As its name implies, Armatization is the special ability of a Spiritual Being to temporarily fuse their soul with another foreign soul.

You can imagine by yourself just how powerful would one become when two souls fused together. Twofold? Not even close! When two souls fused together, not only will they gain a portion of the other’s power, their mana ⌈1⌋, their base strength, and even their vitality will be increased tremendously.

Although that took awhile to explain, in reality, only a few seconds have passed, but the shadow fox was already in front of us. As we raised our hands, our Spiritual Power keeps rising dramatically. The runes on the back of my left and right hands glowed brightly.

All of a sudden, a massive Black Hole appeared in front of our palms, which were facing towards Iqaos. The shadow fox actually charged straight into the Black Hole and disappeared without a trace!

But that was not the end of it yet, the Black Hole suddenly changed into a White Hole! The shadow fox that was devoured by the Black Hole actually came out of the White Hole and directly charged towards Iqaos!

At this moment, Iqaos finally revealed a frantic expression, his eyes were wide open as he shouted in disbelieve, “IMPOSSIBLE! This cannot be happening!! ARGHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!”

The shadow fox was getting closer and closer to Iqaos, and he could only stare at the shadow fox while bellowing in agony. Just before the shadow fox reached Iqaos, the sweet yet angry voice rang out in the mind of everyone again, “Such insolence! Didn’t you hear me at first? I said, THAT IS ENOUGH!”

And then all of a sudden, a powerful pressure pressed down on everyone present. Even the illusory shadow fox dissipated into nothingness! That was the… legendary God Realm!!

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God Realm, according to Sylvidia, is an ability that only the true god can use. Any being caught in the God Realm will have their movements completely restricted, even an ultimate expert like Iqaos, who was at the Demigod level, cannot move freely in the God Realm. Only a God of equal rank can resist the God Realm and move about unrestricted.

Everyone stood still in their original position, unable to move even an inch, it was as if everyone present had been turned into a lifeless statue. No… that’s not right either, everyone stood in their original position except Sheena, since she was the only one who was sitting on the ground the entire time.

Iqaos, who was saved by an uninvited guest, felt relieved that his life had been spared. But that only lasted for a moment, when he felt the presence of the being that is approaching, he instantly turned pale.

“T-this presence is!” Sylvidia exclaimed in shock, she was also able to sense the presence of the godly being that is descending from the heaven. But in reality, it is normally not possible to sense the presence of a being that is stronger than you. That is unless that being intentionally let their presence spill out.

“Iqaos, you actually dare to disobey me! Do you have a death wish?!” The figure that was descending from the heaven opened her tiny mouth and speak loudly. Just as before, her sweet voice reverberated in the mind of everyone here. If one was careless, one might be completely entranced by her sweet voice, and enter a state of dizziness.

“N-no! My lord- I wouldn’t dare!” Iqaos answered the mysterious figure frantically.

On the other hand, the Goblin trio, Sheena, and myself who doesn’t know anything was making a lot of noise;

“W-what is going on?! I cannot move!” Sheena was confused.

“T-this pressure…” Zain was trembling in fear.

“Grr-nununununu… move!” Giga was trying to move his body with brute force.

“Z-zain…” Fiore looked at Zain worriedly.

“Urgh… I… cannot move my body! What is going on, Sylvidia?” I asked the walking encyclopedia that was always with me.

“T-that is… the Spirit King!” Sylvidia sent the message directly in my mind urgently.

Author’s Note:

This chapter is just too awesome! Initially, my plan was to end the fight as soon as it started but when I started writing, this amazing idea just hit me like a thunderbolt! Another power-up for our Heroine, yay!


  1. As mentioned in earlier chapter, Mana is both Magic Power and Spiritual Power fused together. 

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