[Vol 2] Chapter 10: Beast Form

Sylvia I shook my head helplessly a few times, and faced an empty space before lifting the card in my left hand…

“Well… Here goes nothing! Implicatus! ⌈1⌋” I lifted the card in front of me and shouted the activation word taught by Sylvidia.

The card once again released a blinding light that momentarily took away our vision. Everyone present raised their hand overhead to block the blinding light and shut their eyes tightly.

After a few moment later, the blinding light finally receded and everyone slowly opened their eyes as they look toward my direction.

Everyone present was dumbfounded at what they just saw… because what appeared before their eyes was… a different person…

The mysterious person was the first to open her mouth as she scratches her head, “Nothing happened, nya…”

“Nya…? Wait, that voice! Are… are you Sylvia?!” Just when everyone was secretly guessing where did this mysterious person come from, and the whereabouts of Sylvia, Sheena suddenly shouted out.

The mysterious person turned around and faced Sheena with a confused expression, “Nya? Who else can nyai be other than Sylvia?”

“Sylvia? Are you really Miss Sylvia?” Mister Milton asked in a dubious voice.

“Nyat are you talking about?” I looked at Mister Milton with a puzzled expression and put my right hand on my chest, “Nyai am the one and only Sylvia, nya!”

“Rumble, rumble!” Sheena was rummaging in her small travelling bag and pulled a hand mirror out of it. Then she put the mirror in front of my face, “Sylvia… take a look at yourself.”

I tilted my head in confusion and look at my own reflection inside the mirror as indicated. What I saw was… not an elf… the signature pointy ears of an elf are no longer there…

I mean… I do have a pair of pointy ears but… these pair of ears are… fluffy and their positions are a little higher… they looked just like a… That’s right, they looked like a pair of cat ears!

“NYAT…?!” I was shocked after taking a quick glance of my own reflection in the mirror and took a few steps back. Then I turned my head towards my back and saw a tail wriggling around.

Cat Form

“N-NYAT HAPPENED TO ME?! AND WHAT HAPPENED TO MY OUTFIT!!” I wasn’t able to process the visual information I just received and shouted out loudly, hoping someone would answer my question for me.

Then at that time, Sylvidia’s voice rang out in my mind, “Ufufu… it seems this is a beast form transfiguration! As for the outfit… it’s part of the card’s effect.”

“Nya? Beast form transfiguration?” I blurted that out loudly and everyone present on the field had their jaws dropped.

“But… but what about the outfit?!” I didn’t took notice of my surrounding as I was just as astounded as everyone else so I shouted my question to Sylvidia out loud.

“Calm down… just think about it logically, if you transform into a beastman, there’s no way a cloth designed for humans can fit right?”

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After calming down and thinking about it for a while, I thought what Sylvidia said does have some logic, “I guess you’re right. Human clothes are not designed for beastman as they have different body structure… but isn’t this a little bit too revealing?!”

“Ufufu… truth to be told, that outfit is just my personal preference. I can modify the outfit however I want… but let’s just keep that a secret from my Master…” Sylvidia whispered to herself.

While I was mumbling to myself, Mister Milton started, “M-miss Sylvia… You never fail to surprise me! I can’t even count how many times I have already been outwitted by you today. Hohoho… my eyes didn’t deceive me after all. I’m sure you’ll become a great hero in the future!”

Before I was able to say anything, Mister Milton continued, “Beast form transfiguration… heavens! I’ve never seen anyone capable of changing their race until now! This might be the first time in history! Interesting… you are too interesting, Miss Sylvia!”

Albert suddenly stepped forward and said, “So… that is the effect of the Abyss Beast card huh? As expected from an SS ranked monster, even its effect is outrageous!”

Sheena nodded her head in agreement, “That’s right… since it was an Attack Type magic item, I thought it might be a weapon or just a magic spell but who would have thought…”

Upon hearing this, Mister Milton cut off Sheena and said, “A beastman possessed explosive strength and speed, their sense of smell and perception is also much sharper than that of any other race, it’s truly fitting of an Attack Type magic item!”

Sheena and Albert nodded their head simultaneously. Sheena suddenly thought of something and asked, “That’s right… how long does the transformation last for?”

“Nya? Let’s see… according to Sy… Nyai mean the system… the transfyomation should last for 2 hour, nya.”

“2 hour is it… I guess that’s a reasonable time frame… Is there any way you can revert back to your original form before 2 hour is over?” Sheena nodded and bring forth another question.

“Un… It is possible.” I nodded my head in confirmation, then I continued, “Do you nyan me to cancel my transfyomation nyaw?”

Sheena shook her head quickly and waved her hands, “No, no, no! That’s not what I meant, I just want to confirm. That’s all! Please remain in this form for the rest of the duration, you need to get used to your new form anyway!”

After pondering for a while, I nodded my head, “You’re right… nyai do need some time to get used to this body.”

Sheena’s inner thoughts: “Khhh…… So cute!! I’m gonna make her transform into cat form tonight and cuddle her all I want!”

“Alright… if there is nothing else, it’s time for us to get moving. We have stayed long enough.” Albert suddenly reminded us of the time and sincerely thanked Mister Milton, “Guild Master Milton, thank you very much for your hospitality. We will definitely come to visit again in the future.”

“Hohoho!! I look forward to your next visit.” Mister Milton suddenly lowered his voice and said in a tone so that only the two of them can hear, “As your original self, Your Highness…”

Mister Milton backed away a few steps and bowed respectfully towards Albert. His subordinates were shocked at this scene, for the mighty Guild Master to bow to this seemingly fragile girl… just who is she?

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Mister Milton then turned towards his subordinates who were riding the Gryphon and said in a deep tone, “Your highest priority is to send these girls back to the Magic Academy safety. Should any unfortunate event fall on them, be prepared to face the consequences! Is that understood?!”

“Gulp…!” The three riders swallowed their saliva and answered in unison as they saluted, “Sir, yes sir!”

Sheena and Albert walked towards one of the Gryphon and got on with the help of the rider. I walked towards the last Gryphon with only one rider. As I got beside the Gryphon, the rider offered his hand and tried to pull me up but…

I misjudged my strength as a beastman, I put too much force into my legs as I tried to leap onto back of the Gryphon. Due to that, I jumped too high…

“Eh… ?” The rider was dumbfounded as he saw my face approaching his and then…

“Bonk!” We headbutted and both fell down from the Gryphon.

Due to being a beastman, I don’t really feel any pain in my head as a result of the headbutt, albeit it is slightly red. But the rider is not so fortunate… I can see smokes rising from his forehead, literally.

“Awawawawawawa! What do I do?! What do I do?! Are you still alive, nya?” I grabbed the rider’s shoulder and keep shaking him.

The rider groaned and said, “Ugh… For starters… Please get off me…!”

Hearing his words, I just realized that I was riding on top of him. My face blushed deep red as I jumped up abruptly! That was such an embarrassing position!


  1. That’s the activation word for the card. 

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