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[Vol 4] Chapter 7: Standard Classes

Sylvia “What are the chances of someone grabbing my breasts anyway, hahahahaha.” While I was raising a flag by saying some cliche line like this, Sheena seemed to be lost in her own little world.

When I saw Sheena like that, I extended my right hand involuntarily and said, “Why are you daydreaming? Let’s go to the dining hall already. I’m starved.”

When Sheena saw me extend a hand to her voluntarily, all the negative thoughts were washed down the drain. She beamed a smile so brilliant that I couldn’t look at her directly.

She immediately grabbed my hand and clung onto my arm. My body shivered for a moment when her breasts touched my arm, but I didn’t think too much of it and enjoyed the soft sensation.

“Oh Angie, thanks for preparing the bathtub, we’ll be off to the dining hall now.” Angie who was still standing in front of the door immediately bowed respectfully and moved aside.

I also expressed my thanks to Angie, but I heard a click of the tongue before she raised her head and said with a forced smile, “I’m glad to be of service.” The sound of the clicking tongue was faintly discernible, I was only able to hear it thanks to the elven ears. And the forced smile seemed so natural I don’t think anyone would have noticed, but for some reason, I could feel malice directed at me.

I wondered what did I do to deserve this kind of treatment from her, could it be because she was made to carry the bathtub due to my problem? Maybe I should apologize to her later… While I was thinking something like this, I was dragged by Sheena out of the room and made our way to the dining hall.

“How dare you drive Miss Sheena out of her room last night, how dare you be so clingy with Miss Sheena, how dare you take Miss Sheena away from me…” These thoughts flooded Angie’s mind, she was gripping the broomstick with both hands while sending death glare at me. I could feel a chill down my spine as we made our way to the other end of the corridor.

In the end, when we were making our way down the stairs, I could hear a “snapping” sound. Apparently, the broomstick that Angie was holding got snapped in half. You could easily imagine just how much brute strength she possessed despite her frail figure.


When we arrived at the lobby, all the girls from yesterday lined up in front of me and apologized for what happened last night, not that I remember all of them anyway.

I hid behind Sheena with my head peeking out, I told them not to mind about it with a timid voice. When the boys saw the commotion over here, they came over to pry information out of the girls. Fortunately, the girls were considerate enough not to say anything, otherwise I would die in shame.

By the way, I should have mentioned this much earlier, the boys and girls live in the same dorm building. The girls to the right, the boys to the left, the boys are forbidden to go to the girl’s side and vice versa. This lobby is the only area in the dorm where the boys and girls can mingle together.

The dining hall seems to be located at the main building of the academy. That is the biggest building at the center of the academy, and also the place where all the facilities are located, including our classroom.

The five towers at the perimeter of the academy are the dorms. Apparently, each dorm also served as a group. The tower with the red roof housed the Dragonblood, the one with yellow roof housed the Gryffindor, the one with blue roof housed the Livyatan, the one with green roof housed the Slytherin, and lastly the one with white roof housed the Angelwing. These groups will be duking it out for supremacy at every school event.

Apparently, we’re at the Angelwing group. I have a bad feeling that my bird form will become the mascot of this group, but I just discarded that feeling at the back of my head.

After having a luxurious meal at the dining hall, it is finally time to head to the homeroom. It seems like the homeroom will be a joint session between all the students in the special class, that means I will be in the same class as Sheena and the other senior students. But of course, before I went to the homeroom, I had to report to the faculty, so we separated halfway.

Sheena went to the homeroom first after dropping me in front of the faculty room. From what Professor Colbert told me yesterday, it seems like attending the homeroom is only mandatory once a month, so I might not be able to meet all the special class students at once. It is also not necessary to attend to all the classes we signed up for, as long as we can produce the desired results. These privileges are only give to special class students though.

According to the timetable given to me last night, I have chosen four standard classes all on different days. By no means did I choose them only because I don’t want to take more than two classes on the same day, okay? I am truly interested in those classes, the first class I chose was the Elementary Magic Class, the second one was the Alchemy Class, the third one was the Apothecary Class as recommended by Sylvidia, and the last one was the History Class.

The Elementary Magic Class was as the name suggest, it’s where we’ll learn the basics of magic. As for the Alchemy Class, it’s where we learn about the properties of different items and what would happen if we were to fuse them together. The Apothecary Class was almost the same, but there was one major difference; In Alchemy Class, we have various tools to help us fuse the items, but in Apothecary Class, we have to use our own spiritual power to manage the fusion process. Depending on our skills, the item may turn out better or worst.

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Only those who have affinity with fire and wood magic would be able to perform this kind of high level fusion process, it’s kind of similar to how the alchemy in “Battle Through the Heavens” work. When Sylvidia told me to take the Apothecary Class, I was a bit doubtful at first, since I don’t have affinity with wood element, but this was what Sylvidia told me;

“All the elves have natural affinity with nature, it would be weird if you don’t have affinity with wood element. The only reason it didn’t show up in the Guild Card is probably because your soul is more dominant, so it didn’t show the affinity with wood and light element. Just give or take a few days and you’ll probably feel the differences.”

Apparently, the reason Sylvidia recommended the Apothecary class was because it required precise control of one’s spiritual power. That was the main reason which convinced me, there’s so many things I can do if I can control my spiritual power precisely; Like levitating light objects, fusing magics of different elements, changing the density and trajectory of my magic, the soul transmission taught by Sylvidia, the Magic Perception, and so much more……

And lastly, the reason why I chose history class despite my lack of interest in the history of my own world was because this is a fantasy world! If I think of history as reading story book, it might be surprisingly fun. What’s more, the main reason which drove me to pick history class was because of what Sheena said to me before;

“The true history of Halkegenia is much darker than the novel-adaptation in the old world.”

Author’s Note:

The DODGING GALORE……! Will have to wait for the next chapter I suppose?


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