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[Vol 4] Chapter 6: Birth of Untouchable Queen?

Sylvia “Amanda, I love you! Please go out with me!” A youngster suddenly confessed to a girl.

The girl had a troubled expression as she said, “I’m sorry… I can’t go out with you.”

The youngster was downhearted, but he still mustered his courage and asked, “Why? Is there… someone else you like?”

The girl looked at the youngster from bottom to up, then she said, “Because… We’re both girls, that’s why I can’t go out with you. I’m sorry Silva, but this is good bye…” As she said that, the girl turned around and walked away.

“Eh…? W-what are you talking about? I’m a…” When the youngster was about to said he was a man, he pounded his chest and noticed something was out of place, because there was a… soft sensation.

When the youngster finally noticed his figure, he couldn’t help but cry out loud, “EHHH?!?! W-what is going on?! This… This isn’t my body-! This isn’t me!” The youngster stretched his hand forward and ran after the girl, “Ah… Wait… Amanda… Please wait! I can explain!”

The youngster keeps running, but the figure of the girl just keeps getting smaller and smaller. The youngster was unable to catch up to the girl no matter how fast he ran.

“Amanda… Wait-!” Just at this time, I suddenly jolted awake from the dream.


Due to my sudden movement, my head bumped into something as I raised my upper body from the bed.

“Ow… That hurts!” I covered my stinging forehead with both hands. Just when I was wondering what I bumped into, I heard a groaning sound coming from the side of the bed.

When I turned my head to the side, I saw Sheena courching on the ground with both hands covering her forehead. Needless to ask, I probably bumped into Sheena’s forehead.

The situation turned awkward for a moment, but just when I was about to apologize for what happened last night, Sheena suddenly jumped up and asked, “So~ Who is this Amanda?”

“Eh?! H-how do you know that name?” I was surprised when Sheena suddenly mentioned the name of my secret crush.

“Oh, I heard that name from your dream talk. You were like: Kya~ Amanda~ Don’t go-! I love you~!” Sheena was obviously trying to tease me and I fell for it again, “I didn’t scream like that, don’t make things up!”

Sheena covered her mouth with one hand and had a gleeful smile, “Fufufu… You fell for that~”

The moment I realized that I had been tricked by Sheena, it was already too late, I wouldn’t be able to deceive her anymore. I grinded my teeth and raised my voice, “Gunununu… You tricked me-!”

“So? Who is this Amanda? Was she your girlfriend?” Sheena suddenly brought her face really close to mine and asked.

I turned my face away with a whisk and answered very briefly, “No… Nothing of the sort… It was just a one-sided crush…”

The awkward situation between us was immediately dissolved by Sheena just like that. And here I was getting worried how should I face her when morning comes around, seems like it was a needless worry.

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“Anyways, you should get ready soon, we will take our breakfast at the dining hall later.” Sheena suddenly changed the topic and urged me to hurry up.

After washing my face and taking a quick soak in the bathtub prepared by Sheena at the corner of the room, I changed into my usual one piece dress. When I was putting on my one piece dress, Sheena suddenly noticed something. I was not wearing a bra. After what I went through last night, I’m not really ashamed to see a female body nor being seen by other girls anymore. However, going to the public bath still proved to be a challenge for me, so I am eternally grateful to Sheena for preparing a bathtub in her private room.

It was nothing fancy though, it’s just a round wooden bathtub, but for some reason, this bathtub seemed so familiar, I had a sense of deja vu when I first laid eyes on this bathtub. I wondered where had I seen it before…

After putting on my one piece dress, Sheena stealthily approached me from behind and tried to grab my breasts. She was going to use this chance to warn me the disadvantage of not using a bra, but the moment she tried to touch me, my body reacted by itself and sidestepped.

Unbeknown to the situation, I turned around and saw Sheena right behind me, I tilted my head and asked, “Sheena, is something the matter?”

Sheena retracted her hands immediately and said in a fluster, “Uh… um… you know… Y-you should wear a bra you know? Don’t you feel uncomfortable when doing intense exercise?”

When I heard Sheena said that, I recalled what happened yesterday, it does feel slightly uncomfortable when my nipples rubbed against the shirt. While I was lost in thoughts, Sheena tried to grab my breasts again from the front. However, I took a step back unknowingly and avoided Sheena’s assault.

When I returned to my senses and saw Sheena with both hands stretched forward, I tilted my head again and asked, “What are you doing?”

“Oh um… nothing, ha- ha- ha- ha…” Sheena’s fingers wriggled for a moment before she retracted her hands, then she said, “I was just trying to warn you, if you don’t put on a bra and somebody was to grab your breasts… Well, you can imagine the rest…”

Recalling the electrifying sensation from last night, I shivered involuntarily and covered my breasts with both arms. Then I shouted loudly, “A bra! That’s right… a bra! We should go get one immediately!”

After I said that, I immediately rushed towards the door. Sheena tried to grab my hand to stop me, but my hand moved abruptly so she didn’t manage to grab it. When I opened the door, Angie was standing right there, she was in a position that seemed like she was about to knock on the door.

Just at this time, Sheena heaved a sigh of relief and said, “Sylvia… I know you are enthusiastic to try on a bra, but we should leave that for later, the classes are about to start.”

When Sheena tried to grab my hand to pull me along to the dining hall, I moved my hand to my chin and said, “Oh… Is that so… I guess the bra can wait until lunch break or after school. What are the chances of someone grabbing my breasts anyway, hahahahaha.” That was most likely a flag, but the ignorant me totally didn’t notice.

Sheena on the other hand was a little dumbfounded, she didn’t understand how she could miss me four times in a row. “It can’t be a coincidence, she must be deliberately avoiding me…” When she thought of something like this, Sheena felt a little sad. “Moreover, she didn’t even retort to my remarks, could she really be that enthusiastic to try on a bra?!”

“Hrm…” Just at this time, Sylvidia thought to herself, “It seems like my Master had been using Magic Perception unconsciously to dodge anything that get close to her…”


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