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[Vol 1] Chapter 10: Evangeline A.K. McDowell

Sylvia When Sheena and Albert recovered from their shock.

“In…… Instacast!!” Sheena and Albert shouted at the same time.

“Wh-Wha…? Why did you shout so loudly? Did I do something wrong?” I was covering my ears with both of my hands for a while. Since the both of them shouted so loud, I feel like my ears are still ringing.

“You… that was… that was AMAZING!! I’ve never seen anyone casted magic without chanting before! This is just amazing!!” Sheena was holding both of my hand and jumping up and down excitedly while praising me.

“Indeed… I’ve only heard rumors, the only other person able to instacast in the entire continent of Halkeginia other than you is the Vampire Queen, Evangeline A.K. McDowell.” Albert explained calmly.

Hm… he’s quite composed despite how he was utterly shocked out of his mind earlier. As expected of a Crown Prince, he’s able to adapt to any situation quickly and analyses things in a composed manner.

But wait… Did he say Evangeline A.K. McDowell? Isn’t that the name of the immortal vampiress from Mahou Sensei Negima? Just what is this? First I found myself in the world of Halkeginia, now even the name of the Vampiress pops up.

Am I really dead after all, and this is just a dream in the after world based on my imagination?

……Oh well, who cares? Let’s stop thinking about difficult stuff and just enjoy the moment while it last.

But I’m still curious after all, “Um… Sheena, this Evangeline… isn’t she…”

“Your guess is probably right, she’s probably the same character as the one from the manga you once read.” Sheena confirmed my suspicion.

“Oh… so you read that manga too?” I was surprised that Sheena know about it. After all, not many girls read that manga due to the excessive fan service. But it is a good manga despite all the fan service.

“Sigh… My dad liked that manga, and forced me to read it ever since he learnt about the existence of Evangeline A.K. McDowell in this world. He suspect they might be the same person.” Sheena explained wearily.

“Oh… Did you learn anything about her?” I asked.

“Only that… she is an immortal vampire, and a very powerful mage. There’s probably only a handful of people who can fight with her on an equal footing. Even though she’s a mage, she’s good in close combat too. She’s just too powerful. And what’s more, she can even instacast now, she’s basically a cheat character!!” Sheena complained while grinding her teeth.

Wow, that’s the first time I see her like this. Maybe it would be wise if I never mentioned that name ever again, but what she said next surprised me.

“But, with this!” Sheena grabbed my hand again and continue, “With this! We can finally see a glimmer of hope! Magic are powerful, but they require time to prepare. If we have you on our side, we can finally win against her!”

“Wha… WHY?! Why do we need to fight against her? Did she do something wrong?!” I was surprised indeed.

“No… she haven’t done anything yet……” Sheena gripped my hands tightly.

“What do you mean…?” I was confused, if she haven’t done anything, then why do we need to fight her?

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“Rumor has it that some people saw her using magic stone to summon the magic beast. People suspect that she might be the one who created the dungeons a few decades ago, and summoned the magical beast to keep people from entering the deepest part of the dungeon. She might be the mastermind behind all of these mystery.” Sheena conjectured.

“She’s the creator of the dungeon? But why?” I don’t understand the intention of this Vampire Queen, for what reason did she summon the dungeon? But the real question is, was she really the one who summoned the dungeons?

“I don’t know either… my father told me he met up with her once, but she wouldn’t say anything more unless he can hit her at least once. My father was pushed back easily, so he gathered a group of people to explore the first dungeon instead.”

Sheena loosened her grip, and heaved a sigh before she continued, “They managed to make it to the deepest part of the dungeon but… only a handful of people were able to survive in the end… My father wouldn’t tell me what happened in the depths of the dungeon, and told me to never approach it.”

“What?! The group that supposedly saved the world from a certain calamity! Wiped out just like that?” I shivers upon thinking about it, just how dreadful the dungeon is.

Sheena let go of my hand and clenched her fist, then she look into my eyes with a strong gaze, “That’s why! That’s why we will defeat Evangeline A.K. McDowell, make my father acknowledge me, and find out the truth from her personally!”

Sheena then stretches her right hand towards me and say, “Please lend me your strength!”

I hesitated for a moment and thought it might be impossible, I mean… she’s probably more than 700 years old and she’s an immortal, with our experiences and short lifespan, we might not even be able to beat her in our lifetime.

But I remember a famous quote once say, if you say it’s impossible, then it will really be impossible. The words you say will bound you and put a limitation on yourself. That’s why you should always believe in yourself and never give up before even trying.

There’s also another famous quote that says miracle is but another name for “hard work”. That’s why I need to work hard!

With renewed resolves, I take hold of her hand and shake on it, “I will work hard to exceed your expectation!”

“Um… I’m happy you girls are having a fun chat…… but should we continue the testing session?” Albert cuts in unhappily.

He’s holding two guns on his hands, I guess he went and borrowed it when we were happily chatting away?

“Here, these guns are for you. You said you wanted dual gun style right? These are just normal guns with rubber bullets.” Albert said so and passed the guns to me.

“Thank you Albe…… I mean Alby. Pfft…!” I almost laughed again when I called him Alby.I hurriedly cover my mouth with my right hand.

Alby… I mean Albert glared daggers at me and continued, “Are you really sure you want to use magic gun? With your instacast, all the advantages of a magic gun is nullified. There are no merits.”

“That’s right… it’s true the magic bullet are indeed faster than magic and have more penetrative power but they are single target weapon. Unlike magic where you can hit multiple opponent at once, you can only hit one opponent at a time with the magic gun.” Sheena supplemented.

“That’s not true… you say the speed and penetrative power is higher right? When fighting stronger opponent, speed and power is everything. If you cannot hit or injure your opponent, then it’s pointless. Now I’m not sure much about magic, but even with instacast, I still need a good amount of concentration. Let’s say if I want to cast a water ball with increased penetrative power and speed, I need some time to adjust it. But with a magic gun, I can just cast a simple water ball, and it will increase the penetrative power and speed for me. It’s killing two birds with one stone!”

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Sheena and Albert were both speechless when I keep on yapping about this and that. Then Sheena started, ” Uh… you sure know a lot… do you have experience with this? You sound like an expert.”

I scratches my cheeks awkwardly and say, “Uh… hahaha… no not really… I just read a lot of fantasy novels… and played fantasy games……”

“Sigh…… Well, if you insist on having a gun, I won’t stop you. Go ahead and try it first before deciding. We need to test your dexterity first. Let’s start with one gun for now, do not be greedy, I will hold on to the other gun.” Sheena snatched the other gun from my hand while saying so.

And finally… we’re going to see test my dexterity. If I am able to shoot the target, I get a gun… or two, depending on my result.

If my dexterity is bad, we get one gun but it will only be used as a secondary weapon, then my main weapon will definitely be a staff or wand.

If my dexterity is extremely good, I will get two magic guns as my main weapons.

“Well here goes nothing……” I readied myself to start the test at any moment.


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