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[Vol 2] Chapter 13: Falling from Heaven

Sylvia Meanwhile… on top of the sky between Swinford Town and the Magic Academy… There are three Gryphons gliding peacefully… until…


Someone’s scream broke the peace. From the distant, one can see the silhouette of a cat-kin girl falling from the heaven and shouting at the top of her lungs.

……That’s right, as you have guessed, the one falling is none other than Sylvia. She had fallen from the back of the Gryphon, but how did something like this happen? Let’s turn the time back to a few minutes ago…

Three Gryphons were gliding peacefully 500 meter above the ground. There were two people riding on the back of each Gryphons. The ones sitting in front  and holding the rein were the riders, and sitting at the back of each riders were Sheena, Albert and Sylvia.

“We’re half-way there already…” One of the rider that’s sitting in front of Albert informed us.

At this time, Caelum, the rider that’s sitting in front of me scratched his head and laughed helplessly, “Hahaha… you sure adapt fast, I can’t believe the scaredy-cat earlier and the person behind me now is the same person.”

The reason why he stated something like that was because when we were just setting off, I was scared of the heights and clung to him with all my might.

However, after getting used to the atmosphere after a while, I started flailing around my arms in excitement. I can feel the cool air brushing against my skin and watch the beautiful landscape unveil before my eyes, this feels much better than riding in an aeroplane.

I pouted when I heard his sarcastic remark, “Muu… what do you mean by scaredy-cat, nya?!” I clenched my hands into a fist and grinded his head from both sides.

“Owowowowowow!! Stop! Stop that! It’s dangerous!” Caelum yelled in pain as I grinded his head. After I stopped grinding his head, he was rubbing it gently with both hands and lectured me, “Geez… you shouldn’t do that while we are riding the Gryphon. It wouldn’t be funny if someone had fallen from the Gryphon.”

I was feeling a bit rueful and honestly apologized, “I’m sorry….. I won’t do it again, nya~”

Caelum looked back for a while and sighed in resignation, “Geez… the strength of a beast-kin is not to be underestimated, you should really learn how to control your strength. I really thought my skull was going to be crushed!”

However, there was no reply…


“Master, I detected the existence of a blessed being 500 meter below us!” Sylvidia transmitted the message to me mentally.

“Blessed being? What is that?” I returned a question to Sylvidia via the same fashion.

“It’s a being that is blessed by the god. And it’s your lucky day!” Sylvidia answered back with a hint of excitement.

“Lucky day? Why’s that?” I tilted my head in confusion.

“The blessed being is a monster race called Goblin, they are very weak so it is possible for you to tame it now! In fact, this is your only chance! Once it ranked up, it will become a formidable opponent!” After Sylvidia finished her sentence, she urged me to look at the ground 500 meter away from us.

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With my enhanced vision as a beast-kin, I was barely able to make out the figures below us.


“Hey… are you listening?” Caelum noticed that I was turning my attention to the ground so he turned his gaze towards that location. However, he couldn’t see anything so he questioned me, “What are you looking at?”

“Goblins…… three of them… and a lone village girl.” I said that while pointing to the location 500 meter below us.

“Hoh…… the eyesight of the beast-kin is remarkable indeed, to be able to make out the figures from such a distant.” Caelum praised in earnest. However, it doesn’t seem like he has any intention of descending.

“Are you not going to save the girl, nya?” I questioned Caelum, “Isn’t it the Adventurer’s duty to help people in need?”

Caelum just stared at me blankly and replied indifferently, “I’m afraid there is a little misunderstanding here, that is the job of a Hero, not the Adventurer. Our job is merely to explore and conquer the dungeons.”

“Kh….. so you’re not descending no matter what, nya?” I gritted my teeth as I said that, not because I wanted to save the village girl. It was because I’d miss the chance to make the Goblin my familiar.

To be honest, I don’t really care what happened to the village girl, I’m not kind enough to sacrifice myself to save a stranger. I honestly think it’s just mere hypocrisy to want to save everything, this is not some sort of fairy tales. You can’t save anyone without hurting another, that is the one and only truth!

Caelum sighed as he heard me, “Sigh…… no wonder you’re a Hero, you sure are magnanimous. But no, I’m not descending no matter what! It is my job to get you back to the Academy safely, if something were to happen to you, my life will be forfeited! I will be killed by the Guild Master personally!”

Caelum seemed to misunderstand my intention and I also had no intention of correcting him but it seemed like I wouldn’t be able to convince him to descend no matter what.

“Sigh… no other choice then, we just have to jump!” Sylvidia spoke to me mentally.

“EHHHHHH?!?!” I shouted involuntarily at Sylvidia’s sudden proclamation. However, before I could raise my objection, my body moved on its own.

I shouted again due to the sudden movement of my own body, “EHHHH?! What… what happened to my body, nya?! It’s moving on its own!”

“Hohohohoho~ Have you forgotten? The beast form transfiguration is an ability granted by the weapon. So naturally, as the spirit of the weapon, I have merged with your body! Therefore, I have a little bit of control over the movement of your body~” Sylvidia announced something major like this lightheartedly.

“EHHHH!! Something important like that!! Shouldn’t you have told me earlier?!” I shouted at Sylvidia at the top of my lungs.

“What…?! What are you talking about?” Caelum was confused at my sudden outbreak.

“Enough of that, I’m jumping now.” As soon as Sylvidia finished saying that, she controlled my body and pushed the back of the Gryphon and jumped with a “Hyup!”

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“Wait… Eh?” I looked below me dumbfoundedly and found there’s only an empty space below me, “Tell me this is not real……”

I was on the verge of tears and wanted to escape reality by telling myself this is just a dream, but that only lasted for a mere second as I started falling at breakneck speed, “Kyaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!!!!!!!!!!”

Author’s Note:

And now how will they survive the fall….


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