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[Vol 2] Chapter 7: Importance of Spiritual Power

Sylvia Hearing Sheena’s explanation, Mister Milton laughed bitterly, “Heh-heh-heh… one-of-a-kind? Not anymore…”

And then everyone turned their attention to me…

“Ah… um… uh…” I don’t know how to react at times like this and started stuttering, but then Mister Milton just suddenly laughed out loud.

“Hahaha!! Miss Sylvia… isn’t this amazing?! I hear you’re still a beginner mage? To have such a powerful spell in your arsenal, as expected of a Hero!”

“Mister Milton…” I felt kind of guilty for stealing Mister Milton’s signature moves, but there’s nothing I can do about it… the spell sequence is already registered in my consciousness.

Mister Milton ignored me and continued, “But I should warn you, Miss Sylvia… this is a Rank 6 Spell, although it is powerful… you shouldn’t be using it carelessly. With your current level of Spiritual Power, you wouldn’t be able to control the spell and it would self-destruct!”

I was confused as I didn’t know what a Spiritual Power does so I just parroted the words that caught my attention, “Spiritual Power?”

Sheena continued to explain in place of Mister Milton, “That’s right… even if you have enough Magic Power due to Mana Stone, if you do not have sufficient control of your Spiritual Power, it’s still pointless.”

Then Albert cut in, “A Spiritual Power is as important as Magic Power for the Mage as they are used to control one’s magic.”

Albert suddenly summoned a ball of flames on his left palm, “You see this ball of flames? What does it look like to you?”

“Isn’t it just a ball of flames?” I was confused.

“That’s right, it’s just a ball of flames.” Albert laughed.

“Huh??? Are you trying to make fun of me?” I was displeased.

“Now watch…” With that, I turned my attention back to the ball of flames on Albert’s palm. The shape of the flames suddenly changed into that of a bird, and then a horse, a dragon and so on…

“Wha… How did you…?!” I was shocked by the sudden changes of the flames.

“Hehe… surprised?” Sheena who was standing beside Albert laughed cutely before she explained, “This is what Spiritual Power can do!”

I still couldn’t understand exactly what I can do with the Spiritual Power and it obviously showed on my face so Mister Milton took over, “Ehem… in short, with Spiritual Power, you can control your magic however you want. For example, its size, its appearance, its power, its trajectory and so on…”

“OOOOH!!” After I heard Mister Milton’s explanation, I got excited and clapped my hands together. I never thought that Spiritual Power played such a big role when casting a spell.

Sheena giggled and said, “Hmhmhm… and that’s not all, you can even use Spiritual Power to levitate light material. When your Spiritual Power reached a certain level, you can even levitate your own body. But we only learned how to fly by levitating ourselves on top of a broomstick at the Magic Academy.”

I looked at Sheena with shiny eyes, she probably guessed what I was thinking so she just lightly pushed my head away before saying, “Alright, alright… don’t get excited now… we are running out of time, we need to get back to the academy soon or we’ll have to camp in the wilderness for the night. You will learn how to control your Spiritual Power at the Academy.”

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Mister Milton suddenly realized, “Oh my… would you just look at the time, I apologize for making you overstay your visit! As apology, I will lend you three our guild’s Gryphon to send you back to the Magic Academy.”

“Hm…” After pondering for a few moment, Albert stood up from the sofa and curtsied, “Then we will take you up on your offer Mister Milton. But…”

“Hm? Is there a problem Miss Alby?” Mister Milton looked at Albert with a hint of doubt.

“No… it’s just that we came here by horses. We left our horses at the stable besides the inn we were staying, so…” Albert tried to explain politely.

“Ah… if that is the case, then don’t worry about it. I will send someone to deliver the horses back to the Academy.” Mister Milton reassured Albert.

“If that is the case, then… we offer our sincere gratitude to Mister Milton.” Albert curtsied again before turning back to face us. Both Sheena and I stood up from our seat as well after being prompted by Albert.

“Hahaha… Miss Alby is too polite… you acted just like a royalty…” Mister Milton joked around and took a quick glace at Albert from bottom to top.

Albert secretly broke up in cold sweat, it seemed as if his identity had already been exposed long ago. Then what was the point of acting cute in front of Mister Milton?!

“Alright… I’ll go ask the staff to prepare the griffon, you guys can go wait at the Training Field from earlier. I’ll bring the Griffon there once they’re ready.” Mister Milton waved his hand at us and walked towards the door.

“Wait… My Master, I have a request!” The mysterious voice rang out in my head once again.

“What…? What do you want this time?” I thought to myself internally, I think my inner voice should be able to reach Sylvidia, the so-called Spirit of Light that’s currently residing within this weapon of mine.

“It’s nothing much… I just need you to retrieve the claw of the Abyss Beast from the Guild Master.” Sylvidia transmitted the message to my mind directly.

“What…? Why do you need the claw of the Abyss Beast?” I asked Sylvidia doubtfully.

“Just do it, I will show you something good!” Sylvidia urged me to stop Mister Milton before he got out of the room.

“Fine… fine already… you better not trick me!” The worst side of my curiosity got me so I went along with it for now.

“Um… Mister Milton… please wait a moment!” I stretched my right hand forward and ran towards Mister Milton.

Mister Milton turned around and looked at me before asking me, “What is it, Miss Sylvia?”

“Um… you see… the thing is…” I flustered for a moment before mustering my courage and said it out loud, “I know this may be asking a bit too much but can you give me the claw of the Abyss Beast we defeated earlier?”

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I shut my eyes tightly and bowed in front of Mister Milton after completing the sentence.

After a few moment of silence, Mister Milton just laughed out loud, “Hahahahahaha… Miss Sylvia, you only need to ask if you wanted the claw of the Abyss Beast! Please… please straighten yourself.” Mister Milton pulled me up from my position and continued, “I’ll prepare the claw for you immediately. There’s no need for you to lower your head like that. Hahahaha…”

I let out a breathe of relief after hearing Mister Milton’s words, I thought for sure he would be a little displeased since I had already received so much from him…

But just what could Sylvidia want the Abyss Beast’s claw for… ?


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