[Vol 4] Chapter 23: Dodging Galore (Part 1)


“Sigh…” As I got back to the bedroom, I immediately glomped on the bed and let out a long breath, with the shopping bag in tow.

While I lamented at the thought of meeting up with Angie again later…

“You sure she will really be here?” Student A asked Angie.

“Yes, I’m sure she will.” Said Angie while flashing the ⌈Blank Slate⌋, “I have her transformation item with me, she won’t be able to transform anymore, so make sure you girls get her this time.”

“So… we are supposed to mount a sneak attack at her and make it seem like an accident right?” Student B reconfirmed with Angie.

“That’s right, if she were to find out you girls are acting suspiciously, then all of you will be out.” Angie nodded her as she repeated the rules of this ⌈game⌋.

Just at this time,


I got up from the bed with a squeaking noise and said, “Ah geez… Angie still have my ⌈Blank Slate⌋. If I don’t go, she will probably not give it back to me for a good while.” With that said, I dejectedly left the room and made my way to the servant’s quarters.

*Creak... Bang!*

As I opened the door and slammed it close after leaving the room, a girl hiding in the shadow of one corner whispered, “She’s here! Are we really going to do this?”

The other girl was right in the middle of laying banana peels all over the staircase and using magic to make it invisible to the naked eyes. When she heard the other girl’s voice, she answered confidently, “Of course! With this many banana peels, there’s no way she can evade all of them!”

The other girl said with a worried expression, “That’s not what I—” However, before she could finish her sentence, the other girl cut in, “There’s no time for that now, let’s hide!”

After she said that, she used the same magic to turn the banana peels invisible on themselves as they stick close to the wall.

Very soon, I arrived at the said staircase. The two girls were watching attentively as they held their breath. Though I felt something was strange, I didn’t think much upon it and skipped down the stairs with graceful movements.

Both the girls were slack-jawed, they couldn’t believe their eyes at all; that I actually skipped down the stairs so gracefully and didn’t step on a single banana peel at all! The girl who laid down the banana peels dispelled the invisibility spell on themselves and shouted in a low voice, “What?! How is that possible?! I’m sure I’ve laid banana peels all over the place, there’s no way she can…”

Just at this time, a girl just happened to use the stairs and became their first victim.


*Bang! Bang! Bang!*

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The two girls looked at each other in dismay. That girl who ended up becoming their first victim was the head of the girl’s dormitory.

“Awawawawawa… Wh-What do we do, what do we do?” The timid girl started to panic.

“L-Let’s scram while she’s still unconscious!” The perpetrator immediately pulled the other girl and ran away from the scene.

Meanwhile… as I was about to get out of the dormitory, a few girls were looking out of the windows on the second floor and fixed their eyes attentively at the dorm entrance below. A bucket full of ice-cold water was placed on top of one of the windowsills. Their plan was to “accidentally” drop this bucket with ice-cold water on me as I get out of the entrance.


After I pushed the door open, the girls shouted in a low voice, “Quick! She’s here, she’s here!”

“Wait! Don’t drop it immediately, we have to time it properly.” One of the girls warned as she continued to keep her eyes on me, “Just a little more… a little more… NOW—!”

As she gave the signal, one of the girls “pretended” to bump onto that bucket, while the rest “pretended” to screech as if they were surprised.

With a splash and a bong, the bucket fell down and covered the head of the target below…… Or so they thought, but when all the girls looked out of the windows to shout, “Sorry—! It wasn’t on pur—” They couldn’t help but stop halfway and let out a surprised “Eh?”

That was because the bucket fell on the ground and didn’t hit the target. How did this happen? It was pretty simple. As I was getting out of the door, I saw Albert walking towards me while fuming with rage out of the corner of my eyes, so I immediately ran over there to apologize.

When I heard the splash and the bong, I turned around to look and saw a bucket on the ground, then I noticed the girls on the second floor as they tried to apologize to the people below. The girls were looking back and forth between the bucket and I. They had a very surprised expression on their faces. They were probably thinking “How did she get there?” or “Did she already know about our plan?” at that time, but I had no way of knowing what they were thinking.

While I was wondering why they looked so surprised, Albert called out to me, “Miss Sylvia, that was too excessive! You owe me an explanation!”

“Ah… Alby— I mean, Prince Albert~ How do you do? It’s a great day isn’t it?” As I accidentally used Albert’s other alias, he glared at me like a snake, so I immediately changed to a polite tone. Geez… how complicated.

“Don’t try to shift the topic! I will not let you off that lightly today! Do you know how much I’ve gone through because of you?!” Albert was really angry, like… really really angry.

“Ah… well… about that… Sorry—!” I immediately bowed at my waist and apologized.

“Apology won’t cut it!” Albert crossed his hands and glared at me.

After that, I briefly explained about my circumstances to Albert. He only nodded his head as he was listening to my story. Then he said, “I see… you sure have a rotten luck… Or is that what you think I would say?! It’s half your own fault for incurring Angie’s wrath. As Sheena’s familiar, you do not have the right mentality. You are too timid and tend to rely on others too much. It is no wonder that Angie would snap looking at how attentively Sheena is taking care of you, it should be the other way round, is it not?! Anyways, you owe me a favor for this, and I will not take no as an answer!”

Albert left as he said that, all I could do was let out a “No way~~~!” as I see him leaving.

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Author’s Note:

The dodging galore is finally here?! Huehuehue XD


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