[Vol 2] Chapter 1: Analyzing Elemental Laws

Sylvia With that, we arrived at the Guild Hall safely, along with Mister Milton and his Elite Adventurers.

Upon entering the main hall, Mister Milton immediately parted with the Elite Adventurers, he seems to be very busy. Well I guess he is the Master of the Guild after all.

But before he parted, he didn’t fail to say this to us, “Enjoy your stay here. If you want to register at the Adventurer Guild, please do so at that counter over there. I’ll be sure to inform the clerk to give you a little reward for helping us stalling and subjugating the Abyss Beast.”

I’m a bit reluctant to be on the receiving side so I frowned a little.

Mister Milton noticed my unease and laughed it off, “Hahaha, pay it no mind! You really helped tremendously! If it is not for you, there would be much more casualties. Furthermore, the injury you inflicted on the Abyss Beast really helped a lot. Consider these little gifts of mine to mark our first meeting! I expect much from you in the future. Hohohohoho~”

With that, Mister Milton went straight to the counter to inform the clerk. They looked over here for a moment and Mister Milton departed to the inner hall.

We walked over to the counter. The clerk just smiled gently at us and said, “Please, follow me.”

“Huh?” The three of us were confused. Where does she want to take us? Normally, don’t you register and get all the information at the counter? But we didn’t say anything and just looked at her skeptically.

The clerk noticed our obvious gaze and giggled, “Please understand, this is the order from the Guild Master. I will guide you to a private room, so please just wait there while we prepare your reward and Guild Card.”

We consented and just follow after her to the private room without saying another word. Upon arrival, the clerk prompted us to enter, and wait in the room.

We sat down on the sofa and Sheena let out a long breath, “Fuuu… it’s been such a hectic day today.”

But I didn’t hear anything they said afterwards as I was deep in thoughts.

“So just what was that earlier… those strange things that happened when we were facing the Abyss Beast…” When I was deep in thoughts while closing my eyes, my concentration has reached new heights. I was able to sense the elemental essence in the surrounding very clearly!

I was shocked and immediately opened my eyes, I jumped up and shouted involuntarily, “What was that?!”

“Huh? What is going on?” Sheena and Albert turned their attention to me.

“Oh uh… never mind, it was nothing. I was just lost in thoughts, please don’t mind me.” I brushed it off, sat back down on the sofa, closed my eye and immediately begin to focus my attention on those elemental essence.


*Everything below only happens within Sylvia’s mind*

Wow… this is so… SO AMAZING!! Are these the so-called elemental essence? There’s so much of them floating about here and there. There’s so many variant of colors… there’s green, blue, yellow and red. I guess they represent wind, water, earth and fire respectively.

Is this the reason for the Elf Race’s longevity? They can perceive the elemental essence so clearly! Is this the reason why in all the novels I read about the Elves, the Elder always seclude themselves in meditation and do not require any sleep? So that they can purify their souls with these elemental essence to prolong their lives.

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I can sense the wind elemental essence most clearly, followed by water, earth and  fire. I guess my affinity with wind is the strongest? But more so than that, I’m slightly concerned about something else… the black colored elemental essence. I can sense them more clearly than even the wind elemental essence.

Does that mean my affinity with darkness is the strongest? Does that make me a demonic creature? Now that I think about it, I might actually be a ghost or a spirit of some sort that is currently possessing this body…

Wait… that’s not what’s important right now… That’s right, the most important part are these runes on my hand, as well as the weird power they possessed!

I feel like I have read something similar regarding these powers before… I wonder what was it again?

That’s right…… the elemental laws of the wind! The Spatial Dimension and Law of Velocity ⌈1⌋! If it’s that then it all make sense! The yellow light that suddenly slowed down the movement of the Abyss Beast, that should probably be the Slow Aspect of the Elemental Law of the Wind, which is a part of the Law of Velocity!

That chaotic space that switched the position between the monster and me… should be the Spatial Dimension Law! Though I have no idea how it works as of yet but it does make sense.

Moreover, the attack that torn the space apart should be Dimensional Decapitator! It should be one of the many ways to apply the Spatial Dimension or Law of Velocity in an attack!

Huh? But why does the elemental laws of the world from a fiction story actually applies in this world? What does it all mean? Is the author of the fiction an otherworlder like Saito? Does that mean if I followed this direction of training, I can technically become a god?

And these runes… it seems these runes granted me the power to use the elemental laws of the wind, but they consume a lot of mana! Perhaps it is because I do not have profound understanding of the laws of the wind yet. I will need to work hard…

Oh but before that… I almost forgot one more thing… when I casted spells earlier, both runes activated at the same time and consumed a lot of mana to allow me to cast the spell instantly. Can the Fast Aspect of the Elemental Law of the Wind do that too? But they both activated at the same time… does that mean… the Fast Aspect of the Wind speed up my casting, while the Profound Mystery of Spatial Dimension absorbed the activation sequence to allow for instacasting? That’s soooo cheat!

[Hahaha you seems to be having fun analyzing the laws of the world] A mysterious voice rang out in my mind.

Huh? Did I speak that out loud?

[So you really can hear my voice…]

What…? Who are you? How are you reading my mind?!

[Ehem… allow me to introduce myself. I am called Sylvidia, the Spirit of Light that’s residing in this Ancient Artifact!]


Say WHAAAAAT?!?! You… you mean you are… YOU ARE THE-!!!

[STOP RIGHT THERE!!] Before I could finish forming the words in my head, I was abruptly stopped by the mysterious voice.

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Wha…. ?

[The weapon is not my original form! I am just like you, a wandering spirits from another world that got attached to this Ancient Artifacts by chance. I assume that’s why we can communicate with one another mentally.]

What was that?! Wandering Spirits? Me and you?

[Let’s talk about this some other time, your friends are looking at you suspiciously.]


Just when Sylvidia mentioned that, I heard Sheena calling for me, “-via… Sylvia~ Can you hear me?”

I finally opened my eyes and saw Sheena waving her hand right in front of my face.

“Uh… What’s going on?” I asked shyly.

“Don’t what’s going on me! We have been calling you for a while now, and you have been making various weird expressions while closing your eyes since a while ago! I should be asking what is going on with you?!” Sheena glared at me unhappily.

It seems like I have caused inconvenience for the people around me, I guess I should start with an apology, “Sorry… I will explain later. More importantly, is the Guild Card ready?”


  1. Reference to the elemental Laws of Coiling Dragon 

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