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[Vol 2] Chapter 18: The Conclusion

Sylvia When Sheena was running towards me at full throttle and shouting my name incessantly, I was swung overhead by the black Goblin and is currently lying on the ground shamefully. I spat out a mouthful of blood due to the heavy impact from the overhead swing.

The fight was still ongoing wildly! I didn’t have the luxury to pay attention to the conflict between Sheena and Caelum. Thanks to the tough body of a beast-kin, I was still barely hanging on. However, if I took another heavy blow like this, my life force will surely hit the critical point and got send back to the Guild Hall.

The illusory HP bar displayed at one corner of my vision was indicating that my life was in a peril. However, I know that I could still handle one of those heavy blow. As long as nothing unexpected happen and drained the rest of my life force, I should still be able to live and fight for another day.

The black Goblin didn’t give me any room to breath, as soon as I hit the ground, he twisted his entire body around to gather strength in his right fist and send a powerful blow towards my face.

I hastily rolled to the right side and avoided the punch by a hair’s breadth. That was way too dangerous! This black Goblin was really going for the kill, he’s been aiming at my vital spots since the start of the fight.

I continued to roll around to gain some distant between us and got up of my feet shortly after. In the corner of my vision, I saw Sheena finally got past Caelum so I quickly took a deep breath and shouted at the top of my lungs, “SHEENAAA!!!!! EVEN IF IT’S YOU, I DEFINITELY WON’T FORGIVE YOU IF YOU INTERFERED MY FIGHT!!!”

Sheena was startled by my sudden outrage and stopped in her tracks, even the black Goblin was momentarily startled and stopped attacking. I didn’t miss this chance and lunged towards the black Goblin at my top speed. I gathered every last ounce of the strength into my right arm and delivered a really powerful blow.

The black Goblin regained his composure as he saw me quickly approaching, the crimson tattoos all over his body started to glow dimly and he gathered all the Magic Power into his right arm. All of a sudden, a flame appeared out of nowhere and enveloped the black Goblin’s right hand.

The both of us let out a battle howl as we delivered our last attack with all our strength behind it, “RAAGHHHHHH!!!”


As our fists met, there was a huge explosive bang and a strong gust of wind was generated from the impact between our fists.The leaves and twigs on the ground in the proximity were blown away by the gust. Even Sheena and the rest who were watching from a distant could feel the gust brushing against their skin.

“Hot! Hot!! Hot!!!” My fist that was clashing against the black Goblin’s fiery fist was being scorched. However, I cannot back down even if my right hand turned into charcoal. If I back down now, everything will be lost; my life, my ambition, my pride, everything!

“Hyaaaaah~!” I stood my ground and gathered even more strength into my fist. I do not know where the strength came from but I have heard that when human was on the brink of death, they could draw out their latent potential and go over their limits. This must be a skill called ‘Overlimit’, it is a skill that allows the user to break the limits imposed on their mortal body, however it would put a huge strain on the body so it is not recommended to use it for prolonged period of time.

Just at that time, the rune on my right hand started to glow and I could feel streams of air circulating around my right fist. The streams of air enveloped my right fist and circulating around it. I could see the streams of air so clearly, it was as if my right fist was an eye of the tornado.

Just as these thoughts came to my mind, I got slightly excited and my body moved automatically by my childish impulse. With all my remaining strength, I successfully pushed my body forward. With that, I gained the upper hand and was able to push the black Goblin backwards.

Then I delivered the finishing blow while shouting the makeshift skill name involuntarily, “Tornado Punch!!!!!!”

Just as I shouted the skill name, I changed the trajectory of my punch towards the sky, then the streams of air around my fist extended towards the sky and formed a huge tornado. The black Goblin was swept-up by the tornado and blown to the sky.

The tornado subsided after a while and the black Goblin that had been swept-up by the tornado started falling from the sky.

“Waaaaaaaaghhh!! Tagaan ghaan! (Save me!)” As the black Goblin was falling, he was pleading for help. The female Goblin ran left and right frantically in an attempt to catch the black Goblin as he fell towards the ground.

“Glomps! Gorororororo! Crash!!”

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As the black Goblin fell towards the ground, the female Goblin pounced on him and caught him before he hit the ground. Then they got tangled up as they rolled away like a ball before they crashed against the huge tree trunk.

I was still standing in the same position with my fist facing the sky unsteadily. The Goblin trio on the other hand, were lying on the ground shamefully. Our position had reversed, it was a complete victory! Or so I had hoped but the other male Goblin got up around this time and surveyed the surrounding.

When he saw his teammate were lying on the ground with injuries all over their body, he got furious and directed his attention to me, who was in the middle of the field. Just when he was about to dash towards my location, the black Goblin got up and shouted at him, “Tac druul, Giga! Ar’t or kuun! (Stand down, Giga! It’s our loss!)”

The male Goblin turned his attention to the black Goblin in confusion, “Dar druun o ghaac ar’t or kuun? (What do you mean it’s our loss?)”

“A gharthaan a draach der den duulkac, tac druul! Or agaan o huuc duun dreruukaan ghaan? (I made a deal with this woman, stand down! Or are you going to disobey me?)” The black Goblin glared at the male Goblin intently.

“A duuch khraagaar dragaan! (I would never dare!)” A cold sweat  broke out from the male Goblin’s forehead and he fall back obediently.

“Huul! (Good!)” The black Goblin nodded satisfyingly and patted the male Goblin’s left shoulder once before he turned his attention to me.

Just around this time, the duration of the Beast Form Transfiguration was over and the transformation was cancelled. The card that was the core of the transformation exited my body from the cleavage and fell to the ground. At the same time, I turned back into an elf and my body lose all of its strength.

I desperately prevented myself from falling to the ground. Who knows what would happen if I fall at times like this. If I couldn’t even stand after he had already declared his defeat, he will probably look down on me and I will never get a chance like this again. I will have to stand strong until this is all over!

Author’s Note:

Phew…… what do you think of the fight scene? I tried my best to write it, I really did! Please let me know what you think in the comment. Thank you!


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